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Acura MDX vs Buick Enclave CXL



  • My fiancee has the new 07 MDX with the entertainment and technology packages.

    I like everything about the vehicle except driving it. The thing takes work to drive. I have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator AWD and I can steer that thing with my finger. To turn the wheel of that MDX you need to get to work. Real arm work turning corners and both hands on the wheel when turning the wheel from a dead stop.

    I know that is typically how Hondas and BMW's are tuned, but I dont like it in a luxury vehicle.

    I can also tell you that my Lincoln absorbs and fades bad roads here in Louisiana, while that MDX sends bumpy roads up your spine.

    I havent driven an Enclave yet, but it's on my short list for my next vehicle. I just want to see if Buick does indeed offer a "Super" version with the small V8 next year.

    The Enclave is at the top of my list depending on what the Infiniti FX-37 looks like at the Geneva auto show next spring
  • Curious, what did you end up purchasing. I too was debating between the two and opted for the Enclave. I regret my decision.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I don't know for sure, but when I looked at the Enclave, I bought the MDX because the Enclave was just too big for me. I really liked it, though. I thought it a bit underpowered and asked the guy when the V8s would appear. He didn't know but thought in 2009. He expects a Denali version of the GMC Lamda platform in 2009, which will be nicer and likely have a monster V8. I expect Buick will temper it down a bit and drop it in the Enclave. I wouldn't be surprised if they use the Caddy Northstar, which I think they put in other Buicks. The Northstar is one of the smoothest V8s ever built, it really is a great engine. I bought a Sport MDX, which I would urge people to consider, especially if you are buying the NAV anyhow. I usually drive it in the Comfort mode, which really aborbs the bumps nicely. If you want something a little smaller, I saw the new Infiniti EX (?) at the autoshow. I was really sweet, but smaller.
  • heronz12heronz12 Posts: 1
    I know this was a long time ago and you probably got a new car already. My wife and i leased a gmc yukon denali in 2005 and gas prices were going up and we make a 115mile commute everyday so we needed a better car. the 3rd row was also to small for my teens. we went to look at another yukon denali and gas mileage was better but not by much. we even looked into the yukon slt and it wasnt that luxury. we looked at the acadia as well but the step in hight was low. we then saw the enclave and it blew our minds. we had test drove the mdx a week before. it took premium gas and it was very small. the enclave it the perfect size for a family unless you want a lot of space like a navigator. my brother has a 2004 lincoln aviator. it rides nice and everything but the gas mileage is worse than most big suvs. he actually told me he wanted the enclave but when my wife saw it she had to have it. he is now stuck with his 04 aviator. and doesnt know what to get that would be an ugrade instead of downgreat. i own a 2008 cadillac escalade esv. if you did not get a new car already. keep the aviator until you find something worth buying. if you dont have kids and you like v8 power. dont get the enclave. its a chick car. go to the chrysler aspen or something with a big engine and improved gas mileage. but remember that the aviator is discontinued so you would never have to worry about getting a new car if you really love your avaitor.
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