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Pontiac Torrent Ignition Problem



  • Your leaking issue may be clogged sunroof drain tubes. When plugged they will drip on the drivers and passenger floor. I would try to blow some compressed air thru them, you may have an issue doing that as your sunroof will not open. We traded our 08 torrent in for a Dodge caravan before our issues escalated further.
  • Regarding your water leak problem.... Could it be your sun roof leaking? I had similar problem due to sun roof leak. My sun roof sat below the roof and wasn't level with the roof. I took the vehicle to a Chevy dealer and they made an adjustment so that the sun roof sets level with the roof. That fixed my problem.
  • SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!!! I have read 100's of posts about the torrents having starting problems including mine. How can this problem not have been solved by now it has been 7 years and counting and noone has a resolution to this problem. This doesn't make sense to me, is this a scam to make money or what????? How can so many vehicles have the same issue and noone can find a way to fix the problem, I am sorry this just doesn't seem right! I am a single mom and I wanted to invest in a vehicle that was going to be reliable but all I got was problems.... I got this truck thinking I was getting a good vehicle but instead got a piece and a headache, not to mention the embarrassment when it doesn't want to start!!!!!! Can someone please help me and tell me what the problem is with the pontiac torrent 2006 not starting on occasion. HELP!!!!!!
  • Totally agree. Can't believe there hasn't been recall. With so many of them with the same problem that's the least that should happen. Two more payments on this pos and can't wait to trade it. Nothing but junk.
  • Good luck on your trade, thanks for the reply.... sorry that you have had to deal with it as well!!!! :(
  • lukoluko Posts: 6
    It cost me $700 to be told it was a loose wire in the wiring harness. Not sure why they havent been recalled yet either
  • Has anyone thought of starting a civil suit since it seems we all have the same or more issues with this vehicle?
  • olegnolegn Posts: 1
    so what was it? witch wire? where? did it helped?
  • lukoluko Posts: 6
    Not sure which wire it was, It was one in the wiring harness, It definitly has helped, altho the milage odomoter has since quit lighting up, so i cant see the mileage at all, and my passanger window has quit working.
  • We share your problem of 6 years of starting problems NEVER being able to find the root cause. 3 different Dealerships have tried. 100's of dollars in extended warrenty copays and no solution. You would think GM would have an answer by now!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry that you have been through so much and weren't able to get these concerns taken care of. If you want for us to do any additional investigation, please contact us at with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Yaaa. Traded it in. Getting a 2010 Toyota corolla tomorrow. So relieved to be getting rid of this. That was the last gm car I will ever buy. Just replaced two front wheel. Earrings at 70,000 miles. 90,000 miles, they are both gone again. Good luck to poor sucker who buys this car.
  • Bought my brand new 06' torrent in September 2006. I had a sticky starter from day one....took it in under warranty 4 times before they finally fixed the problem. Have not had any problems with the car since then, until about a month ago. I first noticed that it wouldn't start on the first key turn, or it would keep trying to start even if I let go of the key, but it did eventually start, until....I took it in over this last weekend to GM for a "free diagnostic check" of the car, that included a kit that had jumper cables in it, the only reason I took it in. When I checked the car in, the mechanic asked me if I was having any trouble with the car, I told him that the ignition had been giving me trouble. When they were done, they told me they found nothing wrong with the car, recommended the 100,000 mile service, and wooshed me out the door. I started the car, it gave me trouble right in front of the mechanic who completely ignored it. Ever since my visit to GM things have gone to hell in a handbasket....later that night the car wouldn't even start at ALL!!! I was stranded at Safeway with my family and had to run home to get another car to pick them eventually turned over after my husband fiddled with it for awhile, but it was a very sluggish start. the next day I was afraid to drive it to work so I took his reliable ford pickup...he was able to buy a new ignition started but continues to be sluggish, you practically have to floor the pedal to start it....i did not realize this car had this issue until I found this I'm pissed that this is going on and nothing has been done by GM to fix the problem...I bought the torrent because I was happy with the grand prix before that, although I had told myself I would never buy another GM after my husbands brand new 2002 chevy pickup left us stranded 5 times with under 13,000 miles on it...I hope that GM is taking this blog seriously and will help us all fix this problem, otherwise I will probably sell this car and never purchase another GM again!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Sorry to read about your diagnostic experience. If we can check into this further with you, please contact us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • don't know if you'll see this it's 2013. I had same problem with my recent purchase of a torrent and we changed out the battery think that would stop problem. my sweetie thought its cause of the side mount not getting much of a charge. I was worried I made a mistake on this car.

    Then my sweetie had a lightbulb hit..fuel injection cleaner! I just put in the first bottle but my car starts right up now. If you have a big prob you may need to put in 2 bottles at first. I had a grand am in the 80's and I had to do the same thing. I get the cheap stuff from walmart. Good Luck
  • ok we have had this problem going on for so long on the key chain with the unlock and lock buttons press the panic button 5x and then the unlock button within 4 seconds you will hear a beep that is turning ur anti theft off this is what is causing it to do that.
  • Have 2007 Pontiac Torrent – Factory Ordered

    Within the first year the heating system failed, as in it randomly worked. Took it in numerous times to the dealership only to be made to feel like I was doing something wrong. Each time I would bring it in, they would keep it for the day, check it over and send me on my way, only for it to stop working again shortly thereafter.
    Finally it cooperated, in that it didn’t work when the technician checked it, which was after probably the 4th time I brought it in. In the end, probably out of frustration of me continually bringing it in, they ended up removing the entire heating system from a brand new one on the lot and putting it in mine. That worked and I haven’t had a problem with the heating since.
    Shortly thereafter, the driver’s side mirror stopped working so now I can’t adjust it using the control inside the truck…still doesn’t work. Shortly after that, the driver’s side lock won’t lock anymore from inside either.
    Within months of getting the heating fixed, my key started to randomly get stuck in the ignition, which quickly escalated to every time. Turning off and on the engine and putting it in and out of gear was the only way to get it out. I had to start carrying two sets of keys in the event it wouldn’t come out.
    With all this happening, the engine would start to sputter when I accelerated so I took it into my licensed mechanic and decided to have that looked at in addition to the key getting stuck in the ignition. I was told that the sputtering was caused by a faulty spark plug, which they replaced, and the ignition issue was apparently a known issue to the dealership to which they supplied a “super lube” for them to apply to my ignition. I drove it home and to my dismay, the key got stuck again. $1,000 out of my own pocket later and I’m back to square one.
    Now it’s starting to hesitate when I start the engine and randomly won’t turn over at all. After a few tries it starts, but it still hesitates.
    I have had a few conversations with the customer service people at GM, pleading my case, to which I was told that I could bring it in to one of their dealerships to assess it, at my own cost of approximately $130 per hour. All they would commit to if I brought it in was that they “may” consider helping with the cost to fix it, only if it would have been covered under my warranty. Not sure I see how this is a benefit to me! Whatever happened to a company standing by their product! I asked if my mechanic could speak to their mechanic to share what they found in lieu of bringing it in, but they said no to that as well.
    I don’t want to hear their typical response of “I’m sorry to hear about your experience…” spiel...what I want to hear is “let us take care of whatever issues you are having at no cost to you…”or better yet…issue a recall. Clearly, looking online, I’m not the only one having issues with this!
    Consumers need to stand together and make these companies stand by their products instead of washing their hands and hoping we will just go away.
  • Makes you kind of wonder why they don't make the Torrent anymore...
  • sgtvsgtv Posts: 5
    It doesn't matter how much we all complain here! We took it uncomfortably up the hindin when we purchased our LEMON'S, uhumm,,, I mean Torrent's. Mine has had the heater core replaced, the starter replaced, front wheel bearings replaced, the driver's door wiring harness is a frickin joke, and my radio won't shut off until I open another door, my window adjuster,OOO, my window will not roll up or down unless you either open the door several times or punch it.
    The AUTO light switch no longer works, and I am also experiencing the hesitation when I accelerate, but I am installing the plugs and wires myself. The ignition has always been weird, (sometimes won't start even though it is turning over) probably time for a new starter.
    My Torrent only has 75,000 miles on it, and ever since I've had it there have been major problems that should never happen to a $25,000.00 GM vehicle. I swear that I will never buy a GM, and will advise everyone I know to ever buy a GM. I don't understand why this car was never recalled!
  • scb1976scb1976 Posts: 2
    Update: we switched out the battery, which was bulging on one side, it also tested bad at the auto parts store. We replaced it with a brand new 70 month battery and alas, all of the crazy electronic issues and starting issues completely resolved! Cannot imagine what the dealerships would have charged me to figure this one out, only cost us the price of a new battery, $100. I'm still at a loss as to why the GM dealership didn't catch a bulging bad battery when they did a "thorough" inspection of the vehicle during the height of all these issues. Just glad to have my dependable Torrent back in service.
  • tclark2tclark2 Posts: 1
    If GM knows there is this problem, they need to do a recall and get it fixed. It's ridiculous that people are going through all this crap just to get fixed what the makers already know.
  • kg7kg7 Posts: 3
    Car was in accident. The starter turns over but the car does not start.
    Other electrical such as stereo works.
    Changed the camshaft sensor and the crankshaft sensors (but still getting error in diagnostic about crankshaft sensor.)

    The starter turns over. There is fuel pressure so the fuel pump works. The injectors (at least one of them) gets electricity. When the spark plugs are taken out, it is not wet in the engine, and the spark plugs are not working. Checked, cleaned and reconnected ground at engine and chassis and plus wires on engine. Battery is good condition.
    The air bag light is turned on because air bags went off during accident. The radiator fan errors come up also in the diagnostic. As well as Speed sensor circuit comes up in the diagnosis when trying to start the car.
  • kg7kg7 Posts: 3
    Diagnostic shows engine speed sensor input no signal.
  • kg7,

    Just curious if you have been able to solve your problem. I am having similar problems with my NO-start Torrent.

    I have a 2008 that was in a light front end collision, airbags did not go off. Car started, ran, and was driveable. I parked the vehicle, disconnected the battery, and I took apart the front of the vehicle, bumper cover, bumper rebar, headlights, foglights, and air temp sensor. I also took off the a Ground Wire on the Engine Wiring Harness that connected to the frame. I forgot to hook this wire back up to the frame prior to hooking the battery up.

    Now here is where it gets complicated. I was foolish and put the key in the ignition before have the battery hooked up and turned it to the on position. Was unable to remove the key, so figured i should just hook up the battery because it will be fine. I hooked the battery up(put negative wire back on post, as this was the only one i removed), and.....The wiring harness started to smoke, and eventually melted through the ground wire that went to the ECM. Also, only one fuse blew in the fuse panel, the ECM fuse.

    I stripped the entire wiring harness near down and replaced the 2 feet of Ground wire that was burned/melted. It goes into a heavier gauge wire after those 2 feet, and splits into 2 other wires, so i figure the current was evenly spread over those other wires leaving them unharmed. I also inspected those wires for continuity, and damage, they were fine, along with all other wires in the wiring harness.

    I was prompeted to relearn the key for the Anti-Theft after this wire was replaced, key is now recognized. But now i put the key to ON, fuel pump engages, and crank to START, and nothing, just a click or 2(the battery is good I have tried 2 different batteries, one from my a truck with 30% higher cranking amps).

    When diagnosing the start relay in the relay/fuse panel, that checks out and sends about 11.85V to through all the way to the purple IGN wire on the starter solenoid, this cranks up to 11.85 V for about 3 seconds then goes to 0.00 V. The start solenoid will not engage or crank.

    I have tried jumper wires from the back of the fuse panel to the Starter solenoid, which shows 11.85V as well,(this is a heavier guage wire too). and still no crank.

    I checked the starter solenoid directly, when the battery is hooked up, and key is on or off, i can jump a wire from a (+) battery post to the IGN+ on the solenoid to engage the solenoid, and the starter will crank.

    I have also purchased another computer that was certified remanufactured, and programmed with VIN, etc. the vehicle acts exactly the same.

    I am running out of ideas. Is there something in the anti-theft system that is still telling the system to not crank/start. I removed the DR Lock Fuse on the inside fuse panel, as when the system is turned to START, the doors will UNLOCK and click. I wanted to isolate this problem, and cut power to this system, incase a solenoid is bad.

    I have also placed a jumper wire in the hood latch so it thinks the hood is closed.

    Vehicle would not start when key was ON and I jumped the starter solenoid.

    ANY POINTERS OR HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!!! I have about 15-20 hours chasing wires, looking at continuity, resistance, and opens, etc. and don't seem to be getting anywhere.
  • kg7kg7 Posts: 3
    edited October 2013
    Ok check your lights on dash when you turn the vehicle to run position. Does ABS, traction control lights stay on? Does any of them stay on other than check engine? The reason to do this, is if any of them stay on, you can track down to the module the wiring, and see where it is broken. Usually it is a wire between some module to one of the computers that could have gone wrong.

    Depends how you put the ground wire back on, make sure it is on there properly, as another time I had problems because the ground wire got corroded on the frame.

    Another time I had the car not starting is because it was one very small wire got cut that went from ABS module to computer (Traction control wire). And putting this small wire back together solved the problem. In all this time, I did not need to replace the computers.

    When you put the wiring back together and you had it melted, take liquid tape - - - /100119178#.UlSpblCfgo4 and put it around all the wires where the insulation may have melted on each wire. This will prevent a future fire in the wiring.

    If you have a diagnostic tool - use it.

    Also note, when you start redoing the wiring (connecting cables together) simple connectors can only last for so long because moisture gets into connectors. You need to solder the wires together and use heat shrink (that puts insulation on the cables and wiring). This way water will not get into the connectors, forming corrosion, and it will not start a fire this way. Very important to do this correctly. Also you can use a clear liquid that strengthens the connections between the wires (when you put the wires together) and also between battery terminals). I do not have the name on me but if needed I can find it, also can be bought at home depot.

    Use a Heat gun for Heat Shrink for it to be professionally done.
    Soldering Iron (I use 140Watt to 220watt) Not less. (You can buy used one)
    Make sure you get the right molding metal for electrical with flux. (flux cleans the connections)

    Also about the clear liquid I was talking about, you can put that in the connectors for the computer, and other connections to make them good. Ask about this liquid at a home depot, who actually knows about it.
  • Hi there…Has anyone found an solution to this problem in all these years? Or has contacting the GM reps who repeatedly offered assistance if you send them info, helped anyone to fix this problem? I have a 2006 Torrent which I LOVE and sadly have many of the same issues…
    -after the heater core was replaced at dealer ( to late for recall but dealer convinced GM to at least pay for half of the $1400 work )
    -3 wheel bearings (one without warning the tire almost fell off the rear…thank GOD we were driving slowly through a town when it happened!!!)
    -passenger wiring harness,
    -abs kicking on EVERYTIME you come to a stop (all tire sensors bad)
    - CT pipe breaking for no reason (an apparent issue as per dealer) at a $600 replacement cost if I don’t want my car to sound like a Harley and pass Etest (I’m in Ontario Canada and an drive clean etest is required every two years to get you plates renewed)
    -Lights on dash for no apparent reason etc, etc

    NOW the biggy… electrical died a few times before and required a boost to get going again…and twice the radio or fan would not shut off when the car was turned off and the key was out of the ignition…again dead. The windows and rear wiper sometimes work and sometimes don’t…plus the front passenger only works when you open the door :/

    Finally I come to a stop sign…flicker and beep goes the dash…and it dies…never to start again…not with a boost, not with a charger, not with a new battery. $300 to have it towed and there it sits in my drive waiting for me to have enough money to have it towed and looked at while all the new parts rot :(

    HELP! I LOVE my Torrent…first “pretty car” I ever owned. I am a single mom and needed a reliable car as I am on limited funds and live in rural Ontario…

    GM… SHAME if you have not helped others with this problem after all these years and your support people posting over and over again…obviously you are aware there is a problem and should be standing by your product and recalling this car!!

    My grandfather would be rolling in his grave as a 65 year retiree of your company…yes I said 65 years! I will be the last of my family to buy a GM…after my issues even my father went Toyota…and your wondering why our gov’t has to keep bailing you out so you don’t go under???? LOOK after your customers and maybe you would keep them loyal!! FYI we (most of Ontario) won’t be voting liberal either so there goes your cash cow!!

  • thop1thop1 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue now with starting my 2006 torrent. I have to press the gas for it to start after the first start up in the morning. Now my problem is smelling the gas and everyone telling me my car is hazardous. I brought my car from the dealership in 2011 and now I have 105,000 miles on my car and the warranty has ran out and now I am left to find the problem with my vehicle. When I first brought this car I had to have the ignition switch replaced because the ignition switch wouldn't turn over, I should of knew that was the first sign of this car being a headache.
  • I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent which has been having intermittent starting problems where it won't turn over right away. Some days it would take 2 tries and today I must have tried about 7 times and it wouldn't turn over. I resigned myself to thinking there must be something terribly wrong... the battery, the battery cables, the starter... But then I had a thought. I have a remote start installed on the vehicle.. so I used it to see if the car would still turn over - and it did! At that moment I knew it couldn't be the starter or the battery because it wouldn't have turned over if it was. So I did some detective work and called the company who installed my remote start to see if they knew why my key wouldn't make the engine turn over, but the remote start would. They said there is a chip in my car key that the ignition recognizes and it might need to be replaced. They said it's as simple as taking it to your nearest locksmith to get it checked out. He also suggested if I have a spare key to try it and see what happens. WOW... after reading over all of these steps that others have gone through to figure out the issue, I'm pretty certain that this is probably all that is needed. I'm going to the locksmith today and I will reply if it resolves everything (or if it doesn't). :smile:
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