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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • ldsnbdldsnbd Posts: 1
    my 04 exp. is stuck in the defrost mode. no other vents will blow air (in the drivers area).
  • wade21wade21 Posts: 5
    I have this same issue. I did not have a thumping / clicking noise but I changed both actuators since I had the trim torn out anyways. Still can't figure out why I'm getting ambient air out of the rear a/c. When the temp is turned to hot, the air gets hot, as expected. When turned to cold, the air cools down(ambient air) but not air conditioned.
  • no I dont hear anything
  • Do I have to replace the vac hoses totally? and what is the price I will have to pay to fix this problem?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  • wade21wade21 Posts: 5
    Doing some more research, sounds like it could be a clogged / failed rear expansion valve? Anyone have any experience with changing a rear expansion or even suspect that it could be causing unconditioned air to blow out of rear vents?
  • wade21wade21 Posts: 5
    Changed out the rear expansion valve. The kids complained last night that they were too cold.
  • logoksterlogokster Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a 2005 Expedition with similar but maybe slightly different rear ac issues. A little over a month ago I had a clicking and thumping sound coming from the rear. Based on forums I narrowed the problem down to the air blend actuator which controls the floor to ceiling air flow. Then yesterday, I started hearing the clicking sound again when in the rear ceiling setting. Did my actuator really go bad in a little over a month? On top of that, last night (about an hour of driving after the clicking started), the AC in the entire vehicle stopped working. So front and back blows out warm air when set to the coldest setting and hot air when set to hot. There is also a new noise that started when the AC turned warm. I am not good at describing sounds but maybe like a whistle / grinding. Kind of like when your brake pads are wearing down, I think it is related to air flow. Weird thing is when you hit the throttle the sound changes pitch but comes back. I do not believe the side actuator which controls the temperature is bad but who knows (there is no clicking from this and I can feel it turn when I change the temperature).
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Is the new noise coming from under the hood? It sounds like the A/C compressor is going out and that is why you have no cold air. On mine the A/C stopped working and it turned out to be fuse number 11 in the fuse box by the passenger kick plate. It was a 10 amp that controls the compressor clutch. After a month it blew again and upon independant mechanics advice I put a 20 amp fuse in and so far it is still working. I suspect the A/C compressor clutch is getting close to failure and it is drawing more than 10 amps when it kicks on. You can check to see if the clutch engages when the A/C is on look at the front of the compressor under the hood to see if the clutch cycles on and off.
  • logoksterlogokster Posts: 2
    Thanks cob for the post. The sound is coming from the back right on my expedition. If you know where the two actuators (air blend and air temperature control) are located in the back right, it sounds as though it is about a foot closer to the hatch than those. I am not sure what is located here that could be causing the sound? When I look under the hood the A/C compressor does engage when I turn the A/C on.
  • rjh10rjh10 Posts: 1
    Wade21 - I have what I think is the same problem with my '02 Expedition. I haven't been able to find any information on how to replace the valve, or even where it is located. Can you provide any advice?
  • dsullidsulli Posts: 1
    I have an 07 expedition. Sometimes the a/c fans do not com on and sometimes they com on several minutes after I start driving. Rear works fine. What's up??

    I was just about to have the car appraised for trade and this happens.
  • debisdebis Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 XLT Ford Expedition, the check engine light came on & at the same time the air condition just stop working(all of sudden this problem just happened and my truck had been running fine). The truck is hesitating now and the a/c is not working, and the rear a/c is blowing just HOT air...please HELP!! I live in TEXAS Yikes...its hot outside...

    Thank you in advance :(
  • I am experiencing a very similar problem as Debis. Same yr make and model. Engine light has been on and i noticed a noise from the front ac like a low thump when id turn it off before and it only seemed to work good on max ac unless we were moving. Accidently went through a puddle that was deep an it splashed pretty high and since then the max ac doesnt blow and only blows on the normal setting when moving although it blows cold still. Now a few days later the back ac whoch wa working is only blowing warm air. We check all the fuses and all seem fine. Any suggestions oradvice is greatly appreciated as it is extremely hot outside!
  • I am having a hard time finding a replacement window for the rear passenger side quarter window on my 2003 Ford Expedition. The window also has an antenna inside it. Do any of you have a website or company that I can contact. Local dealership wants upwards of $700.00.
  • jensue6jensue6 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    My rear air stopped doing anything today. It won't blow hot, won't blow cold, won't blow at all. Could it be a fuse?. 2007.....model I know there are fuses under the hood, but are there any inside? Manual says there are, but can't find them. I have 88K on it now.
  • There Should b fuses inside generally they are on the driver side above the emergency brake. And yes it could b a fuse. Ur manual should tell u which fuse is for what. They are hidden behind a panel but that panel should say fuses or something on it.
  • jensue6jensue6 Posts: 2
    Ok, automatically starting blowing again yesterday, but today has stopped again. Where is the blower? Can I kick it?
  • thanks cob and logokster for the post...I have a 2006 Expedition (51,500 miles) excellent condition...but today air completely started blowing hot, front and rear, but I got the same whistle noise coming from the right rear side of the truck. Was just wandering if you found out what that problem was? Last year spent around $900 getting something fixed with a/c, have to look at receipt to make sure what technical problems was, but it was under the if anyone has any suggestions on what may be causing this problem, please reply. It had the whistle sound which turned into maybe like a rattle snake sound (I literally pulled over to make sure nothing creepy was in the back). Taken truck into Ford place in am and would like a little knowledge of the problem. Problem noise is in rear, but causing hot air in front and rear. Thanks anyone with any suggestions...
  • I'm in need of a few parts as well. I have been using Craigslist for spare parts. I see a lot of parts on there for these Exp
  • 1josey1josey Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where the Heat Control Valve is located in the 02' Expedition, 5.4L-V8?
  • 1josey1josey Posts: 2
    I called Ford finally, just thought I would share. I was told this part is under the valve cover. Hope this helps someone.
  • its is either in front of the battery or near the fire wall on the passenger side.
  • either the compressor went out which u can tell if you have it on and open the hood then look to see if the compressor is running. if it is then more than likely your evaporator is clogged and either needs to be cleaned out , if possible depends on the model, or replaced!
  • google it and u will find several companies that sell the complete shop manual for it! gl
  • its the actuater for the heater exchange box. simply unscrew it and bring it to the parts store or the dealer and they can match it with the #'s on its label and you'll be good to go.
  • the actuater for your rear air is not functioning correctly. remove the rear panel where the rear air is located. it will be a clear plastic box with a wire harness is plugged into. remove it and replace it. prob solved. gl
  • that's correct! gl
  • Dude, you are responding to people who had these problems 5 years ago.
  • Trying to locate the vacuum check valve on my 2003 Expedition. Having the same problems and want to replace it but cannot locate. Any tips?
  • I have a 99 Ford Expedition. Yesterday we turn on the ac and it blew cool air..not cold..out the front vents, and hot air out the back...any thoughts on what is happening?
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