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Mazda CX-9 Remote Start Question



  • I brought my 2007 w/factory remote starter to the dealer and asked him to change a few things - he couldn't. I can't imagine these can't be changed - anyone out here have a manual on how to program it? Stuff I'm looking to change:

    1) Horn beeps - I want to turn that off for both when the starter starts and when you lock the doors manually w/starter.

    2) Mine only runs for about 5 min. I'm in Buffalo NY - 5 min in the winter is not enough time to get ANYTHING warm. So I end up having to start it 2-3 times to get the car warm. I want it to run for 15 min before it turns off.

    3) When I manually unlock the doors - I DO NOT want it to automatically lock them again. I started the car remotely the other day - walked outside unlocked the doors, put the keys in the ignition (no I didn't hit the break) and closed the doors. Minute later - the doors locked - WITH THE KEYS IN IT! I have to call home and get the other set brought out to me... talk about upsetting!

  • I have a factory remote for my Mazda cx 9 as well. It has been nothing but trouble. I think all the bugs got ironed out but only because I persisted and called Mazda Canada and complained. Anyhow, my remote was only running for 5 minutes as well and Mazda were able to reprogram it to run for 10, 15 or 20. I chose 20, cause it is freezing here in Canada. As for your door relocking , it's suppose to do that but should not if your key is inside. I was on the highway when this happened to me and my cx9 was running for 2 hours before I could retrieve my other key and unlock the door. It was a faulty starter and they replaced the whole thing. Mazda gave me the run around about that and tried to convince me that it was supposed to be that way, because I was a woman, I guess I was suppose to understand. I sent them the invoice for my ride as well as the time I lost for work and they quickly changed their mind and wanted to get rid of me. So they replaced it. As for the beeping, thats a security feature and may not be able to change.
    I love my cx9 but I have to admit the service is terrible. I'm a previous multiple Honda owner and plan to spend my money there next time for the impecable service I had gotten in the past.

    Hope this helps.
  • This is 1/2 the reason I wished I could find the manual to programming it myself. :(
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    I have the installation manual.

    Before doing any work disconnect the battery. It will mean you will loose the programmed information of the radio (better write that down so you can program that back later) and chairs.

    To stop door-lock and horn sound. You will need to remove the drive side kick panel. (first remove the drive side scuff plate, peel back the rubber weatherstrip, remove the plastic nut that is half way on the panel.)

    Locate the BCM (body control module), which is on the front near the driver door behind the driver side panel with a lot of connections on it. (I can't upload image otherwise would have included, but if you are not sure; search on internet) The connector at the the side of the BCM at the top is a 30 pin connector. 2 wires (next to each other) leaving from the connector into the cable tree will have separate wire attached to it : G/R = green/red = HORN , V/W = violet/white = door lock. Remove the extra wire (NOT the wire that goes in the cable tree) for the function (horn or door lock) you don't want, that is going to the remote start model and tape it off."
  • slemay2slemay2 Posts: 3
    Thank you! Any chance you could post this installation manual?

    What about changing the default run time? I think it's 10 min now - and I'd like to increase that to it's max. Thanks again!
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    The manual is not making any references to be able to change the time. It only refers to tachometer programming. I'll look that I can find a scanner for the manual and post it on the web. Will take some time however..
  • raykalraykal Posts: 2
    Recently got a 2012 CX9 and opted for remote start. When went to pick up the car, found that dealer installed after market "auto mate" remote start. They mentioned that is what they install to all the mazda's and claimed that it is same as factory installed one. Is it true? Definitely not happy with this...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Doesn't sound like a Mazda brand to me.

    After seeing so many posts with people having issues with remote starters messing up electronics after 4 or 5 years, I wouldn't want a remote starter in the first place, but I really wouldn't want an aftermarket one.
  • djsmilesdjsmiles Posts: 2

    I live in Canada (Mississauga) and recently purchased a US 2007 Mazda cx9 that has a factory installed remote starter. However, I did not receive any FOB's and only received 1 smart card.
    I have grown quite fond of my children, thus I did not want to sell them to pay the factory charge of purchasing a new card, programming and getting new remote fob's ;)

    Any ideas on how i can find them economically?

    Looking for help
  • My wife has a 2008 Mazda CX9 with factory auto start. The auto start turns the car on, but not the heat. This is very inconvenient, I have called Mazda, but was told that they would have to see the car to check it out, which costs $$$$$. When I turn the car to ACC the radio remains on, but the heat turns off
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    can you clarify more what happens ? When is your heat not working? When you remote start OR when you turn to ACC ?
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    To add : depending when you experience the issue is might be a fuse ( the remote start has a number of separate fuses and one might be broken) However before trying and measure that (which require you to be upside down in the car) let's try to understand the conditions to diagnose.
  • The heat works fine under normal conditions; when I turn the car to the ACC position the digital readout on the top of the radio only shows the radio still working from this position. The manual says to set your heat to the controls you desire for the auto start in the ACC position and it will turn on in auto start. When I try to turn it on from the ACC it does nothing....thanks for your reply; I hope j better explained myself this time
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    This looks to be an issue with HVAC1 and/or HVAC2 fuses in the remotestart controller. Then you get this problem with your AC and heater.
    Look at
    There is a link documentation, on page 5, you see the diagram for the fuses.
    Check both fuses HVAC1 and HVAC2.

    There used to be systematic problem with this fuse blowing and a new wiring harness was required. (TSB-01-046-08). Not sure whether that had been applied to your car. The dealer should be able to tell you from the MAZDA maintenance system.
  • I had the exact same thing and when using remote start the red KEY light stays on. Dealer trying to tell me that's natural. I am extremely frustrated. 2nd Mazda from this dealer and likely the last.
  • I am now having a similar problem in my 2008 CX9 with factory/dealer auto start. Car starts remotely, but neither heat nor seat warmers turn on until I manually turn car in to on position. Problem just started and I bought new from dealer . Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • Check the reply I received; its #47....I was told that it is most likely a fuse within the control box for the electric starter
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