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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • Where are the high and low AC pressure connectors to add freon located on a 95 Taurus?
  • After my 95 Taurus has warmed up, shifting from first to second I get a hard thump. The rest of the shifting is smooth. It does not do this at the beginning, I guess when the oil is cold. Once it warms up, I get this hard shifting from 1st to 2nd. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  • The low pressure connector is near the firewall on the passenger side near the accumulator. High pressure is up front near the rad on same side.
  • mamtuarus, thanks for the reply. Can anyone tell me where the a/c low pressure switch is located on the 95 Taurus? Thanks...
  • Have the transmission fluid changed if you have not recently and add a bottle of Lubeguard to the tranny. It may smooth it out.
  • One common source is the rear window seal leaking. In this case you will likely have to go to a glass shop to get the gasket replaced or window resealed.

    Another place to look is behind the tail light fixtures. Seals and seams may have some cracks or openings.

    If you have a garden hose carefully spray one area at a time and check the trunk. You will have to remove the liner to completly inspect.

    If you have a friend that trusts you.... this friend could get in the trunk with a flash light and observe as you spray the outside with water.
  • This car has 4 total O2 sensors. Double check to make sure you replaced the correct sensors. I know they are hard to reach and expensive. You could flip them around and see if the problem goes away. Also, If you still have the old ones ,the Ford fuel injection manual explains how to test them with a multimeter.

    Also, you could add a bottle of Guaranteed to PASS (available at most good parts stores) to the gas tank. Follow the instructions and reset the codes.

    Good Luck
  • Make sure you use distilled water in the mixing. Don't use tap water.

    You can now buy it already with a 50/50 mixture as a convenience. You pay more but you may find it worth it.

    It can be tricky to get all of the air out of the system. Squeeze the upper rad hose as it is running with the cap off. Make sure you check it frequently for a few day after to make sure. Top off as required.
  • riickriick Posts: 1
    I had an '87 LS, :cry:
    When lites blew out, just got some sockets & bulbs (old style, brass base bulbs) for backup lights from PepBoys - maybe $2-$4/socket today.

    Reamed out plastic where lites fit-in, (actually used soldering iron to elarge the holes - quicker) wired-in new sockets in place of old, slip into place....voila!

    Cost - 30-min - 1 hr time, $20+/- (?). Not quite as bright since OEM bulb is halogen (?) but still just fine. :D :D
  • What happened with your transmission? Mine is doing the same thing (started on Nov 19). 95 Mercury Sable, 3.0 litre. Transmission AX4N. I changed the transmission fluid and is a bit smoother but a mechanic said it will eventually fail.
  • mr_almr_al Posts: 9
    I think I am having a similar or almost the same feature on my car. (I have a 2000 LS Premium Sedan). The Auto sensor seems to be working as everything comes on BUT the headlights. I have to turn the light on at night manually. After driving this car for 6 years, this is going to be an old habit to break as I do not want to drive down the roads here in VA thinking the headlights are on as everything else (brakes, inside cluster/interior; side lights, etc). Just no headlights. I am unable to get a straight answer from two dealers and cannot find a manual to track the electrical. Anyone have any ideas? Car just hit 70K miles on it. Have learned that these cars suck for keeping alignments. New 6OK miles tires one is shot. Appreciate any help if anyone has found a solution to this. I am confident I will NOT buy another revised model year(this case, 2000 changed from the 96-99) and my 96 was a lemon and a half. Alan Deyoe, Chesapeake, VA :sick:
  • i have the same issue with my 03 sable. i took the fan out and jumped it. it works fine. any help on this is appreciated.
  • I had the same problem recently but finaly located the problem. Due to the shape of the trunk below below the rear window and acts as a cradle for water which will accumilate in the dip of the shape if the car is not park on a flat surface (facing up a slope) in my case water had gathered there and had entered the trunk by coming up under the seal over the metal frame. New seal has cured my problem.
    Lee U.K.
  • 1995 Mercury Sable GS, 3.0L. Bought 2 days ago from private owner. Both in town or highway the needle bounces constantly between 15 to 20 above and below, going with traffic flow. The tach works. What's up and how to fix?
  • Previous owner just emailed me the vehicle does have ABS, brake work, engine tuned.

    So, lithium grease and sensor unit?

  • rpacrpac Posts: 83
    I own a 1995 Ford Taurus, 190,000 miles. Recently I blew the head gasket. Had everything changed professionally, gaskets, water pump,etc etc. Now, every time I hit a big bump the 'check engine light' comes on for a few minutes, then goes out. Car runs fine. No problems except for light. What could be happening? The place that repaired my car does'nt have a clue.:confuse:
  • dasildasil Posts: 1
  • Hi
    I change my coolant every year and i am on my 3rd heater core, Any idea why my heater cores go bad i have 153,705 miles on it. What size are the speakers in the front doors
    on my 94 Sable. :(
  • Does anyone have information about this speedometer?

  • The tube connections coming thru the fire wall are a weakness in this design. I bet you removed the heater hose when you flushed the cooling system. In the future, Dont touch these hoses unless you must. And then cut the hose off with a knife being very careful not to put too much stress on the heater tube. Also you don't need to change the coolant that often. Check the owners manual. Make sure you use distilled water and not tap water when mixing the coolant/antifreeze. Tap water has too many electrolytes causing an electrolosys situation, accelerating corrosion.
  • I have a wobble I believe is coming from the transmission at 40 mph to 65 mph. Feels like an unballanced wheel, but wobble stops placed in nuetral. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2002 Taurus. When it is cold outside the dash lights will not come on. Only the turn indicators come on. After about 45 minutes the dash light finaly come on. When this first started last year ot took a couple of minutes now this year it takes close to 45 minutes. Can any one out there help??
  • moeohmoeoh Posts: 13
    Sounds like good advice on the hose connectors. I also changes the radiator cap to a low pressure model and it stopped the leaking problem without any adverse reactions to summer cooling.
  • moeohmoeoh Posts: 13
    any chance you got an answer to this?
    I have the same problem at 120k on a 2001. I just had new tires put on so I will check that but I also notice an engine vibration at 2000rpm so I am changing plugs & wires.
    Anybody? Beuller?
  • I have a Ford Taurus 2000, 65K millage. My heater fails to work last month. The dealer changed the heat core and flush the radiator, then it worked for two weeks. Yesterday, when I drove on the highway, the engine temperature indicator suddenly went to zero and engine light was on. There was no heat after half a minute. But if I stopped for several minutes with engine starting, the temperature will go back to normal and heat will be back also.
    Is something wrong with the thermostats? Or radiator?
  • Where can I find one?

  • I had the same problem with my 98 Taurus and tried the things you did, first symtoms like yours then completely no heat. I took out the radio this can be done with four thin electrical screw drivers assuming your heater hasn't changed in style in that short time of models, remove the small metal cover over the heater door arms then with engine running operate both the heater control switch (red and blue) and and the AC control swtitch, make sure they are travelling around to the correct position. In my case after you remove the metal cover you can see the plastic door motor ( you may have to struggle a bit to see it,) if the same as mine it will in the center have a small indented sqaure, watching this the square will move from leaning to the right and should travel to lean over to the left. If it only moves to the upright position as mine was the heater door is not opening to allow the heat thru, if it doesn't move at all then its an electrical problem as mine is , I disconnected the plug from the switch and jumped it. There are three wires onthe plug the first on the left is earth, I had to run a tempory wire from the battery to test but found the motor moved in both directions. Hope this helps.
    Lee U.K.
  • What's this got to do with finding a 95 Sable owner's manual?
  • For about a month now, once a day or more when driving slow (but engine warm, not cold), the dash lights and radio blink off, some warning lights come on, and it feels like the engine might stall, but it doesn't. Headlights stay on (if they were on). Only lasts for a second, and then everything is back to normal. It usually occurs when going very slow like coming into a parking space and no foot on the gas.

    Another possibly related symptom: yesterday, after starting the car back up after getting gas, I noticed the radio and heater weren't on (which they were when I stopped), and I had to reset the clock.

    I had the battery and charging system chekced out, and they appear fine. Anyone else had something like this???
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    OK, twice now I've read that someone has talked about "puddle" lights. At first I thought that it was a misspelling (it seems that a lot of folks don't do spell check or reread their posts and we have to guess what it is they are trying to say) until I saw it posted later. This is new term to me. Exactly where are these lights in relation to a Taurus? I have a 2000 SEL. Mileage is up to 34,000+.
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