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Buick Enclave Owners Give Us Your Report



  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    edited August 2014

    @paulj5, the GMPP extended warranty can't be extended or another one purchased since you can only buy it when you buy a GM car, right?

    I'm curious too about the "GM approved" extended warranty. This dealer site indicates that the only GM approved extended warranty (aka service contract) is the GMPP one.

    It sounds like your basic warranty was 4 years/50,000 miles so the GMPP did get used for the rack. The leak and water pump may have been covered under your 5/100 drivetrain warranty though. What I'm getting at is weighing the cost of the extended warranty vs simply setting aside $2,600 for unexpected repairs. You may have overpaid for the GMPP warranty if all it really covered was the rack (okay, getting a rental car is a nice benefit too) .

    The answer to the question of whether you need an extended warranty depends on how well you sleep at night not being "covered".

    I drive my cars forever and have never paid for an extended warranty. I've had a couple of $1,500 repairs, but when you spread those big bills over a lot of years (15 in my case), the annual cost isn't so bad.

    If you want an extended warranty, I'd double check to be sure the one the dealer is offering is really backed by GM. If not, I'd probably pass on it. If it is a GM backed warranty, then ask your dealer what their best price is. There's typically a lot of markup on these.

    Note that you aren't limited to your selling dealer if you decide to get a third party extended warranty (or a GM one, if there is one still available to you) - the rub is getting cooperation from the dealer who ultimately works on your Enclave to get reimbursement from the third party warranty company. There's plenty of horror stories around about aggravation and delay getting the dealer paid or yourself reimbursed.

  • emardiniemardini Posts: 8
    Just purchased a 2008 Enclave with 113000 miles on it, I took it for inspection and it has oil leaks in the front timing cover, the rear seal and is leaking in the steering gear. The dealer (Perry Buick in Norfolk) is charging me a ridiculously high amount of money to repair these leaks: $3000, Other than that I will need to replace struts ($650) and axle ($650).

    To fix my steering pump noise they are charging $1300, way too much!!

    I should say that I feel like the dumbest person in the world for having purchased this car. I have a Hyundai with more than 1700000 miles and none os f this issues.

    What is your advise? What should I do?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    A reporter is working on a story about car shoppers who are only interested in buying cars that are made in the USA. If you're one of these shoppers, and you'd like to talk about your experience shopping for American-made vehicles, please reach out to PR by no later than Thursday, September 15, 2016.
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