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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • I have a 99 taurus, and driving home on the highway one night I was following a semi and a large piece of the sheet metal on the side of the trailer came off, and flew right at me, again, like the deer thing, i had no time to react, i hit it straight on, and amazingly, it laid down and i drove right over it. the next few months i heard the same thing you're describing, and my boyfriend is my mechanic, honest to god real mechanic, and he put it up on his lift, and he found a tiny hole in the exhaust pipe, just on the back end of the muffler - now, weather it had anything to do with the sheet metal, who knows,, but that was what was causing mine. Hope that helps!! good luck!!
  • WOW... your car sounds like mine.... i have a 99 taurus too, been a pretty good car, and it 'jingled' and the brakes squeek too. my boyfriend is my mechanic, honest to god mechanic, not just some back yard jockey. when i took it in to get the 'jingling' looked at, he said my heat sheild (the black plastic thing under the radiator) and the plastic grapics on the driver's side below the door were a little loose, and he titghtened the bolts. He also told me that it's very common for taurus brakes to squeak when it's humid or wet out, best thing i've found is to buy a can of brake cleaner and spray it on the wheels under the caps about once a month or so, i guess it kind of keeps the rubber part of the brake pads moist so they don't dry out, without letting them slip. hope that helps!!! have a good day!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    What is the typical expected life of the engine and transmission?
    What price range should you expect to get the transmission replaced with a remanufactured one once it fails?
    How about the cost of engine overhaul or replacement with remanufactured?
  • dant01dant01 Posts: 2
    He's may be right many of these cars have poor fiting hood from the factory. Was it a Ford hood or aftermarket. If aftermarket many have fir issues. I would do what your doing and look at few other cars to see if they have the same problem. there is an anjustable bumper on each side that may take care of your problem.
  • dant01dant01 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 sable that blows out heat all the time regarless of heat setting. Whats wrong.
  • nadornnadorn Posts: 6
    Hello, I'm having the same exact problem as you .. it started all of a sudden. Has anyone come forward with the FIX ? I sure would appreciate any information on this sad subject.
  • hey, im having alot of trouble changing out my alternator on my 96 taurus 3.0L DOHC. you said you have done in and any words of wisdom would be great as you are the only one ive found to be able to claim that. (sorry for dragging this thread from the grave)
  • 95 Mercury Sable, 232KM, 3.0 litre, V6
    Problem: After 3 hours of driving, I could place & leave my hand on engine. During the trip the heat gauge was on cold.

    I took the car in, "they" said that "because my rad leaked [which was very little & I topped it up regularily to avoid overheating] it could not build up enough pressure to work properly". I authorized the work but the the problem continues. And I have since found out that the rad did not need to be replaced. They did not do a pressure test nor any tests to my knowledge. And when I picked up my car they said "we hope this fixes the problem, if not maybe its your heater core".

    Since when is mechanics a guessing game? or a process of elimination?

    The problem continues, & now, 4 days after the initial problem, the battery light came on, I lost all power to my brakes & steering. The engine [or something else under the hood] squealed, 5-10 seconds everything returned to normal.

    Recent repairs due to overheating:
    July 27- new thermostat, with "fail safe" type
    Aug 1-Cooling fan motor replaced

    Anybody have any ideas what could be the problem, I want to know before I take it back.
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    This is a strange one.

    1) Do you have the correct temp thermostat installed?

    2) Is the cooling fan on all the time?

    3) What climate (hot/cold) are you in?

    4) You said you had an overheating problem first?

    5) Is a thermostat installed? (Maybe mechanic was tired)

    6) Defective thermostat?(Stuck open)

    7) Check serpentine belt!

    8) Is temp gauge accurate? (Check upper radiator hose, it should feel hot after running more than a half hour)

    Let us know.
  • I've read a lot on this board regarding replacing the blower motor and resistors, but how do I know which is the problem? I have a 2003 Taurus with 86K and am not getting any air at all blowing out. Thanks for the anticipated advice.
  • 1,5) I believe it's the correct thermostat, the parts counter looked it up, & yes it is installed, my BF put it in.

    2,8) The cooling fan was running when the engine was cold, I don't think it runs all the time. Is the rad hose the one that runs from the rad to the thermostat? If so, no it was cool as well after idling for about 15 min. The mechanic that put the rad in pointed out both these things and said the fan should not be running & the hose should be hot.

    3) I'm in Ontario, we got snow yesterday.

    4) The overheating problem began in late july, the temp was the top third of the guage, the thermostat appeared to fix it, but about a week later I drove for about 10 min & the guage was on hot, was not steaming & the coolant level was up, I took it in & the cooling fan motor [Aug 1] was replaced & the car has been fine since until Friday nite [Oct 6] when the engine ran cool.

    6) I've already called the place that put the rad in, they said they will put a new thermostat in, & do a flush & refill all at no cost to me.

    7) What should I be looking for? cracks, what exactly, I've put 187000 km on the car & have never changed it.

    Thank you
  • They found the problem - the thermostat was locked in the open position.
  • We have the car in the title which we factory ordered, right at the end of the model run for the year, one of the last off the line. It has one of the very first of the AXOD-E transaxles; and yes, we did have to get it rebuilt, which we did at a very good local independent shop where the installed all the later engineering upgrades.

    It's running ok now, at ~84k miles; but those Mercury grill lights are all out. I demounted the lens to find out the bulb type (it's not in the owner's manual) and found that the (plastic) socket was burned and shattered. Same with 2 more of the four. (I assumed the 4th was the same.)

    The bulbs are still available (at $16 ea.) but the dealer parts dept. tells me that the sockets were only available as part of a wiring harness, which is not available. Neither have I been able to find the thing at JC Whitney or by Googling it.

    I asked in the dealer service dept., and they offered to fix it somehow for $150, but I doubt if it will be OEM.

    Does anyone have any ideas on replacement sockets which will fit into the lens, and bulbs?

  • I am doing the same thing in 2001 merc sable. All work is easy to do by myself, HOWEVER, the air conditioning compressor is enclosed in all directions. only four bolts holding it in, and freeing it up was simple. But do you know how I can cet the compressor out of the spot?
    What elso do I need to remove in order to get it out. Your '95 may be arranged differently and you might not have had this proble.
  • I smashed my drivers side power mirror that had a puddle light. I found a replacement that was both heated and a puddle light, and my 2003 SE does not support heated mirrors. I hooked it up and the light does not work. Is there something I can do to disconnect the heat to get the light to work, or do I have to buy another one?

    Thanks for the help!
  • I don't see an answer to your question but I have exactly the same problem and it's getting cold up here in NE. anybody got an answer to this ?
  • Hey everyone,

    Got a little problem that is escalating into a big one.

    I replaced the exhaust from the cat back, and replaced both O2 sensors (the check engine light was on because of them).

    The Check Engin light was off for aboutr 40 miles - and came back on. The first code was P0136, then another code the next day P0150.


    The new 02 sensors I put in were made by BOSCH.

    I've tried resetting the codes, and disconnect the battery (in desparation) in hopes to reboot everything. But it has failed.

    The major problem is the fact that the car is due for an inspection & will fail because of the light.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Notes on the car: 96 Wagon GL, 95,000 miles. Runs fantastic & strong.
  • Hi All
    Can anyone pls advise how to replace a cracked washer fluid hose on my '02 Taurus .I got the replacement part & the line runs under the hood insulator. Not sure how to access the end of the hose that goes into the nozzel.
  • Very easy....

    All you have to do is remove the lower part of the backing under the hood (closest to the windshield) it is held in place by plastic xmass clips. Carefully pry them off & take care not to damage them (you'll need them to place the backing back on).

    Once you peel the backing, you'll see the hoses - simply pull the hoses from the sprayer & from the pump (passenger side corner) and push in the new hoses. You don't need tools for that part...
  • It has 110,000 miles on it and it does shift hard for 1st to 2d. 3.0 engine and runs great. The car is using about a quart every 500 to 1000 miles or so. no leakes at all.
  • i have the same problem now and i was wondering was it the eec.
  • Hi there. I`m trying to replace my front headlights on my 2001 Taurus SES with Silverstar Ultra`s. Does any one know how to do this as I don`t have a manual? I don`t know whether to take the whole thing out or attack it from the back.(Batteries in the way on drivers side.)Any help would be appreciated,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks.
  • I'm in England and brought my first Taurus some years ago and still own them now, my firsts Taurus was an 86 SW with a 2.5 engine. I only sold it as it was under powered but in that time never had a single problem with sold it wit 75.000 miles on the clock, then brought a 19888 LX 3.8 with 45.000 miles, only problem I had with this was a broken engine mount (brought with the broken mount)replaced it twice which broke again again I put this down to three problems . One mount made in Isrial, one in India not quality. This problem could have been over come with a shock fitted across the top of the engine due to the amount of pull from the engine lurching forward when D is selected.
    I then brought from fords an engine mount fitted to the Ford Transit commercial panel van which was almost identical, no more problems, I sold the carwith 95.000 mile and had no problems other than the mount, I also did a lot of towing with it with no averse affects. I then brought a 1992 SW wagon 3.0 55.000 mile and again did a a lot of towing (caravan 18 cwt) recently sold it with 97.000 mile up and not a single problem with it. I have now just brought a 1998 3.0 sedan which drive great though I can't seem to get the heater to work. Pipes in and out of the matrix are very hot and the fan switch only blows on maximum and I think the heater control is not working (any help there will be appreciated). I like the Taurus, maybe I have just been lucky and to get repairs and parts in England can be very expensive.
  • My son in law brought a Taurus which had the same symtoms and slowly got worse, that was indeed the pump, what happens is the pump overheats due to a fault but as it is in the tank it is a built in saftey measure to prevent it getting to hot and causing a fire / explosion so the pump shuts down. Pain in the neck to do if you have a lot of fuel in the tank as the tank has to be dropped and the unit taken out from the top of the tank. Access could have been made in the trunk floor by Fords to make this easy to remove it with out taking the tank out. You only need to change the pump unit but these aren't cheap, your looking at $200 + your side, If you don't sort it you will find it will just keep cutting out on highway driving and it takes longer to start and becomes more frequent. Before you pull out the tank just check your vacume pipes, spilt in one will have a similar effect but restarting isn't a problem. I shipped one in from your side of the pond and no more problems. hope this helps.
    warhorse1 U.K.
  • Dave
    Lee in England, yes I did my son in laws 88 Taurus heater core, I didn't follow all of Haynes guidlines, as I remember undo all the top screws below the wind screen, bolts at the bottom of the passengers side of the dash, you will find it easier if you drop the steering colum, feel your way around what needs to be freed to pull the dash out enough to get to the core, remember its in its own casing it can be fiddly but can be done in a morning if you don't mind becoming a rubber man to get in the right position, not the best of jobs but not so bad, putting back is easy making sure you don't pull any wires of and those you do go
    back, good luck. I did this one some six years ago so can't remember all of how I did it.
  • I'm having the same problem, haven't had time to look further as its garaged, you could try sprinkling Talcom powder all around the rubber seal then checking next time it rains, if the seal is leaking the water will wash of the powder where the water is getting in, let me know if you find.
    Lee U.K.
  • I have a 97 ford taurus wagon. I'm having the same problem with my coolant light. after driving it for about 20 min. the low coolant light comes on, i've got plenty of coolant. It's done it since I bought it about a year ago. Though after reading the forums about it, it seems all I need is a 30$ resovoir. I've mentioned this problem to my mechanic many times and he says not to worry about it, that its just a sensor. but if it were a silly 30$ part why wouldn't he just recommend I replace it? Is it something I can ignore? also, I just spent 647$ replacing my entire brake line system! Fun!

    p.s. My retractable antenna is stuck. It won't retract anymore. when I turn the car off, I can hear the little motor whurring, but the antenna stays put. the radio still works, is it worth fixing?
  • My guess is the nylon cord inside the antenna is broken, this is attached to the top of the antenna on the inside and the motor coils it up on retraction, whether you can replace it I don't know, my guess is a new antenna.
    Lee U.K.
  • I've got a 99 SHO with the low collant light on all the time. I'll order a new resovoir per your feedback. Thanks.
  • I have a 99 Taurus SHO with a dead battery, the keys in the car and with a dead battery the keyless entry doesnt work. Any idea how I can get the hood open from outside the car? Then I could charge the battery. Thanks!
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