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Lincoln Navigator Transmission Questions



  • Hey I am having the same exact problem with my 2001 navigator. I was wondering if you found out what was wrong with. I took it to be looked at and was told it needed to be rebuilt, but it just don't seem right. let me know what you found.
  • Hi all. It's a long story but ou r DMV has a serious problem with the sound level of my 2003 Navigator on the so called pass-by-test.
    They run the car at 30mph when they floor it. The trans shifts 2 gears up and the engines growls like a lion. Hence the sound level.

    Is there a way to disable the kickdown to prevent the trans from shifting 2 gears? Or can i delay the trans' reaction time so the kickdown engages 0.5 seconds later. The car will have passed the microphones by then. After this one time inspection to get the car approved over here in Holland i can restore the default settings.

    I do have a Rotunda T-bar with all the cards and cables but i live in The Nteherlands and probably own the one and only Nav in the country. Not much help over here.
  • Our 2007 has done the EXACT same things...the jumpy brakes were a problem early on, but the wrench symbol on the dash has just happened in the last few months. Also, The rear end air suspension has been replaced 3 times. When the wrench symbol flashes we have to turn the SUV off and restart it to reset it. There is also a horrible clicking noise that comes from the back panel on the passenger side when the car is started. This vehicle was WAY to expensive to have all these problems prior to 100K miles.
  • rnh524rnh524 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 and the transmission is done.. The transmission is still in the car, I havent had the chance to drop it yet. I been calling around and doing the research and I see that it either came with a e40d transmission or a 4r100 transmission... now a local transmission shop had a book and said from 09/97-12/97 came with e40d transmission from from 01/98- newer came with the 4r100 transmissions... When I look on my door jam it was produced in 10/97. Now can I replace the e40d transmission with a 4r100 transmission out of a expedition ? I read that they both used the same drive train for the same years...
  • ginjerginjer Posts: 1
    I was in the market to buy a Lincoln Navigator, I been looking at the 2004-2003 models mainly, since they were in my price range....I was told they are bad for transmission issues....Can anyone tell me if I'd be waisting my money or if she is really a decent car?
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