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Hyundai Azera Navigation System



  • Allmet, as I said many times before, and in the post you replied to, I want to KEEP, my existing unit and buy sometype of connecter to hook up my ipod. Im not sure how much clearer I can get, because I've said the same thing since last year.
  • I just received an email showing the 2011 sonata, and BOY is my mouth watering for THAT car. It is really up my alley, although I was eyeing the Genesis, bu now, I may just down grade to the 2011 sonata, boy is it sweet. :blush:
  • I got the email yesterday, too. You can search for the 2011 Sonata on Google and see some great pics!
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Mzazzy...I'm very aware of what you want to do and I have posted solutions of every nature. I have provided every possible scenario for you to achieve iPod integration to your factory sound system. That didn't seem what you wanted so I also provided you information about going with an aftermarket unit that will control an iPod directly. The choice is yours to make.

    Let's go back over them...

    The simplest solution that won't require you to pull apart your dash is to get a wireless FM modulator that plugs into your 12V outlet/cigarette lighter outlet and follow the instructions that come with the unit. The downside to this is that the sound may suffer a bit.

    The next is to purchase and FM modulator that you hard wire into the antenna of your factory radio and you can play your iPod through that. The sound quality will be better than a wireless modulator, but it requires you to pull the factory radio out to access the antenna lead and also run the wiring.

    If I can't be any clearer than that, I'm sorry...maybe you just need a new car.

    P.S. If you love the 2011 Sonata that's coming out, you may wanna wait and see what the next generation of the Azera will offer as it will be based on the newer VG platform like Kia's upcoming Cadenza. Just a lil FYI.
  • @allmet,

    Another iPod option would be to use the Griffin iTrip FM modulator. There's a hack for it that would allow it to be set to the 'International' mode (search the comments on Amazon for that). With the International mode, he can select the 87.9 frequency which is clear throughout the N American airwaves.

    (The reason 87.9 is clear throughout N. America is because FCC has mandated that no commercial station broadcast at that frequency or below. Since the 'International' mode on Griffin ITrip removes that restriction, you can have a clear & interference free frequency throughout US, Canada & Mexico. Also, Azera's radios DO tune to 87.9 & so it works!)
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557 are absolutely right. My purpose of the posting was to give the options that are out there. Under each...there are a variety to choose from...the choice is hers.

    Even though 87.9 isn't used in the U.S. the fact that the unit is wireless will still present a loss on signal quality, in some may not be noticeable, but I don't want to leave the impression that it's the option that allows for best signal quality should that be an issue to the poster.

    At this point, the poster just needs to make a choice that she feels will best suit her needs. Considering it's been over a year, it doesn't really seem to be that pressing an issue to be honest.
  • @allmet,

    Completely agree with you. Wireless FM modulation, even on a clear channel, leads to quite severe degradation which would be unacceptable to many. If you're listening to something like, say, Podcasts or Audiobooks, it would okay. But you'd be missing a lot of fidelity over music.

    Unfortunately for the poster, the 2 options you listed are the only ones possible & neither is perfect.

    Hyundai should have given atleast an AUX port. C'mon, it was 2006-2007 already, not 1985!
  • @ allmet,

    On the Kia's Cadenza. I personally prefer Kia's new styling over Hyundais now. The Germanic design language in Soul, Forte & Cadenza seems so much elegant. I thought I'd never say this, but it seems Kia's rushing past it's bigger sibling!

    Sibling rivalry is GOOD!!
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Oh yeah, there is another option I mentioned quite a while back...if she has the factory unit that has the cassette deck in it, then she can also purchase the unit that plays through the cassette deck. The only thing I hate about those units is the unsightly wires hanging out of the radio.

    Well...we see the styling of Hyundai vehicles changing as well. I'm curious to see how the Cadenza styling will affect the future Azera (if one should come out). Hyundai has already changed the tail end of the Genesis to mimic the styling the upcoming Equus.

    I'm really starting to see Hyundai/Kia as the Korean version of Lincoln/Ford...something I stated a long, long time ago and wasn't welcomed as a legitimate thought.
  • lostagainlostagain Posts: 9
    Page 29 of my Hyundai Azera manual states,"Up to 20 previous destinations are stored in the list, and you can register or DELETE PARTICULAR LISTINGS AT ANY TIME." How do you delete these someone please tell me? I have tried with no cigar. Please tell this idiot the EXACT procedure and do not assume anything. was of no help either. Thanks
  • If anyone is curious, I finally did get an answer from "LG" . The manual is wrong in that you cannot delete previous destinations, UNLESS you want to do a complete reset. That will wipe out ALL user input info. Like Restoring your PC to original factory settings. However ...since the previous destination "cue" or "folder" holds only 20 items and you generate number 21, it goes to the front and the oldest one is dumped or goes to never never land. Whee!
  • My factory installed Infiniti sound system has the JBL 93670-3L400 outboard amp--it suddenly goes out or starts to crackle,pop,hiss or 'thunder'-scares the hell out of us---I thought it was the factory reciever-bought a replacement from Crutchfield--same problem...does anybody have a good used one for sale? My Azera is an '09 Limited...I can't find any amp that will be an exact replacement that will accept the two multi wire male plugs to the JBL amp...I am 65 and don't care about heavy sounds or overly loud music....just having a radio/XM that works....thanks so much..
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    You may wish to contact Harman Kardon's OEM dept (parent company of Infinity/JBL). I know another Azera owner that was unhappy with the amp performance, he contacted them and they sent him a replacement. Sorry to hear of your issue. I've got an '06 with the Infinity sysytem and its still going strong (the amp that is). I've swapped out all the other compoments for after-market a long time ago, but couldn't part with the OEM amps center channel capability. Good luck.
  • Almet33--thanks for that advice--I'll try to track down the website....I can't believe this amp went's in the power circuit I'm sure the transistors are heating up-cycling-cooling frustrated--just wish somebody had a good used one that would sell me -cheap! I don't want to put an aftermarket one in and start splicing wires,etc.----Thanks...Bulldog65
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    If you look up the main website, call the Customer Support number and ask for the OEM dept.

    Problem is, I don't know of anyone that pulled the OEM amp.
  • faiqfaiq Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    I just brought new AZERA GLS 2012 from first motor Bahrain before booking there didn't show me the car features but told me full option and mid-option and finally I booked my CAR b/c I saw that car on road it look very nice.
    Before Azera I was using Sonata 2009 but when I was AZERA 2012 head light and DVD system, blue LED light on the dashboard....I became a crazy to buy this car even my wife also told me you are too much excited...!
    Finally got my AZERA 2012 in Black berry color......I love this car.. is a great car but only is not good...I spend too much amount to buy AZERA but didn't know the AZERA GLS it come with very low option like it does not has DVD/navigation system,no Blue LED on dashboard,no cooling seat system even they sale this car in Gulf region. now I am very upset that my has no DVD,navigation back camera or even no blue LED light on dashboard.... these all features should come in this amount.....please do the needful!!!!!
  • RE:31
    How are you getting this conflicting information?
    Is it rumor or fact?

  • Corresponding with the maker of my 2010 Azeraav system I have found out that the Nav system can not and will not be updated. Hyundai has canceled the contracts to update the system and has not even attempted to find another company to do the update. So here am I stuck with a Nav system that is going more and more out of date and can not be updated. What that will do to the value of the car can not be good. Thus far the response from Hyundai has been "We are sorry this has happened" and following my response to that "We will research this and get back to you in a couple of weeks." So I am waiting but an Avalon, Lexus 350 or C class Mercedes are starting to look a lot better than a Genesis.
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