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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cmc2003cmc2003 Posts: 1
    that is much better than what they are offering me! Sounds like a good deal. where is it??? I am in the atlanta area and they are quoting $38K. I KNOW I should be able to do better than that.
  • Living in SoCal with high tax rate.... CXL FWD with navigation.
    Got 534.56 monthly for 39 months lease, 4000 down payment.

    Is this any good?
  • greatdongreatdon Posts: 3
    Hi all, just wanted to share my "okay" deal i guess with others in the Houston, TX area. Other dealer was in the same range but I like the dealer oil service plan.

    2011 Enclave CX FWD, with following options:

    a) Driver Confidence Package(auto start, rear view camera, & distance meter) ,&
    b) Trailer Provision Package (Spare Tire and Wheel, haul hitch)

    Drive out was $36,200. Rate is okay: 2.3% 60mths. This was during the June ending/July 4 holiday deal. Fair price i guess. Car wasn't in stock and to be order somewhere. Not a demo car or anything. I got the $1,500 rebate and GMC supplier discount from my company. Hopefully others can explain in details how they got their car below average. :shades:
  • gerdangerdan Posts: 1
    How were you able to negotiate so much off MSRP?
  • bcformanbcforman Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking to purchase a 2011 Enclave the features as follows:
    2011 CXL1 AWD
    White Diamond
    Trailer package
    Power Sunroof
    Audio System W/Navigation
    DVD Rear Seat, Bose Speaker
    MSRP $48,655 Quote $45,411 plus 60 month 0% financing
    I am also trading in 2006 Highlander Limited with 90K miles for $10K plus needs body work (Told not worth fixing). Total purchase price would then be $35,411.
    Is this a good deal?
  • Great question, what is the bottom line price of the Enclave exclusive of the trade-in?
  • Car Man and other experts and folks with experience,

    Looking at Premium trim Enclave and Limited trim Explorer. Will add nav and entertainment. Want the car loaded. Dallas Texas. Not certain whether will lease or buy.

    1) residual and lease rate for both?
    2) any rebates, deals, or negotiating tactics or ideas for both?
    3) assuming best and expected negotiated price, what lease price should I expect for both for 36 or 39 months at 12k miles per year?
    4) what price should I expect to negotiate if I buy ( I have pre approved financing through bank) for both?
    5) anything else I should know or consider from a financial standpoint for both?
    6) thoughts on which vehicle I should buy. They both approach the small crossover three row suv differently, but we like both and appreciate the access to the third row with the captain second row. Anyone own one and like or dislike specific features?
    7) finally, I will be trading in an 08 Lexus es350 with 34k miles on it. The car is in very good shape and shows well. What should I be able to get on trade in?

    Really appreciate help on this. I'm a used car guy that normally sells my old car myself. I'm treading in unfamiliar water and could use help and guidance. I hope to do a deal tomorrow.
  • Any updates on prices paid for premium level 2012 Enclaves with a nav/DVD?
  • coliphagecoliphage Posts: 10
    Anyone has bought 2012 Enclaves recently? How much did you pay? Its seems GM is running several incentives now.
  • rdempseyrdempsey Posts: 3

    We purchased a 2012 Enclave with nav/DVD and my wife is very happy. I belive we purchased about 42k and had severall dealers working with us. The car drives great and I love comnpared to my Infiniti.
  • coliphagecoliphage Posts: 10
    My local dealer is offer $6,000 off msrp now for all in stock enclaves for today (7/2/2012) only!. Guess they are trying to hit a sale number to get sale bonus from the General.
    Good deal?
  • coliphagecoliphage Posts: 10
    Had the dealer to budge another 500 to a total of 6.5k off msrp.
    Final price is 36k + ttl for a 12 fwd leather group w/ moonroof.
    Not the best deal but we are happy with it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Congratulations on your purchase! Welcome to the family! If you have any questions please feel free to email me. :) Have a great holiday!
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Congratulations on your purchase! I'm personally a fan on the moon roofs myself. Feel free to email me if you need anything. :) Enjoy! Welcome to the family!
    GM Customer Service
  • hoos30hoos30 Posts: 3
    Hi folks, new to the board.

    I'm looking at a 2012 White Diamond leather with sunroof.

    M.S.R.P: $42,735

    Edmunds TMV with incentives is $39,339.

    Offer Price from local dealer: $36,060

    Is this a reasonable price considering that the 2013s are on the way or do you think there is room to haggle?

  • eemsueemsu Posts: 6
    I bought a 2012 enclave fwd-leather group w/ white diamond tricoat on 7/31/12. Total Sticker price = $41,335. Agreed upon value of the vehicle = $38,685.92. Manufacter rebates = $3,750. Total Final price = $34,935 for no sunroof. Before you buy, ask yourself if you or any of your passengers (pets included) can hear and or tolerate a constant 60 decibel 9kHz tone from the radio head unit. An informed customer is a happy customer. Ask the dealership for printout of the not so public Bulletin "#PIT5166A: High Pitch Sound From Radio Display - (Jun 28, 2012)". I get headaches every time I drive the vehicle because of this annoying tone. Per the Bulletin, GM has no solution and customer service says they cannot provide any more information (oh like, when will a resolution be provided). See my post under enclave audio problems if you are interested in further details including gm customer service scripts for when something is wrong.
  • hoos30hoos30 Posts: 3
    Do you mean that the tone is coming from the radio even when it is turned off?
  • hoos30hoos30 Posts: 3
    Another consideration: I am planning to replace the factory radio with an aftermarket one (Advent OGM 1, I think it's called). Would that alleviate the concern for me?
  • eemsueemsu Posts: 6
    Yes, the tone comes from the radio cd slot even when turned off. Just by opening the door the tone will start and stay on for 15 seconds. Once the key is in the ignition, the tone will not stop. I have no idea if the source of the resonance is directly tied to the radio unit. If radio unit is acting like a wave guide then changing the radio unit may not resolve the problem. That should be the responsibility of GM to answer but they are not saying a word.
  • lhaymondlhaymond Posts: 11
    I'm interested in opinions on my current lease offer: 2012 Enclave Premium + Nav $44k cost 36 mo lease, 15k mi/yr $27,800 residual .00106 MF..$439 payment THX
  • total MSRP 41225, basic FWD leather.

    dealer offer $5700 off msrp.

    so final 35525 + TTL

    Northeast region, tax 6%.

    fair, good, or great? Thanks.
  • TiredBuyerTiredBuyer Posts: 10
    edited January 2013
    Live in the New Orleans area. I am looking to purchase a 2012 or 2013 Enclave with leather and bose speaker upgrade. My company has a vehicle policy with a 4 or 5 year retention. Any ideas on what factory to dealer incentives are? Are there any loyalty incentives? Is it better to hold off till Feb? How much is a model year worth? For example, is a 2012 a better value if $4k or $5k less?
  • I am looking to buy a 2013, MSRP $52,000, invoice $49,200. Looks like there is a $1,500 incentive. How much should I pay, no trade, no finance, before tax/tags? Thanks!
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 130
    You might want to lease for 3 years and then buy it out at end. Just leased arcadia denali mf is .00040 which is less than 1 % and rebates totaled 5000.00 off (northeast). Vehicles are sell about 600 over invoice so if you leased it final price is about 45000.00.
  • bradespbradesp Posts: 21
    Hi All,

    We planned to buy a 2012, but man I LOVE the new cosmetic changes to the 2013.... SO... with the March factory incentives and slightly bulging inventory from a long winter, we decided to work VERY hard to find a fairly priced 2013 NOW and not wait until the fall. My wife is a born negotiator (she actually loves doing it), so she worked the phones a full day across the state of NC and got me my dream car - a 2013 Carbon Black with Ebony interior.. the white stitching is killer!

    Here's the deal: BTW, PM me if you'd like an intro to the North Carolina Dealer we purchased our car from... I can't say enough about them. And they're shipping cars all across the nation.

    OK, here are the numbers's:

    2013 Buick Enclave

    45,090 MSRP - Leather Group + 19" Rims + Carbon Black + Delivery
    6,364 Minus Dealer Discount + GM Incentives
    38,726 Discounted Price

    495 Doc Fee
    117 Tags/Registration
    1,162 3% Sales Tax
    40,500 OTD Price
  • I am also looking to buy a 2013 Premius Buick Enclave with Navigation and DVD. I usually like to buy $500 under invoice. I am shopping now for it. I will see how low they will go.
  • Thanks for the info. I just sold my 08 Enclave to a private party, so negotiating will be easier. The big issue is I am buying an AWD in NC, so they are going to have to find one somewhere further North. I thought invoice minus $2,500 GM incentives would be a good deal, but other posts make me think they have room below invoice? Holdbacks maybe? And what is an acceptable doc fee? Thanks to all who respond!
  • Does anyone know if Buick or GMC offer any additional discounts for courtesy vehicles used at PGA tour events. My local dealer got 3 Enclaves in this past weekend from a tournament in Orlando, i'm interested in one of them especially if there is extra discounts available...Thanks...
  • li_momli_mom Posts: 1
    I just test drove the Enclave today in Long Island, NY. The salesman gave me a price of $48,295 for the Leather option. The price you got is amazing! What's the dealer name?
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