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Isuzu Trooper Engine & Transmission Oil Coolers

desimonesdesimones Posts: 18
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
Does anyone know of any manuals which address after market add-ons. I will be pulling a trailer with my 2000 Trooper 3.5 LS and wanted to add an engine oil and transmission oil cooler. I have been unable to find any manuals which cover these add-on, even though both items are sold as OEM parts. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.


  • desimonesdesimones Posts: 18
    After my third time pulling a new single axle trailer (3,000 # GVW), my trans. error light came on. The dealer ran diagnostics and said that the wiring connection had blown my trans module (although they could/would not provide me with a hard copy print-out). The light went off after removing the trailer. Vehicle runs normal and was told by another service tech. that if the module was blown, it work not be shifting properly (if at all). They said that this type of vehicle may need to have the trans. module reprogrammed/calibrated for the additional trailer load (as is required with the new chevy tahoe). Is anyone aware of this problem and/or requirement for a 2000 Trooper 3.5 LS?
  • pbarnespbarnes Posts: 1
    does anybody know if it is possible to replace a 3.1 tdi with a 2.8 tdi without too many problems
  • did 2004 rodeo did it come with transmission cooler
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