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Chrysler Town & Country overheating



  • There's a lot of discussion about T&Cs overheating, but I have a question that I didn't find an answer to earlier. My radiator fans don't come on, and I replaced the relay on the driver's side below the air filter, but they still don't work. other ideas?
  • hdave7hdave7 Posts: 9
    Having a overheating problem on my 2000 Town & Country. Diagnostics points to a Fan Relay needing to be replaced but I have been unable to locate this part on the car. Any help on locating and replacing it would be appreciated.
  • hdave7hdave7 Posts: 9
    Have finally located the Fan Relay for the engine radiator fans. Replaced it and fans are operating once again. The relay was rivet mounted in the air intake passage just below the drivers side headlight assembly. I removed the air-filter and intake ducts and then removed headlight assembly from the frame(1 bolt on top & 3 nuts in back). Next I disconnected the two lamp connectors to complete the removal process. Lastly there was one more screw holding the upper half of the forward section of air intake. Under this was the Fan Relay. Disconnected the relay, drilled out the rivets, pulled out the old relay and put in the new. Used sheet metal screws to secure it in place. Tested it and reinstalled everything. Working fine so far.
  • kat67kat67 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    replaced thermostat and fan relay and still overheating. fans still not running. any ideas?
  • egamboaegamboa Posts: 2
    :mad: I'm having fan problems, I stop the engine but the fan wont stop runing, it had runed my battery down the first time cause I did not noticed, now I have to pull the fan fuse every time I stop and put it back on when I'm ready to go, a certified mecanic from cadillac told me it most likely be the fan relay that needs to be replace, the mechanics at Chrystler didn't find nothing wrong ( imagine that ), of course, didnt hapen when they checked it, now it won't stop doing it; did anybody ha this problem before. The funny thing is that it happened when they had the car for oil change, then all started. THIS CAR IS PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM; BACK BREACKS, FRONT BREACKS, ROTORS, THEY HAVE TO BE REPLACE ALMOST EVERY 10k to 15k MILES, I ASSUMED THAT THE " MOPART '' PARTS THAT THEY USED ARE NOTHING BUT CRAP, DON'T KNOW WAY THEY BRAG ABOUT IT, THEY NEED A BETTER AFTER MART MANUFACTURE FOR THEIR PARTS. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY COMMENTS ON THIS MATTER?

    Ps:I' ll think about it before buying a Chrystler next time.
  • egamboaegamboa Posts: 2
    Do you know how many relays on a 2008 T & C ?

    thank u for the info

  • yuphen8yuphen8 Posts: 2
    i have the same fans is not kicking in when my a.c. are it overheated..just wondering is 2000 and 2001 the same..mine is a lxi..i need help bad...thanks..
  • hdave7hdave7 Posts: 9
    not sure if 2000 and 2001 are same but think there's a good chance they have the same fan relay setup.
    If the fans never come on when the engine is beginning to get hot, like when the engine sits idling for 10 mins or more, then there's a good chance the fan relay may be the problem. The relay was less than $15 a year ago and it took about 30min to replace and I was figuring it out as I went. Locating the relay (on the car) was my biggest problem.
  • yuphen8yuphen8 Posts: 2
    i change the fan relay,but it's still overheating,any idea?thanks
  • olrolr Posts: 1
    I have the same problem that you have. I found the the pigtail (468 7259 wiring jumper) is shorting. I wiggled it while the motor was hot and it began to run. I am having a problem finding the replacement part because it has been discontinued. I am canvasing junkyards now for a replacement. I rigged a wire hanger to create pressure on the plug and it operating now. Need to find a wiring jumper fast.
  • Van overheated last night. Coolant was leaking from one of the 4 metal pipes run the length of the van, they maybe a foot and a half, are rusted out and appear to be leaking coolant. Filled overflow tank with coolant and is full, but still overheating. Any thought? What would they be under on like autozonecom?
  • karbevkarbev Posts: 1
    I also have a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country and it is overheating. i deliver the newspaper and it does fine when i drive long distances, but, when I start doing my route with the slowing down and starting up again, is when it starts to overheat. Steam comes out from under the hood on passenger side. Turned off engine and let it cool and i was able to drive it home. Mechanic came over and we replaced the water pump and he also switched out some of the fuses in the fuse box under the hood. Turned ac on and the fans wouldn't come on, he wanted to go get freon to charge ac so it would be stronger to turn on fans, but, we decided against it. So, next morning I started my route and it did the samething, When I got to a stop, I turned off engine to go deliver a paper at an apt. and I noticed water dripping on passenger side. Got back in and started route again and steam started coming out from under hood on passenger side, thought I would stop and let it cool down again, but, before I could do that, a lot of steam started coming out from under the hood on driver side and i got out to check, and water all over ground, too hot to check under hood, of course, sat there and waitted, was able to open up hood and only thing i saw was some water in the tray that holds the battery. So, I had it towed home and mechanic came over next day and found a crack in the radiator and also noticed that the fan on drivers side, he could turn the blade, but, the fan on passenger side wouldn't turn at all. So, now he thinks that we definitely need a new radiator and also the fans-maybe just the one. As far as the fans, could it still just be the Fan Relay, or has it gone past that? Please help. I am a single mother and need an honest opinion. Don't want to get taken advantage of because I am a women.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    edited October 2011
    Sounds like the fan on the passenger side of the radiator is frozen (since you can't turn the blade by hand). That by itself would explain the overheating, especially in stop and go driving. With the van moving, there is enough air being forced though the radiator to keep things cool. When you stop, only the fan(s) pull air through.

    Sometimes the fan and it's motor are able to be repaired. I've done that twice on one of my cars. But, it takes some time and patience, and there is no guarantee. Also, probably not worth the money if you have to pay someone to do it.

    Fan relay may be OK. Hard to say from your description of the symptoms.
  • jawcrcjawcrc Posts: 1
    Hi my t/c overheats when driving on the freeway. But not when I stop an let it sit idling? Just replaced the radiator because it was cracked and the thermostat at it. I have knowticed that the upper radiator hose gets very hot but the radiator cap is cool to The touch. One of the fans is having a bit of an issue however on freeway thy Gould t matter right? Also no cabin heat whats so ever. I did bypass the rear heater core. Because one of the metal lines was leaking so I joined them together at the location where it's rubber under passenger door. Would this cause it to overheat? Or is there another problem? No waterleaks as I can see now? Thanks everyone
  • I had this issue with an older car I had. When I looked at the jumper it was obviously corroded. I took a wire brush to it, and it worked perfectly after that. the other option that I have heard of is cutting the jumper out and hard wiring it.
  • budg1budg1 Posts: 1

    I too was having non cycling engine fans. Thank you all for your great advise. Just needed a fuse. Experts sharing their knowledge makes the web an awesome tool/manual. God's best for you all, always.

  • vite1vite1 Posts: 1

    where is the cooling fan relay at? My cooling fans aren't working either, and they are brand new, and what is the "jumper" that you guys are talking about? Thank you 

     For your help

  • @Masterpaul1,
    I have the same problem as hp3". I started off by changing the radiator cap, then cleaned the bugs and dirt etc off the radiator, No luck. I then replaced the relay box/house cause I thought my fans wasn't working properly etc, and the guy tested it and it seemed to not be working by the indication of the lights on this lil tool thing that looks like a screw driver. Still no luck. I noticed a lil leak under the thermostat, so he replaced the thermostat and the gasket because it was said that it wasn't properly on which caused it to leak. No luck! It still runs hot. So both fans come on when parked in idle once I cut the AC on. After I cut the Ac off the fan stays on a lil longer but then they got louder as if they gonna go out? so I think they are working properly?
    So I check everything you said to check. I did noticed the gauge going up at a faster pace then before. So I then pulled over and cut the van off. At that point the fans stopped running unlike usually when I cut the van off. Usually they continue running for a bit then cut off. But not anymore. So I check/squeezed on the top radiator hose and its steaming hot and hard as if its full of water is, not flowing. Feels like the hose is gonna burst I also I hear bubbling noise, as if the water is boiling and just got turned off to cool down. Please help!

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