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Kia Sedona Computer Problems



  • lillie2lillie2 Posts: 1
    Hi My KIA SEDONA 2.9 DIESEL 2004 wont start had from new only 33000, miles changed heater box changed fuel filter if i put easy start, starts and drives like a dream
    can't get software to check why managment light is on need help can anyone say what tis might be bled fuel injecters No glow plugs on this model.
  • edemeteredemeter Posts: 2
    So here is the problem - While my brother was installing a stereo he hit something and killed the van..... Took to dealership and a bunch of work later they say its the computer sending the wrong signals to the coils firing the wrong things ect...... Now all coils have been replaced and a second computer hooked up and still the same problem.

    Sorry if I left anything out - I dont know alot about cars and have googled all night trying to find an answer......

    any help is appreciated!
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