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GMC Acadia Real World MPG



  • I have the 2013 Acadia and so far I've only had to fill up every other week. That's about the same I was doing with my Pontiac Torrent.
    At 620/630 miles on the odometer the average MPG is 15.1 ( I have yet to reset it though since I bought it) But to me that's pretty good for a new car. It all depends how it's been driven.

    I've seen other people who get 21 - 23 MPG on their Acadia's.
  • I have a 2011 Acadia SLT-1 2WD that we bought a little over 2 years ago. I have approx. 27K miles on it and have never gotten anywhere near what the sticker says (17/24mpg). I have taken it to the dealer 4 times and each time they say "everything is computerized and if there was anything wrong, the check engine light would come one". "it has to be driving habits/etc.".

    I don't have a lead foot and am a normal driver, but when your combined city/highway economy is approx 15/mpg, there is something not right but no one can seem have an answer for the issue. very frustrating. it's almost like it doesn't shift correctly sometimes, there is a "slip" in the shifting, or somethign like that. not sure what else to do.
  • Acadia can get good MPG if you drive it slow. It will never get sticker 23 MPG at 65-70 mph, but may get it at 50-55 mph.
  • 2011 Acadia Denali - NEVER gets posted milage...ever! Not even close. Tires aired up to recommended pressure, service at the recommended times, hell I put it in neutral and coast as much as possible etc., all for not. I like poking fun at myself about the lump of coal I bought at gatherings. Too bad actually like the vehicle overall, they just can't deliver get 100%. Mileage though really pisses me off and get this...service advisor said go to shell instead of mobile, might squeeze another mpg out of it. I know why he is a service writer. lol

    Recently, my all wheel drive dash message came on. Here we go again...

  • lagonzal1lagonzal1 San Benito, TxPosts: 2

    My first post was in May of 2011. I have had my 2011 Acadia now for over three years and continue to be happy with it. It has proven to be a great family hauler and all around use vehicle. I'm getting 19 to 20 mpg with each tank of city and hwy driving. So far I have over 50k miles on it and it has not let us down yet. Just routine oil changes and tire rotations so far. I would say mileage has been fair considering its size and weight. We are a family of five with a fourth child on the way so space will not be an issue with seating for eight. I plan to keep this vehicle for a while and it should be paid off by the end of this year, if not sooner.

  • kaydeejaykaydeejay Posts: 14
    Any one know what they did to the 2016 Acadia to reduce highway Mileage by 2mpg. The sticker still said 24mpg (same as since 2007) but anyone who bought a 2016 before May is going to get a reimbursement.
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