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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Brake Problems



  • dickaloodickaloo Posts: 2
    as I slow down and am braking everything is OK until I get to about 5 mph then there is a vibration in the brake pedal and the truck pulls to the left. As I get close to stopping completely, it then stops and normal braking resumes. I pulled the ABS fuse and now it doesn't do it but I guess I don't have ABS now. I am guessing a sensor or the motor on the ABS...not really sure. Any Ideas out there? Bob
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    There a TSB on it. Check your front wheel sensors for corrosion under the mounting bracket.
    Basically remove the bracket sensor mount, remove corrosion, apply light coat of grease and reinstall.
  • dickaloodickaloo Posts: 2
    thanks I'll give that a try.
  • 98 s-10 ext cab 2.2 2wdrive.I have a bad noise when you get down to 10mph or less put all new brakes on and still does trhis please help took to dealer spent 900.00 and they are clueless
  • geronamegeroname Posts: 1
    98 Chevy s10
    Some times when I go to hit the breaks. The Pedal will not go down, I have to jam it in or release and reapply to get them to work. It does not have a pattern when it does it. It has happened when im stopping in traffic or as I’m hitting the breaks and hit a bump or as I’m stopping at a light. Some time it feels like it pulls to the left and there is a vibration in the upper left of my dash you can hear it, sounds like where the booster is. AS it is happening I feel it grabbing a little and grinding but it just doesn’t want to go down like it is being held up. I have replaced both calipers already. Any thoughts?
  • pbaranellopbaranello Posts: 36
    The vibration or rattle noise is the ABS unit and on this truck if it is working properly you should not feel it or hear it.

    The other problem where the pedal is hard to push down is the Master Cylinder.

    I do not remember if both the ABS and Master are the same unit but if you have not solved this problem Get It Done ASAP.

    Soon you will find that the pedal will go from hard to push to going right to the floor which means no brakes..........................
  • I am new to forum but need some help. I am working on a 94 sonoma that has been setting for about 3 yrs. When you push the brake pedal it goes to to its normal stopping point then slowly goes to the floor. I bled the brakes, put on a new master cylinder with no change. There are no leaks and no loss of fluid. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate the help. :(
  • life_life_ Posts: 1
    i have the same problem as some above mentioned only it grinds and pushes pedal back at me when i come to stop only, which results in a little roll instead of stopping but does stop. i can slow down with no problems unless im jamming the breaks to come to a sudden stop. i have changed the front brake pads and also checked the rear drums, all is good, only thing i can think of is ABS going out, im going to try to pull the fuse and see if the problem persists. Any other advice is always welcome.
  • Check recalls... there have been two recalls on ABS system... one they replaced computer and one was a hose clamp.

    my 1994 S10 has had the entire system replaced back to the wheel cylinders and my mechanic won't warrantee the work after the 3rd time my brakes went out. good luck!
  • air in the line somewhere. bleed your brakes and it should go away. if it doesn't then take a real close look at your brake lines. look for any signs of swelling or leaks.
  • wrong post, sorry. easiest way i found was get a piece of wood just long enough to hold the brake pedal down after you pump it. they do however make hand held devices that claim to do the bleeding system all from the caliper. i have never personally used them however so i couldn't tell you how good/bad they are.
  • im having a problem when i start to break...the first 15-20 mins of driving when i start to slow down it feels like its "jumpy" the steering wheel starts to shake i dont have trouble stopping but this was a concern to me after driving for a while it doesnt do it..i noticed i had y ac or heat on and when i turned it off it helped...another problem im having is that my enginge feels "heavy kinda" like when im stopped it wont even roll back on a hill like it usually does and it stops if im trying to move forward a little bit..if this doesnt make a whole lot of sense i can try and explain it better
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Sounds like dragging brakes, better get it checked before you burn them up.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    I have a friend who has a '99 S-10 2.2 engine 2WD / auto trans. He says his ABS light is always on now and wonders if it might be a sensor issue. Where would this/these sensors be located? He told me in church Sunday that he knows the ABS unit is working as he had to make a hard stop as someone cut him off the other day and he felt the brake pedal pulse as it does when the unit is working correctly. Any help you can give us on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
  • samcro816samcro816 Posts: 1
    Hello all, I have a 2003 Chevy S10 LS, standard cab 4.3L. I replaced the front pads and the rear brake shoes recently. After doing the job the ABS light is now on all the time. Also when I'm braking the left rear brake wants to lock up if I'm too heavy on the peddle. Can anyone steer me in the right direction to repair this? Thanks in advance.
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