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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • lorchanianlorchanian Posts: 12
    Does anyone know if it's true that the caster cannot be adjusted on the front wheels of a 2010 Taurus SHO?
  • redmel76redmel76 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 Taurus a little over a week ago. I got it from my mechanic's neighbor for $800. It has close to 199,000 miles on it. I'm a single mom of three, two of which have special needs, and I couldn't go without a car after my van died.

    The car will run fine with just a slight slip when changing gears. Then it will suddenly refuse to come out of 1st gear, revving high, until I lift my foot off the gas pedal. I have to do that each tie it changes gears but will never get to going over about 45 mph. It gets worse and worse, bogged down, like it doesn't have any power. Then it just crawls requiring me to pull over and sit. After it sits for a while, it goes back to driving fine with only the slight slip between gear changes.

    Only other issues is that I felt water hit my feet yesterday when the air was on. Just a few drops. Turned off a/c but haven't noticed it since when using a/c.

    A code for the catalytic converter is now reading. When I bought the car it was a code that had to do with the coil the spark plugs go into, but that code no longer reads.

    I don't have any more money to sink into this but can't keep breaking down and having to sit on side of road with my children. Please let me know what you may think it could be.

    thank you for your time in this.
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    My 03 Sable did the same type of stuff. I have rebuilt the tranny at 72k. Revving problems as well due to tranny slipping and had Throttle Position Sensor was replaced after the tranny was corrected. Fords are not always noteworthy on the trannies and sensors in a lot of models based on my experience in owning and driving them. The others stuff I have not experienced.
  • we have a 2006 ford taurus yesterday it ran fine today went out it will start and stop any ideals on what we can do to remedy this
  • Known solutions: First smoke test for vacuum leaks which start the following issues. Then failures of camshaft position sensor on a DOHC
    happens and IAC fails to operate properly and Some have even had the Massairflow Sensor fail. the root cause is the vacuum leaks even if very small is all it takes. Manifold gaskets leak, even the intake hose gasket dries and leaks, pcv hose, all those plastic vacuum hoses can get brittle especially the rubber hoses on intake assembly. For those where weather changes happen a lot. Be ready to check for vacuum leaks after every season change. Should give anyone reading this some direction.
  • starting time gets better when it warms up but not great. It also kills the radio programing and starts with the cooling fans running. It has always had a battery drain problem.
  • some heat after engine gets warm but gets cold when blower speed increased . 9 degree in Oh COLD! please help.
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