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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bbrimmerbbrimmer Posts: 32
    Have a dealer offer for a 08 NAH base with mats. It has 5500 miles demo so it's considered new and will qualify for tax credit. The dealer is offering it for $23K plus the rebate or 3.9% financing. Feedback?
    I can get a loaded with Tech. Package for $30,400 as well.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    You should get them to extend the warranty of it and then it would be a good deal. You are basically getting the same discount as the tech package one, just with 5500 more miles
  • Picked up for 24.5K after .5K Rebate on Saturday Aug 23, 2.35K tax credit expected
    Winter Frost Pearl (White) paint has beautiful lustrous sheen
    Blond interior matches nicely with brown+tan dash+panels & wood finish trims
    Drove back 420 miles to SoCal (home.) Aprox 500 miles so far & more than a quarter tank remaining. Drives like a charm.
    Bottom Line- $1.2K below invoice (w/o tax credit) or 3.5K below invoice with tax credit. This worked out to be about $5K+ lower than comparable Camry Hybrid & no waiting! :D
  • nice grate Price Nice collor it is a grate car did you bye or leese dont think you said in your posting you will love this car for years to come good luck thanks for reading Marco.
  • marcogallo1986, thanks for your kind thoughts. So far we are happy with the performance.
    I bought it. Lease is not good because lessees cannot claim federal tax credit of $2,350.
    At first fill-up average came to 34.2 miles per gallon with 80% freeway driving & remaining surface with some hilly ups & downs.
  • kt24kt24 Posts: 1
    I am amazed to hear a positive review of this dealership. I tried to follow up on an online application and was repeatedly told they were too busy and then hung up on. This dealer is the complete opposite of what customer service should be.
  • My experience of above dealership has been very positive. I made a deal with them through phone/fax. I being 420 miles south, could not get there right away. They held the car for 4 days until I drove up north to drop my son off at CAL. When I reached there, the car was detailed & ready for pick up. They did not even try to sell any extended warranties. Both the sales guys and the finance/document guy I dealt with were very professional and friendly.

    Before this I had a very negative experience with Cerritos Nissan around end of June. A salesman agreed to a deal on the phone. I drove to Cerritos from Calabasas on that Saturday. The sales guy was friendly and showed two cars and we picked one & test drove it. He confirmed the deal orally and started with paper-work. Then here comes the sales manager who started with telling me that he only had two base models until September and the best he could do was to give me 500 off MSRP. Of course, I was very angry and walked. Who wants to deal with an unethical & deceptive business?
  • sorry about that I am shore YOu said that in your posting that you baught it sorry about that. See using my screan reader missed that. anyway it is a grate car you are getting grate gas milage good luck with it and also I am so glad to hear that that dealer treated you real whell Marco.
  • im looking at buying the NAH, but am curious as to what this warming up the electric engine is about.
    is it on cold days only?
    does the remote have a start button so you can warm up the car before you go outside?
    can the oil be changed, etc by a regular tech with no hybrid exp. or should everything be one at a dealer?
    has anyone seen a red NAH?
    has anyone had to replace the electric engine, if so, how much was it?
  • No, it's not only on cold days. It happens every time you start the car and the coolant is below a certain temp. I wouldn't worry about it. It's good to be aware of what the blue light means and why the engine kicks on when you first start it up but I wouldn't let it effect your buying decision.

    No, an oil change does not require a hybrid tech. It's just like any other car on the road. Drain the oil, change the filter, fill it with oil. The filter location is the same as the standard 2.5L Altima. The only difference is that you will need to use the right oil. Many are using 0W-20 Mobile 1 Synthetic that you can get at Walmart. The dealer will charge you a lot for a proper oil change with the synthetic. Your best bet is to do it yourself (keep receipts and notes on mileage). Next best is to bring your own oil to a mechanic. For everything else, it's probably best to stick to the dealer, especially during the warranty period.

    Yes, I see a red NAH all the time in my garage. Once in a while I see it from the driver's seat when my wife lets me drive it. :)

    I doubt anyone has had to replace the electric engine yet. The car is too new. If they did, it was probably defective and replaced under warranty. Most people are concerned with having to eventually replace the hybrid battery pack, not the actual electric engine.

    Good luck in your search.
  • I bought a fully loaded 2008 NAH Black interior and exterior and got it for $500 over invoice from Bruce Bennett Nissan. I think that's a good deal for me because I live in northern NJ and all the dealers here would barely budge from MSRP because the fact is, over here people are paying MSRP for them. I went an hour away to western Connecticut. Basically I called, told him what I was willing to pay, he agreed, listed all the fees and final cost, and that was that. Plus they had it on the lot and there was no waiting for shipment and they got it ready for me the same day I called.
  • I brought a 08 NAH Majestic blue exterior and frost interior, with convenience package, it seems like frost only goes with convenience, and moon roof and floor mats for 28779 out the door. At Connell Nissan Costa Mesa California. The msrp was around 28,600 I believe. If you call, Ask for Juan, he'll get you a good deal, no need to haggle. I was offered this price right when I called in.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Boy, Things have really changed since March. I purchased two NAH's then, both for pretty much invoice, less the $1250 rebate at the time. Plus extra's (tires for life, double powertrain warranty, several free oil changes, etc.) Love the car, now have 19,500 miles on mine in 6 months plus one week. Gas mileage has increased now so I average between 34.5 and 36.5, mostly highway driving. Wife's car only has 2500 miles on, much more suburban, stop and go driving & she is averaging 36 to 37, more than mine
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Interesting.... I stopped by Mastria Nissan, Raynham, MA to have my NAH serviced. Had a few moments to see their inventory. Had one loaded 09 NAH with everything, big sign on the windshield (on 09 hybrid in MA!) The list was $34,700, which is $1200 more than the list on identical 08 I purchased last March. Tech package, the whole bit. To make matters "worse" they had another sticker increasing price by $2500 (said something like "market increase" so the list came out to around $37,200.

    My salesman wasn't there but real curious to see if they really think they would sell that price for anything close to what they are asking.

    Makes me feel pretty good about the two that I purchased last March, each on at approx invoice price, less the at the time $1250 rebate, less 2 x $2350 I will get back from IRS when I file taxes next year.

    Plus, when I trade my Subaru Tribeca in on one of the vehicles got a good trade in of $16,000. I could not imagine how much lower that trade in would be today!
  • Jo, what was your actual price with the $500 above before taxes and how much was the conveyance fee? Thanks
  • Invoice was $30,915, so we agreed on $31,415. Conveyance fee was $299. I took the $500 Nissan cash back because the APR I got was 5.74% which made it more worth it to take the cash back(I put $15,000 down on the car). So I guess the price I paid goes back to exactly invoice after the Nissan cash back. Then of course there were the fees like 7% NJ tax, $250 registration fee (4 year registration @ $59 per year) and I got the 6 year warranty for $955.

    Also, everyone at the place was very nice and their building is very nice as well. I would go back to them for my next car because it seems they give good deals (at least a lot better than NJ).
  • Nice that sounds like a good price good luck with your nissan I no you will love it. Nissans are grate cars. and glad to hear about a grate dealer alot of good nissan dealers out there but menny bad ones also just like any car make out there thanks for reading Marco.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • thankyou for letting us all no thinking about getting one of those nissan altima hibrids for my mom thanks for reading Marco.
  • Was offered 29,500 (without destination) for 09 NAH with Convenience and Connection. Thoughts?
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    too high! 29,500 is more like the price you'd pay for a tech package. there's a $1000 rebate right now. invoice price for the connection (w/ moonroof, mats, and destination) is 29,216. subtract $1000 rebate and it's about 28,216. aim for somewhere around 28,250 is your friend
  • Here is some food for thought. You can probably get a base NAH with $1000 rebate for around $24.5K. Use this as a benchmark price and add options etc. what state do you live in?
  • 2008 Altime HEV - Radiant Silver, Technology Package, Sunroof, Floor Mats

    $30,215 Before Rebate
    $148.50 Tag Fees

  • that is not a bad price if you ask me. and nissans are grate cars I am pritty shore you will like the nah alot. what state are you byeing the nah from did you get bids from menny dea.lers from adleast 100 MIles away from your house keep us updated on what you do thanks for reading Marco.
  • Thanks for the info. I am on the east coast and have been querying dealers in my state and the two surrounding states. This is the cheapest I have been quoted at this time, with another one being just $100 more and a few just a little more.

    I am wondering (and don't expect anyone to have the answer) whether Nissan will bump up the manufacturer rebate in November due to the sour auto sales this quarter. I am in no hurry to purchase, but definately need to by end of year (for tax writeoff purposes, since it will be a business expense for me).

    Also, does anyone know whether the dealer can install a wind deflector? I haven't been able to find a 2008 NAH in stock with a wind deflector.... and I like having one.

  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I also am on the east coast (near Providence, RI) Bought two NAH's last March. Have 21,000 miles on mine, and only 3000 miles on my wife's car. Both came with wind deflectors. I have had numerous new cars with sunroofs for many years but never one with wind deflectors. I could not live without one! Almost totally eliminates the wind noise (plus, I do a lot of talking on the phone and you can do so with the roof open no problem) The one problem is that you can forget the roof is open and come out following morning with a rather soggy vehicle inside if it rained night before. I am sure any dealer would install one for you.

    We got both of our vehicles at slightly less than invoice, less the, at the time $1250 rebate, plus several oil changes free, plus free portable nav for one car (mine was the loaded one with everything) plus large "emergency kits" double powertrain warranty (if vehicle serviced per schedule) plus "tires for life" At the rate I am putting miles my car, that will come in handy.

    I stopped by the dealer recently (Mastria, Rayham, MA) they had a few in stock and were asking $2000 over sticker (market adjustment) I really don't know if some sucker will pay that premium or not.

    I leave right near E. Providence Nissan & they have two in stock, that have been sitting in the front yard. One loaded with everything, on base model. However, I wouldn't buy a car from those snakes if they offered it to me at half price.

    As I said, love both vehicles. On mine averaging between 33 to 36 mpg (mostly highway) For my wife's car, averaging about 36 to 37 (more shorter stuff)

    Good luck, on whatever you decide!
  • Nissan offers an better warranty in the 8 designated states that it sells the NAH. This warranty pertains to the performance, defect, and high vaultage battery components of the warranty... extending them to 120/180 months and 150k miles.

    I am in NJ... but noticed that several dealers in PA (a state outside of the 8 designated states) are selling NAH's and quoting me attractive pricing.

    Does anyone know whether the warranty applies to where you purchase the vehicle, or where you register it? In other words, if I purchased the NAH in PA, but registered it in NJ, would this CA PZEV warranty cover me?

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    call 1-800-nissan-1

    in the warranty manual it states that the california emission stuff:

    **Applies to new hybrid vehicles sold or registered as new in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont equipped with a California Certified Emission control system.

    so yes, you would be covered
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • What I'm seeing on Edmunds is that the invoice for 2009 NAH with Convenience, Connection, Moonroof, and destination is $30,225. Where are you getting $29,216 from? Is that for 2008 NAH?

    A dealer in Rhode Island came in at $29,250 (including the $500 rebate deal that was running at the time) but I ended up taking it less the rebate at $29,750 because I had to make a last minute financing switch and take the Nissan financing (thus taking away the rebate). It came with mats and wheel locks. I feel pretty good about the price. And I found a small scratch on the door, so they did their best to buff it out (mostly gone), sent me a $200 check and threw in 3 free oil changes (with premium synthetic for the NAH, those run at $90 a pop at this particular dealership).
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