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Buick Enclave Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi andremike. There's nothing wrong with leasing a 2013 Enclave right now if you want one. I personally don't see any reason to wait for the '14 model.

    I haven't worked up the numbers on 24-month versus 36-month leases of this model, but I do know that Buick is really pushing the two year term. On two year "Experience Buick" leases GM is offering free maintenance, free satellite radio and free OnStar.

    Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 Buick Enclave without the Convenience package with 15,000 miles per year are 1.0% and 61%. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are 1.5% and 57% (though the US Bank program is a little better at 1.08%).

    There is a $2,855 cash incentive on 24-month and $3,000 on 36-month leases of this model right now.

    Of the vehicles that you mentioned, I think that the Pathfinder is the best value right now on terms of a lease.

    It would be better to hold onto any money that you would put down and use it to subsidize your payment than to risk losing it by making a large down payment.

    Yeah, the sales tax on leased vehicles in Illinois is outrageous. I have to admit, I'm more familiar with how the tax credits work on leased vehicles in Texas than I am on leases in Illinois.

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  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    edited June 2013
    Carman.... can you tell me if I am calculating this right... first off I am using the auto lease calculator in the android play market.

    So the msrp is $45750. Invoice is $44237. Leather fwd with moonroof

    For a 39 mo 15k miles 1.08% 55% with zero down and taking advantago of the $3000 leasd incentive and the $1000 conquest cash. would be $419.00 a month. Residual is $25162.

    For 36 mo 1.08% 57% same as above would be $427.00 mo. Residual is $26077

    For 24 mo 1.08% 57% same as above would be $550.00 A month. Residual is $27907

    I maybe a few dollars off.... does this sound right?.. I'm ignoring tax right now. In that calculator I'm using invoice minus incentive minus conquest cash.. or 44237-3000-1000 = 40237... as the sale price
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    can I also get the GM supplier $750.00 bonus cash discount on top of the $3000 lease incentive and the $1000.00 conquest cash.

    I work for a company that would get the discount
  • cwcranecwcrane Posts: 15
    We just closed last night on a 2013 with leather/sunroof. At closing I asked if they knew what changes would be on the 2014 model and the sales manager believes two major upgrades will be hands-free entry with engine start-stop and HUD (he stressed this is just what he's heard - nothing definitive yet).
  • Appreciate thoughts on where I have further room to negotiate a lower MSRP/lease rate. Tks.
    Details of quote:
    - MSRP for leather package, dvd, nav, sunroof, AWD: 49950
    - term: 39 months with 15k per year
    - residual: .53
    - cash: 2350
    - rebate: 4000 - 3k cap cost reduction and 1k conquest cash
    - price including 1571 taxes, govt fee of 190 doc fee of 369: 47870
    - $2500 down - total including fall fees fist payment.

    These fees just came down a bit from the above as originally was $525 per month with above, but just heard from dealer that he can now do for $507 per month due to reduction of some fees, but not sure which ones. Tks
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    That sounds and looks eight based on my calculation. I came up with $498 but probably of by $10.00. That's using invoice as rhe sale price.. so $508.. go for it
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey andremike. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2013 Buick Enclave Leather FWD that has an MSRP of $45,750, a selling price of $40,237 ($44,237 - $3,000 - $1,000), a lease rate of 1.08% and a residual value of 55%, I estimate that you would have a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $416.

    The numbers for a 36-month lease would be $424.

    The 1.08% lease rate is through US Bank, which does not offer 24-month leases.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Yes, andremike, you can get supplier bonus cash in addition to the lease cash and conquest offer. It's more than $750's all the way up to $2,250 right now.

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  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    What do you mean $750 up to $2250?.. how do you figure oit wjat it is? If i can get a car for $6250 off... I'm all over it...
  • I am also a gm supplier - here's how it works as I'm finalizing a lease deal right now. You start with the gm supplier discount price - this is not negotiable, but comes in a bit under invoice. There's a gm supplier website that you can log onto that shows the exact price with your designated options. Then you apply the applicable consumer incentive - either lease or purchase (1500 for purchase, up to $4000 for lease), then you apply another $750 off for the supplier discount (until July 1st ).

    I'm leasing a truck with an MSRP of about $48500 which will have a cap cost for the lease of about $41800. Remember, in the lease, the residual is based off that nice high MSRP-so these deals are really great right now.
  • Thanks Andremike. We did move forward although put $1600 down incl first payment and very happy with the vehicle.
  • Carman, can you please tell me the residual % on a Leather AWD, 39 month lease, with 10,000 miles per year? I'm being told it's 56%, but that seems low given the low miles per year. Thank you
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    My current lease is up in about a year and I'm thinking about changing things up a bit, so I'm subbing in here to get some idea of what people are paying. Thanks for sharing!
  • vsmoovevsmoove Posts: 7
    Hi, am dealing with an internet sales manager who has offered me the following deal... it looks to me that the lease factor and residual may be off but looking for some feedback:

    MSRP - $49,795
    Supplier Price -- $47,818
    Price after Incentives -- $43,068
    Residual -- 55%
    Money Factor -- 1.32
    36 month lease/15kmiles -- $568.15 (FL taxes rolled in)

    Any comments on the deal? Thanks.
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    Without taxes I calculate 478. What are taxes in fl?
  • vsmoovevsmoove Posts: 7
    andremike, taxes are 6%... he quoted me $536 before taxes. Are there other fees that he might have rolled in to get this higher figure than you calculated?
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    edited July 2013
    What incentives are they offering? Your final price has almost 4700 in incentives.

    Are you puttong any money down.

    Unless you have the residual wrong my payment sjould be close
  • vsmoovevsmoove Posts: 7
    Andremike, no money down... incentive of $3,000 dealer incentive, $1,000 lease conquest and $750 GM Supplier discount... so pretty hefty... I was surprised by the lease payment figure given the selling price... I also think the money factor looks a little high...
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    So if you truely are not puttong any money down then I need to factor in first payment and doc fees. Are there and add ons on the car? Or is that truely the msrP

    SO OF I TAKE AWAY $800 from your incentives then I'm maybe at $500 a month..
  • vsmoovevsmoove Posts: 7
    No other add-ons... that's the MSRP quoted. I think they are high as well, which is surprising as the internet sales folks usually are straight up with me. They must be adding on a lot of undisclosed fees.
  • Remember there are likely FL tags and documentation fees. Also, there will be bank fees of about $600. That # doesn't look far off to me.
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    So if we add another 600 for the bank fee then I'm maybe at $515.00.

    I'm learning to.. so if you can give us a break down..
  • vsmoovevsmoove Posts: 7
    Yes, bank fees of about $600... I guess tag, doc and dealer fees might bring up the price another $20 bucks or so...

    Does the money factor and residual number look right?
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 41
    I already added on those fees plus first payment see post 511. So I'm stillat 515 to 525 or so

    But without knowing the exact fees ots hard to pinpoint it
  • I recently leased under the supplier program as well - one thing that surprised me was the fact that you have to pay taxes on the various rebates - including the supplier price discount. So if you're getting $4750 in incentives, you need to pay the FL sales tax on that amount.
  • jshan952jshan952 Posts: 4
    edited August 2013

    Can you please provide the 36 month lease money factor and residual values for the 2013 and 2014 Buick Enclave Premium for both 12K and 15K miles. Also if there are any special lease incentives.
  • Hello CarMan and rest of this group,
    I am finding your postings extremely helpful on this forum and thought I would show what deal I was being provided and get immediate feedback before I signed on the dotted line:

    - 2013 Buick Enclave, AWD, Premium Package, DVD / Bose, Sunroof, Trailer PKG, 20" Premium Wheels
    - Sticker: $52,140
    - Discounts as follow: ($1,000) Conquest, ($500 Labor Day), (approx. $1896 or more) for Credit Union Member discount, ($3,000) for 2013 vehicle lease incentive - total incentives: $6,396
    - Discounted Price: $45,744
    - Residual Rate: 56% / Residual Value: $29,198
    - Lease Terms: 39 Months w/10,000 miles per year
    - Money Down as per the dealer: $1,103 for first month's payment + any title and doc fees
    - Massachusetts Tax Rate = 6.25%
    - Total monthly rate including Mass. tax rate was: $509
    - If I put down $3,000, the monthly becomes $458 which was what I told them my target number was for monthly payments including taxes.
    - Money Factor / Interest Rate is currently requested, but before I sign on the dotted line, I want to be comfortable that this deal has a good value to it. The rate was come to very last minute. The mistake I made was offering to drop to 10,000 miles per year and saying "I can put down $3,000 to get to our target number". If you could provide feedback on the $1,103 down for $509 per month for this vehicle I would greatly appreciate the input.
    Additional note: I asked what bumping the 10,000 miles per year to 12,000 miles per year would cost and was quoted $12 to $15 additional per month - to which I requested that if we can do it for $12 additional I would go forward with that additional mileage.
    So that would make it: 39 months / 12,000 miles and approximately $522 to $523 per month for this vehicle.

    Could really use some advice on this as Tuesday is the day I can review the doc paperwork and confirm where we stand.

    Thanks in advance for all of the support!
  • arob1arob1 Posts: 40

    Can you please tell what is the money factor and residual for 2013 Buick leather group for 39 months and 12000 miles.

    Also any incentives out there for this model.

  • I've been told today that they are no longer leasing the 2013 model... the incentives have changed and they are not offering the $3,000 dealer incentives on the 2014 model... looks like last month was the best time to lease the vehicle but I wasn't ready yet.
  • arob1arob1 Posts: 40
    Thanks vsmoove. Looks like I missed it. I wasn't ready either :(
    I guess I have to go with 2014 . Any idea about the lease rate for 2014 ?
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