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Toyota Avalon Extended Warranty Questions



  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    . . . except you couldn't buy a 2012 Avalon NOW because they have yet to start producing that model year!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    edited October 2011
    True....but sooner or later.... And check out the latest Consumer Reports for a full analysis and comparison of the current Avalon to the Genesis and TL. Interesting reading, all are good cars... different, yes.... but the mag likes 'em all.
  • avalon2013avalon2013 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013

    I recently purchased 2013 avalon hybrid, is it worth to have extended warranty & care plus program?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    The popular answer is "no"... you have a good nameplate to begin, it will not have a covered failure within 100k miles. Consumer Reports says they are a waste of money and my extended family with many quality cars proves the magazine correct over the last 20 years. My three Avalons were all perfect, no warranty would have been worth the money.

    Now, if you really worry.. buy the peace of mind, enjoy life and the Avalon, no reason not to. But figure the price is money you will never see again. A lesser nameplate on the car may be a different story but Toyota and others such as Honda and Nissan are made to last a long time and be trouble free.

    The most likely trouble spot of the future for all cars, my opinion, will be electronics as these parts tend to fail due to time, not mileage. And every year there are more electronic controls than the year before. Some current models are similar to a small plane but without the reliability.... again, you have a personal choice here, do what you are comfortable with and enjoy !!
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