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Would you buy a current generation Camry?

sreedevi4sreedevi4 Posts: 12
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Hi All,
I was almost decided on getting the 2007 Camry LE (4 cylinder), but then came upon the transmission problem with the 2007 Camry's. As I understand it, there are two problems that most owners are facing:
1. the 4 cylinder cars have a hesitation problem
2. the V6's have a gear shift problem

What I couldn't get from reading online is whether the problem has been fixed in recent builds of the 2007 Camry's and if owner's problems were resolved completely with the TSBs.

Did people with the 4 cylinder cars see the problem with the transmission that they were having go away after they applied the TSBs?

Which build date/VIN numbers should I look for when getting the Camry?

What do you recommend, 2007 Camry owners, is it a safe choice to get the 2007 Camry LE 4 cylinder considering all these transmission problems?



  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    As to your post, most owners are NOT having the hesitation problem. Again, this discussion board is not a representative sample of Camry owners.

    I think my car functioned fine before the TSB.....the TSB was I had it performed. I noticed a slight improvement.

    I believe some people "think" there is a problem because the Camry may be the first Toyota they have owned and they are not used to the new throttle system....If someone wants an immediate response they should get a Corvette, which will jump if you nudge the gas pedal a little bit. I do not expect this car to "take off" like my friends Corvette.

    My last three cars have been Camrys......I have never experienced any hesitation......However, some owners say they are and I believe them.
  • bestoldiesbestoldies Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Camry XLE V6, I have hesitation in the transmission around 35 mph. The car will lunge forward when it hesitates to up shift. The Camry has been into the dealer 3 times and I have talked Toyota Corporation numerous times and they will not acknowledge there is a problem and they will not fix it. There are numerous complaints about the 2007 Camry transmission hesitation. I will never own another Toyota again. Here is additional information.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I own a V6 2007 Camry, and I DO NOT HAVE any of the problems that are listed on these boards. This vehicle was purchased in January 2007 from a dealer in Nothern New Jersey. The vehicle now has 8,400 miles, and it has had three oil and filter changes to date! I drive alot on a daily basis! I would purchase another Camry. I find the vehicle to be very comfortable, and I like the ride. If I purchased another Camry, I would take it on an extensive road test to be VERY SURE that it did not have a transmission issue! Other than that, I think it is a GREAT vehicle!
    Best regards. ----- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    by the talk of the hesitation and flare issues.

    Otherwise on paper and test drives this car seems right for me.
    It's got all the goodies like steering wheel controls, air bags, 4-wheel disc brakes, option stability control, and of course a comfortable, quiet ride. it looks slick too.

    I wish I wasn't so impatient or I probably should wait for the 08's.
  • hrdrckrhrdrckr Posts: 2
    I bought an 07 Camry V6 SE last November. The car has been nothing short of spectacular. I have not experienced any of the transmission issues discussed so widely here and hope I never do. The car is instantly responsive, rides well and has more power than I need. And, my SE is not boring. It looks good, dances on the road when called upon and, I believe, makes me a better driver. My only complaint so far is "dealer arrogance" and I am working to find a new dealer to handle that one.
  • dcam1dcam1 Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a new car and I've been drawn to the Camry for its styling, but everything I'm hearing all over the internet about the 4 cyl. powertrain is scaring me away.

    I've always driven American cars, most recently a 4cyl 98 Dodge Stratus which I owned brand new. Its four banger and auto transmission was far from high performance but it has been very predictable. I'm accustomed to having it down shift with slight hesitation when asking for a lot of power (highway passing and slow down then speed up situations).

    I guess I'm hoping to hear someone say the Camry 4cyl is not that bad. After all it's a 4 banger not a V6. It's very ironic because for years I've had to hear people trash American cars and praise Toyotas like there was not any comparison. Now I'm finally falling for a Toyota and to my huge surprise I'm hearing all of this negative stuff about the transmission.

    But the thing I can't figure is how the professionals are not saying anything bad. Consumer Reports has given the Camry its best recommended rating and Motortrend named it 2007 Car of the Year. I have a hard time understanding this, especially when it seems they jump all over the American makes for anything. We are talking about possibly a faulty transmission, not just cheap dashboard materials.

    If I don't buy a Camry, I'm probably going to get a Chevy Impala. Does anyone out there still think it's worth buying the 4cyl Toyota Camry?

    Thanks for your help.
  • juncmailjuncmail Posts: 7
    The hesitation is unpredictable, I have to drive the automatic by manually shifting through the gears b/c of the early shift response from the engine. Toyota has released a new TSB for the hesitation as of May 8th, but I haven't had time to have it installed to see if it makes a difference. I previously owned a Honda 2001 Accord 4cyl EX model, so when comparing the engines' abilities the pickup and passing speeds are comparable, but Honda didn't have the hesitation like Toyota. That being said the fit, finish, and ride of the vehicle is very nice, if you can get by the driving characteristics. (2007 Camry 4cyl XLE w/nav)
  • keetaboikeetaboi Posts: 1
    It's pretty hard to say this myself, since I am a Japanese vehicle-make fan, but I'd say go for the Impala. The hesisation of the Camry is just unbelieveable.

    My family owns several Hondas, an '04 Accord, two '04 Elements, and an '06 Civic, in which none of them has a transmission problem. I'm the last one to stray away from the Hondas and I made a pretty bad decision. The looks of the new Camry will intrigue you, but don't judge a book by its cover.

    Toyota says that the 4 cylinder Camry runs on a drive-by-wire system, which is the source of the transmission hesitation problems. The person who works at the dealership also purchased the '07 Camry and said that if he had known about the transmission problem, he would not have purchased it. Go American.
  • daveosacdaveosac Posts: 1
    My daughter was also considering the 2007 XLE V6. After considering lots of other cars, she really liked this one.
    We visited several dealerships and drove a few.
    We found that the V6 XLE was the only one that came with all the options she wanted.
    Then we asked a dealership to find one for us.
    They found one and said it would be in on the weekend.
    Then closer to the weekend she called to schedule an early appointment to testdrive the car on the weekend. That’s when they told her that it wouldn’t be ready until the following Wednesday. They just had to put a new Transmission in it.
    Uhh, wait a minute, isn’t this a new car? She asked.
    They explained that there was a known issue and they were gonna correct it before it went out.
    That’s when we started looking at all the different forums.
    We discovered that there were many forums discussing this issue.
    It seems that the transmission surges and hesitates. Toyota has released a Service Bulletin, but not a recall.
    There are many Camry owners who haven’t had this problem. However, the ones who have had the problem, most all claim the problem is never completely fixed, or the car is now noisier than before, or the Dash isn’t seated correctly any more, the car is in the shop all the time, …
    Again, it appears that most of the problems we’ve heard about, have been with the V6. There have been some with the 4cyl, but fewer.

    We don’t want to take the chance that we might get one of these vehicles with this “known issue”. We wanted to get a new, reliable, car, but this one doesn’t sound like it’s the one. Unfortunately we’ll have to look at something else. :(
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Try looking at the Honda Accord EXV6. The car is on its last yeat before restyling in '08 & all of the bugs have been worked out. You can get a great deal on one right now. Some things you may not like are the road noise & stiffer ride compared to the Camry. The EXV6 has really low profile tires that drum a lot of noise. Aside from those things Honda builds a great car with excellent resale value. Your choice...I would stay away from the '07 Camry for another year or so.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    I would buy another Camry. My answer is yes. I love my car and enjoy driving it every day. And, I get compliments all the time.

    As far as other vehicles. Some of my friends and coworkers have accords, fusions, fords, and pontiacs and they are ALL experiencing similar (and different) issues/problems with their vehicles. Even with a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes, some people experience problems....

    .....I don't know what to say. Is there any car that doesn't have problems?
  • mzwhitemzwhite Posts: 1
    TO ALL,
    I can't wait to get the new body styled Camry I think it looks sharp! BUT UNTIL MY 1997 Camry clonks out completely and I mean completely I won't purchase. I LOVE MY CAMRY. It's 4cy,I keep the inside as well as the outside clean. I've got a whopping 244,542 miles. NO MISPRINT.
    I've even considered trying to get a job within the Toyota organization. No major repairs at all. I keep waiting at least for my muffler to fall of but until then I won't look for nothing to go wrong. Just my minor up-keeps. :P :shades:
  • nathan118nathan118 Posts: 31
    I'm looking to buy a new camry, but I'm not in a super big hurry. Anyone thinking waiting for the 2008 models should help to avoid some of these transmission issues and dash squeaking?
  • jack53jack53 Posts: 8

    Is new TSB for hestitation on May 8th 2007 or 2006?

    the old TSB don't include my VIN, though I feel that my car do have some transmission issues. also my MPG is much lower than what they estimate. my is between 24-25MPG mostly freeway.

    Please share the new TSB if you have it

    Thank you
  • Hi,

    I need to purchase a new car I like the camry a lot but I am concern about the transmission problems on the Camry V6 so I am looking at the Honda Accord. Current camry users how do you feel about your camry 07 V6 will you purchase another one. Any one with a Honda Accord experience.

    I have never own a Honda before

  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    I can say I'm one who has been dealing with the Camry V-6 issues for 1 year. Dash noises, seat vibration rpm flares, gas tank noise , hard downshifts and the list goes on.
    I would'nt buy the Camry
  • cuyodacuyoda Posts: 2
    I am currently in the market for a new sedan and am seriously considering a V6 XLE. However, I have read numerous posts spread around the internet discussing transmission flare problems with the 07 Camry's. I really like the Camry, but am nervous about buying with the potential of transmission problems. It seems like most of the problems are with the V4, but the V6 also has the potential for issues. Most of the posts I have read deal with very early production numbers of the 07 model (produced post 2007 calender year). Has anyone had any experience with a recently produced V6 having these "flare" issues? (like post April 2007 or so)... I am wondering if Toyota has had ample time to remedy the bugs or if it is still on going.

    I plan on keeping this car for 6-8 years, so this will be a major purchase for me. At this point, it is probably between an entry level Infinity G35 and a loaded Camry. If I get the G35, I won't be able to afford as many bells and whistles as if I get the Camry. Long story short, the Camry is better in my price range, but I don't want to get into something that is going to cause me problems. Thanks for any imput and advice.
  • Thank you Chuck, I am so undecided so your comments enforce my fears about the camry.

  • I am in the same boat as you, I read some users comments and I made my mind about not getting the Camry then an hour later I change my mind again.
    I am between the Honda Accord and the Camry but with all the comments about the camry I am leaning for the Accord. I have never own an Honda I have been always a Toyota (Corolla, Camry, RAV4 and a 4Runner) so it is difficult to understand all this issues when my experience with my previous cars has been excellent.

  • well i was in the same situation Accord or Camry and i decided on the Camry at the end because Accord has a new design next year so if u want accord i recommend waiting for a few months for the new design its pretti cool u can find pictures of it in inside lane in
    well the transmission problem i would like to say don't exist but it does... but its not really that noticeable... :P but if u hav a choice of G35 i would get that i wanted the G35 but didn't hav the budget :P
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    It should be noted that a completely redesigned Honda Accord for 2008 will be introduced this September, so you might want to check this out.

    I've been perfectly happy with my '04 and '05 Camry 4-cylinders (drivetrain in the '05 model is essentially the same as that in the 4-cylinder '07 model).
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Have you contacted Toyota or gone to a different Toyota dealer for the warranty work?
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Do you think the new accord model won't have any "issues" like the Camry? Like most first model year cars, it will......some people won't have any and some people will.

    The G35 has been getting a lot of complaints and there are a bunch of TSB's out for it right now.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Traditionally, first year models from both Toyota and Honda have been relatively trouble free, but it seems Toyota at least is running into some problems. So it could be a gamble on the Accord.

    Still, even on the '07 Camry, my sense is that the V6 transmission has had more problems than the 4-cylinder, especially when you consider something like 75-80% of all Camrys sold have the 4-cylinder. My dime: I'd buy the 4-cylinder but wait on the V6.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The early production models are the ones plagued by this problem. This car has been out for 15, 16 months? And still selling like hot cakes. I would not hesitate (no pun intended :blush: ) to buy either the 4 cylinder or V6.
  • cuyodacuyoda Posts: 2
    Its comman for any car to have a bunch of TSB's out for it- most of the time the TSB's seam to fix the problem though. From what I have read, whether or not the TSB's for the Camry's transmission fixes the problem is rather hit or miss though.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Glad your back! Long time no see! :)

    I really enjoyed reading your stories back in the now-closed "Inconsiderate Buyers" thread.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    I have gone to another dealership and have been to arbritration to no avail. Toyota is trying to protect themselves from doing a fix for my car so they aren't subject to the lemmon law. It's like I can't get anyone to fix my car or admit I have a problem even though they agreed when I showed them video tape of my rpm flare that it does exist. Don't buy a Toyota
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check out the Sales Stories discussion. He's up to his old tricks there, as well. He finally finished one multi-chapter story (complete with menu details!) but I'm sure he has at least two or three still going. ;)

    And it is indeed good to have him back in all of his usual places!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Great, I'll have to jump back in there! Thanks!
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