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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Have you had any luck with Enclave pricing seems as though 1500 below sticker with fair trade vale? Has anyone had any better luck taking the 0% financing in New Orleans area?
  • Keep looking, supplier pricing is widely available, but many folks with persistence are able to get invoice pricing minus incentives. I settled on supplier pricing which is a few hundred away from invoice minus whatever incentives are on the table at delivery (I ordered). This usually equates to about $3000 off sticker but could be less on a lesser optioned rig. That would be supplier price minus any incentives, so realistically you could easily be UNDER invoice.
  • I'm in the Atlanta area and just bought a 2009 Enclave CXL FWD, Dark Crimson with Ebony interior loaded with just about every feature except the 2nd row console.

    MSRP $48,135
    Negotiated Price: $43,344 plus tax, tag, title
    0% Financing for 5 years

    Negotiated Price was $200 over Employee Pricing plus $395 doc fee. They were not willing to budge on the doc fee but I felt I had a good deal anyway. Also threw in a set of all weather mats. Another dealer was willing to sell at Employee Pricing but didn't have the color I wanted. Some of the other dealers were not willing to go below Supplier Pricing so it definitely pays to shop around.
  • I met with a CT dealership the other day, test drove a '09 Enclave. When we talked pricing the sales person said he could "go about $2000 below MSRP". I mentioned I have the availability for GM Supplier Pricing, and immediately offered that pricing, which is 1% of MSRP over invoice.

    (Note the supplier offer was: $41,046 (Invoice) + $443 (1% of MSRP) = $ 41,409.)

    Question 1: Should I not mention the availability of GM Supplier Pricing to see if I can get closer/below invoice?

    Question 2: In addition to the 0% financing, they also offered $2000 rebate because I am ending a lease on another (non-GM) vehicle I have.. I have not heard of this incentive . anyone else.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 1. If I remember correctly the offer you got IS supplier pricing and it's not bad.

    2. That is the current offer, which I hope is still around when mine is delivered. The zero percent by itself is a pretty good deal but with the cash that is great.
  • farefare Posts: 4
    I'm looking at a Certified Pre-owned 2008 Enclave CX AWD with 20000 miles. Asking price is $26999. It has the dual sunroof and that's about it. The miles have me hesitant. Any thoughts on price? :confuse:
  • I had decided to take the plunge and attempt to purchase an Enclave. I do pay close attention to the news and had concerns about buying GM but decided to have faith, help out the econonmy and Detroit and buy American (previous cars have been MB, Volvo, Acura, and Toyota). I really do like the features of this vehicle.

    However, after trying to work with two different dealers I am seriously losing interest. The first dealer was trying to negotiate UP from supplier pricing that I am eligible for (mainly by trying to get MSRP on the HTR package - $1300 for that is NOT invoice). I am not going for the incentives as I want the 0%/60 deal.

    After much research on this and other boards, I put the numbers together that were exactly half-way between Employee and Supplier pricing which was provided to me by dealer #1. I have seen others get LESS than this price even when combined with the 0% offer.

    I provided this refined offer to a second dealer and after 24 hours they flat out said no way and good luck.

    Just for info, the vehicle I want is at another dealers lot in the state and would have to be transferred. The vehicle has every option except the console and it is a CXL FWD - dual headrest dvd's are already installed. Dealer #1 salesperson even said that the loaded vehicles are harder to get rid of!

    I have given two options to dealer #2 - one with no trade-in and just money down (this amounted to using Employee Pricing) and the other option with my trade for which I have a CarMax appraisal and that dealer #1 said they would meet (this amounted to $1000 over Employee and $1000 under Suppler).

    Any thoughts on if this is why I am having difficulty? Should I just give up and find another car I like?
  • Could you explain the difference in calculation between Employee Pricing, Supplier Pricing, and Credit Union Pricing. I am looking at an Enclave with a MSRP of $39755 and estimated cost of $39698 according to Edmunds. I am trying to do this before the weekend and the dealership I am dealing with wants to give me Credit Union Pricing and says he is saving me money. I cannot find a dealership who will explain this to me. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Sorry, the estimated cost was $36968
  • The Credit Union price seems to be what is listed on the "invoice" as the Supplr price. The car I am looking at is MSRP of 48515, Supplier 44712 and GMS (employee) 42793.
  • So would you say that Employee Pricing is based on a 5% discount off of Supplier Pricing or is there another calculation. Thanks for the help.
  • stevieg1stevieg1 Posts: 2
    You may be having difficulty getting the best discount because the dealer does not have the car sitting on their lot. Go to the Buick website and find what dealers have your car and email the internet manager for a quote. I just purchased a fairly loaded new (25 mi) 2009 silver green metallic Enclave CXL from a local Buick dealer here in So Cal and couldn’t be happier with the car and the deal. It took a little bit of shopping via email with internet car sales people but ended up buying the car for $38,000 + sales tax and DMV registration (no added fees). The car had a Mfg. window sticker of $47,100.00 and they even told me if my wife didn’t like the color, I could exchange it for a silver Enclave with the same options and price! They gave me 48 hours to return for an even exchange. What a pleasurable buying experience and of course my wife loved the car.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • sandmoresandmore Posts: 3
    looking for an Enclave now in Socal. Mind letting us know your dealer?
  • sandmoresandmore Posts: 3

    I just got a call from them independently & starting quote seemed pretty good...did you manage to negotiate them down or were they pretty firm?
  • matt711matt711 Posts: 4
    I finally settled on a Buick Enclave CXL with a MSRP or $42,950. I had been looking for about 2 months. Since I've started looking, the lease to cash money has gone from $2000 to $1500, the $500 private offer coupon is not combinable with the 0% interest offer, and since the vehicle I wanted turns out to be a demo with 2000 miles on it, I can take it with a $300 discount or take a zero mile new one on a dealer trade and pay about $800 more due to a price increase from Buick on vehicles built after October (I think that's what they said). So, I look at this as an $1800 increase in two months. I'm trying to buy American, but why?

    For what it's worth, I was offered invoice minus $1000 (of their $1121 holdback). With 0% financing, the $1500 lease to buy cash, and $1000 from the GM card (I've got $8200 in credits---but with limitations), I was at $37,200 +tax/tag. Is this a competitive offer???? Please advise.

    Also considering an Acura MDX, but prefer 2nd row captain chairs. But, they seem to be a bit more expensive and with the interest expense the Buick is still appealing

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • jidlerjidler Posts: 1
    The MSRP on a 2008 Enclave clx was $44610. the car has 1700 miles on it, but is still titled as new. We settled on a price $ I leaving any money on the table.

    The supplier price was $42092 - $2500 cash back...a $640 credit for the miles, and a ....finally less $1500 for the dealer hold back.

    Any thoughts?
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    I think you did fine. Could you have ground out another few hundred, ya probably, but you got an essentially NEW car for a great bottom line.

    Forget about what you could have had and enjoy your ride. If you are anything like me, you are going to thoughly appreciate the Enclave.
  • kyatskyats Posts: 3
    I am looking at a 2008 Enclave CXL AWD Loaded to the max...with 20,000.
    The vehicle looks brand new, however, the dealer indicated that the unit is a GM Buy Back vehicle....he comments regarding the buyback were:

    The buyback resaon for this Enclave is "Transmission shift calibration was not to customer's expectations." There is not an issue with the transmission, the customer just didn't like the calibration of the transmission.
    He also went on to say that the remainder of the 48K bumper to bumper warranty was still in tact, along with the remaining drivetrain warranty.
    Has anyone ever purchased a GM BUYBACK vehicle??

    Does the GMS pricing apply to these Buyback vehicles?
    Thanks in advance.
  • roughyearroughyear Posts: 52
    one word.... PASS!!!!

    if you know it's a buyback, then every little nuisances that pops up is gonna make u regret u bought the car.

    unless he's knocking off 50%... move on!
  • matt711matt711 Posts: 4
    I agree. I can't imagine trying to unload a car like this down the road. Would this show up on a carfax? Can't be worth it unless the savings are at least $4-5k.

    Good luck.
  • doogie94doogie94 Posts: 2
    Looking to get an Enclave and got a quote from an internet manager on a 2009 Enclave with a MSRP of about $46,500 for $41,749 plus taxes and fees. The invoice price with out incentives is $43,159. Is this a good deal?
  • genieageniea Posts: 3
    Holy Smokes... I just experienced the identical scenario. Are you in Michigan?

    Same thing....... Bells and Whistled out to the gills........ Almost one of a kind....

    GM BUY BACK.... What's the big deal about it? So what..... covered (insured) to the gills, as well.......

  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    Does anyone have any idea what will happen to the price of GM vehicles if and as it appears when GM declares bankruptcy. I would assume a number of incentives would go out the window, so how will the company market and effectively sell the vehicles? I'm specifically interested in the Enclave but a little unsure of buying due to the uncertain future.

    Any ideas...
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    My personal opinion is that when bankruptcy comes it will create a temporary disruption in the supply chain. GM will continue to operate, they dealerships will continue to service vehicles, etc. The government recognizes this company as too big to fail, so they are going to support them through the painful restructuring.

    Is this going to cause the value of GM vehicles to fall - probably. Will this last a long time? That likely depends on how quickly they emerge from chapter 11.

    I bought an Encalve knowing this was a probable scenario in February. Am I worried? No. Should I be? That is really a question for the futurists among us.

    The E is really such a fine automobile I am really enjoying every day driving it. If you buy one, I am confident that you will too.
  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    Thanks for the input, we drove the Enclave and to say we loved it would be an understatement. We were amazed at the fact that we drove a 2008 model and were more impressed with it than the 09 models we drove from other makers.
  • jcp1stjcp1st Posts: 1
    Located in west central Illinois and looking at a new 2009 CXL which has a list of $44635 on which the dealer has offered a cash price of $42767 with another $750 off for 'consumer cash' and another $1500 for 'GM bonus cash' plus another $500 off for Farm Bureau membership - net $40,017

    Would it be reasonable to start with a lower beginning price than the dealer cash price - such as ??? - and then apply the discounts?

    Also looking at a comparably equipped '09 CXL program car with 9,xxx miles at another dealership which I think is overpriced at $35,600 - This unit has been in
    the dealer's inventory for nearly three months. Ideas as to what you should be able to close for on this one?
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    A lot of people are getting invoice pricing on these minus incentives. I think should be your goal unless you feel confident that you can get more than that. You can determine invoice fairly easily on the Internet. Take your vehicle options, the base model and look it up.

    I got supplier pricing (sounds like you got that too) which I was happy with as it is a few hundred off invoice and I don't like to haggle. It is hard to say precisely what kind of deal you have without knowing the options on your Enclave. Good luck.
  • maxthedogmaxthedog Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an idea as to what will happen to dealer incentives being offered on the Enclave once GM is in bankruptcy? Will the incentives remain at current level, disappear altogether, increase?
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