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Honda Fit Suspension/Steering Questions



  • waxrashwaxrash Posts: 6
    Wow. They are either not being truthful, or they are incompetent. Just read the previous posts. Print these out and take them to the dealer. I bet they suddenly "figure it out". Power Steering control unit for sure.
  • waxrashwaxrash Posts: 6
    I posted the exact part number for a 2007 in my post #35. It's expensive so you have to push them.
  • fitmomfitmom Posts: 2
    My local Honda dealer is completely covering the cost and labor to replace the Electronic Steering. Glad they are doing the right thing. I wonder how many other folks are out there that haven't done a little homework to see there is a grave problem with Honda's power steering. Hope they recall.
  • jgatelyjgately Posts: 1
    My 2008 Honda Fit Sport tracks the grooves (created by studded tires) in roads very closely. It
    also seems to pull either left or right at times for no apparent reason (although the road may be slanted one way or the other without my being able to actually see this). Braking on imperfect roads will sometimes cause excessive pulling one way or the other.

    I have had the car looked at a couple of times by the dealer. Alignment is OK. The road test on nice, flat roads and they see no problems. (Either do I on nice roads.)

    The car has 16 inch rims. The tires are Potenza 205/45R16 83W. The tires are original and have about 35K on them and will need to be replaced soon.

    I don't know if the wheels/tires are the cause of my steering issues or if there is something else that I should have checked out.

    Any ideas or thoughts as to the cause of my problem or any suggestions on replacement tires would be appreciated.

    Jim G
  • silentraysilentray Posts: 4
    edited July 2012
    New to this forum and first post. Here to report that my daughter's new 2012 Fit had the loss of power steering issue (we think). While going apx. 70 mph on local interstate she experienced the pull to the left, then tried to correct, but loss control of the vehicle. Rain/wet hwy was also an issue. While trying to regian steering, she was hit by a tractor trailer and although she was ok, the car will more than likely be a total loss.

    She had felt the pull to one side or the other a few times lately and was about to bring it in to the dealer because she knew something was wrong. Strange thing was, no dash lights came on indicating a power steering problem.

    This just happened two days ago. I'm now researching the issue and finding mainly just 08 - 10 Fits seemed to have that problem. Her 2012 Fit was only two months old!!!

    As you can imagine, i'm seriously pissed. She could have easily been killer or seriously injured. Looks like Honda hasn't ever put out a recall on this problem.
  • silentraysilentray Posts: 4
    Thanks fitmom for your reply. I called them and was told to call the DOT/Defects Investigation Dept which i did. They have no record of recalls or complaints pertaining to the 2012 Fit for the power steering/computer. Going to let her ins. and Honda deal with it and see what happens in the hopefully short term. We may need to be seeking a lawyer, but trying to avoid that since she was not injured.
  • silentray, please fill out a report here:

    Your report is not yet listed, but there is one other instance of the same thing happening. Add your report and maybe they'll start taking it seriously.
  • Already filed a report a few days before i posted. Her ins. company dropped the ball, caved in and accepted responsibility for the accident just a few days later. An inspection of the car was never done. Allstate sucks.

    Daughter had gap ins. coverage so she wasn't out much. She didn't want to hire an attorney and have to try to fight Honda and or Allstate. Sure wish they would have had the car inspected tho, so we'd know for sure what did happen.

    She ended up buying a Hyundai Elantra to replace the Fit.
  • im_fitim_fit Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    did you have a successful outcome? I hope so.

    I had this problem for the first time yesterday and am more than a bit frantic.
  • im_fitim_fit Posts: 3
    SORRY, I just read about your outcome.

    I'm terribly sorry...but SO grateful that she's physically fine, even if out some money.

    I'm hoping to avoid being in an accident because of this problem. I'll get my car towed to the Honda dealer today. I hope that they stand behind their product and repair it. I don't know that I'll ever feel safe to drive my car without a new power steering system.
  • The situation came back up in Nov. Other driver claimed of more injuries! Sorry scum bag. I finally convinced her to hire an attorney. Come to find out, the ins. co. supposedly DID hire an outside co. to check out her Fit. Results were negative. Not surprising since the cars battery cables were cut by the fire dept. resulting in a loss of all codes that may have been shown. Plus the fact that the car was a total loss and probably wasn't driven. How can you test the eps system without driving the vehicle??? Checking for codes would be all they could have done, seems to me.

    The best thing to do for those of you who have experienced the loss of the EPS in you car, is to file complaints. The more documented complaints that are on file the better.

    Safe motoring everyone.
    Concerned dad
  • im_fitim_fit Posts: 3
    I'm so sorry. Bleh.
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