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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nutouchnutouch Posts: 1
    Could you please share the dealer name?
  • earthnutearthnut Posts: 1
    thanks for you info
    can you send me the dealer name ?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • llaraynellarayne Posts: 1
  • lexlanlexlan Posts: 10
    Bought my first Buick this am - new 2013 Leather w chrome wheels, moonroof, and navigation for $43500 out the door. Shopped Pilot, new Pthfinder and Acadia but none compared to Enclave. Pilot and Pathfinder both felt cheap and boxy, no style. Buick reallly is a step apart in crossover world. The 4 year 50k bumper to bumper was a nice bonus too. Very smooth ride , it's heavy so the drive is not sporty but it is tight and responsive. Good transition from my 06 Yukon. Looking forward to beating 12 mpg too.
  • jotiiijotiii Posts: 4
    about to pull trigger on '13 Enclave - AWD -Premium-Sunroof- Nav. what are dealers offering as incentives now? we are considering buying if 0% financing available but also may lease. If lease where can I find GM/Buick residuals, money factor, buy up mileage costs, etc. live in So Cal. Thank You!!
  • paperboycccpaperboyccc Posts: 94
    jotiii, look at my post on the leasing section for the leasing numbers
  • jotiiijotiii Posts: 4
    Thanks- can you PM me your dealer and sales rep names?
  • paperboycccpaperboyccc Posts: 94
    I can't figure out how to PM. This is the dealer:
  • lexlanlexlan Posts: 10
    You may also want to look at conventional financing and take the extra $1500 rebate from GM. The finance manager actually pointed that out to me and I saved $10 per month in payment by financing at 2.9% vs. 0/0. It only makes sense if you are financing less than half the cost of the car but i was trading in, so it worked for me. My wife loves the car though.
  • yashyash Posts: 10
    yeap...age old minivan v/s SUV question with specific models though...

    Have you guys compared 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE w/ Entune V/S 2013 Buick Enclave Leather group w/navi? what are your thoughts and winning/losing points for each cars?

    The price for the Buick is almost $10k steeper which itself is a factor to me, honestly. However, the inside quality of materials and outside looks of the Buick is pretty slick too.

    I test drove Sienna and odyssey and frankly didnt like either. So i am grudgingly looking at SUV (Buick and Infinity Jx) but not sure about anything anymore. I havent yet test drove the Buick yet (or the even more expensive Infinity yet).

  • coachhatcoachhat Posts: 1
    I'm currently looking at Enclave Premium-Nav-Moon roof-DVD, chrome wheels. We have shopped the same type of cars as you with same options as the Enclave. We are trading in 05 Expedition 115K. I have a quote for a '13 Enclave (including trade-in and discounts) for 36,000. Still have 6% sales tax to deal with in AR. Do you think it is a fair deal?
  • jotiiijotiii Posts: 4
    tough to say as you are including the net price with your trade in. I bought ours monday paid about $2350 under invoice for Diamond white/ cocoa - Prem, AWD, sunroof, NAV/DVD, trailer tow, 20" rims, cargo pkg , assist steps and roof rails. only 3 of these in entire state of Cal., being shipped to my dealer now . think we got a smokin deal. wifey happy :)
  • Hi there, I am new to this forum and I am not sure if this particular one is only for those purchasing brand new?? But we are looking to purchase a used 2009 Enclave CXL AWD fully loaded with all options for $22,000. It has 86,000 miles so that is the only down side, but i am hoping to see if you all think that is a good deal?? I have been trying to read and find out if there are any foreseen problems we can expect with those kind of miles, but most people having problems seem to have been having them prior to the higher miles. The carfax on this one is very clean and was always in for scheduled maint and no major repairs or problems.
    what do you all think??

    thanks so much for any tips or advice! :)
  • aniketkaniketk Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    Paid $41,375 plus registration and taxes
    Leather group
    Navigation system
    Two free oil changes
    Champagne silver and choccochino
    No trade in
    2.89 % financing on experience score of 777

    Pearson Buick, Sunnyvale, CA.
  • machopmachop Posts: 1
    Is this FWD or AWD ?

  • xxdb11xxxxdb11xx Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm in NC and interested in the Dealership that you worked with to purchase your 2013 Enclave. I really appreciate it, Thank you.
  • lsegundolsegundo Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Premium pkg
    20" ultrabrights
    MSRP just under $51K
    Before taxes/incentives $47K
    Less $3K incentives(after tax/license)
    No trade in
    Good luck! How exhausting a shopping!
  • An odd comparison but seating wise, they are close. The Enclave has a smoother ride but the Sienna is much bigger inside and would have a higher re-sale value. Consider the side sliding doors in tight parking spaces if you have kids. They both look nice inside depending on the level of trim but the Buick still looks like a Buick, the official brand of the AARP. For a minivan the Sienna sport edition comes with cool rims and ground effects. If you're bent on a crossover SUV go for the Lincoln MKT, the Buick and the Linc both have fugly grills but at least you'll have a Lincoln for almost the same cash. JMHO
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