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Chevy TrailBlazer Headlight Questions



  • fj4072fj4072 Posts: 29
    Some years have an off setting on the dial, some don't. Mine does 03', turn the switch all the way to the left then try twisting a little bit more. Hard to describe, but it's kind of like a spring loaded switch. Twist the dial to the left past the point where it would normally just sit.

    Have you tried switching relay #45 with 46 to see if it turns off? If I were you I'd buy that relay anyway and have it just in case ($35 is a good price). In due time it will need to be replaced. Mine has already gone out and I still keep a spare. Also, is your DRL sensor at the windshield visiable or has it fallen into the dash (happened to me). If all else, look up DRL killer for trailblazers if your model doesn't have an off switch for the lights.
  • I have an '02 Trailblazer LS. Yesterday my driveside low-beam light was working, but one time it shorted out for a couple of seconds, then came back on. Today the low-beam light is out, as well as the high-beam light. Neither light will come on. I went to Autozone, replaced the low-beam bulb, and still neither will come on. I checked the fuses, and both were good. I tried switching #45 & #46, and still didn't work. Could someone please help me out! I plan on getting it fixed sometime tomorrow. I feel that it might be something basic. Again, both high & low beam lights will not come on. I took of the grille, and light about 20 minutes, replaced the bulb. Checked the fuses. Nothin'

    Trevor Jones
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Did you check for voltage at the connector when the lights are on? That's step 1. How did the connectors look?
  • I have a 2005 and mine was doing the same thing in JUly 11. I sure pissed off alot of people to.LOL But it was the only way home. I had to finally take mine to the dealership not once but twice. They fixed At the tune of 350 or so. I still have problems with it flickering every now and then but I haven't took it back. I've had lots of problems with this vehicle and I'm ready to get rid of it. Gas gauge went. wiper on back not working after the front quit working. Cd player not working. now none of the locks wanna work half the time and half time cant get rear door to even open. It has a mind of it's own. Also the transmikssion done started slipping. Never again will I buy a trailblazer.
  • i had same problem, just replace the black hdm relay #15016745.
    it seem to fix the problem for me.
  • I just bought this 2004 trailblazer in feburary. A week after buying, it randomly started cutting off when sitting at a redlight or just idleing. About a month later the driver side dim headlight went out, we changed the bulb and it didnt fix it. My husband got frustrated and knocked the crap out of it and it started working again. Everynow and then we would have to hit it to make it come back on. Soon after, the passenger side side started doing it, sure enough we could hit it and it would start working again. Now the driver side dim light wont work at all and the passenger side light wont stay on, still though, the brights work. We have tried changing the bulbs.

    In the past month the face vents for the ac have stopped working, the feet and defroster still work fine. Two weeks ago, the battery shorted out. Now the transmission will not shift into third gear, we tried changing the fluid and filter, there were also very few shavings that had been droppped. It just rolled over to 90,000 miles so i would think it to be in good condition. Could this be an electrical problem causing all of these problems or am I stuck with a lemon?
  • Fellas...
    I tried everything to find the source of my frustration in regards to the left low beam headlamp;
    1) checked the fuse
    2) the HDM relay (i even swapped with blower)
    3) Replaced socket to lamp, tests good.
    4) removed the grille and swapped headlamps, this only confirmed the left low lamp (wiring)is the culprit.
    5) To be determined. I tried to crack the fuse/relay but unable to.

    Any other suggestions?

    Early issue was the only intermittent operation with the headlamp...then after my Father In Law and I worked on operated just fine and then a few weeks ago it no longer works. I am deploying soon and I don't want to leave my wife with less than acceptable car.
  • I just dealt with a 2006 Chevy trailblazer issue. The turn signal did not light on the front passenger side. A new bulb did not solve it. I replaced the flasher relay module, still did not solve it. the headlights started going dim and working sporatically. It turns out that there are four chrome raised bolts in the engine fuse box. They appear as they only hold the inside cover in place, as it snaps over them. I tightened these down and everything is working as they should. After quite a bit of money spent, I was glad to find this solution and had to share with the group. I would try this before heading to replacing the head lamp relay.
  • abrowerabrower Posts: 1
    I was driving down the road and the headlights just turned off, all running lights were on but headlights were of. They would not come back on even if I switched the headlights from automatic to manual. I would have to pull over turn off car and turn back on with the headlights coming on occasionally only to find them turn off again driving down the road. Any info would be great, don't want to keep having the headlights turn on and off while driving.
  • fj4072fj4072 Posts: 29
    Easy fix for this very common problem, replace your headlight relay in the fuse box under the hood (Drivers side next to the battery). If memory serves me, it's relay #43. 2 ways to get you out of trouble while on the road...#1. switch #43 with the fan relay #46 right next to each other (same exact relay). #2 take the relay out and put it back in 10-15 times, which will clean the contacts...sometimes this will work too.
  • Im a little stuck. I have a 2006 Chevy trailblazer. Last note started my car it was -30 degrees with wind chill everything worked fine. Two minutes after I started driving I lost my low beams and my heats not blowing. I replaced the headlight relay prob 2-3 months ago! Please someone help its too cold for 3 kids to not have heat!
  • lizs0409lizs0409 Posts: 2
    edited January 2015
    I have literally called every GM dealer in the area and I have gotten absolutely no were... Every one is saying its a coincidence that the both went out. I don't agree at all.
  • Owning a 2013 4x4 Trailblazer in Thailand has it's hurdles; I might add the vehicle is great with the 2.8L Duramax engine. Does anyone know if this model has automatic headlights with dashboard sensor; the switch appears a little second hand as the most farthest location on the switch (clockwise) does not illuminate or locate/rotate to this position. I suspect a faulty switch, but without a maintenance manual or anyone that speaks English (clearly) it makes it difficult. Lastly I refuse to have the car maintained by Chev as they're simply a pack of rip off merchants (learnt the hard way) - oh the land of smiles. Vehicle was purchased at 60,000 Km's. Cheers
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