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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i was looking at the 2008, the invoice price was 29216 according to carsdirect at the time
  • jholujholu Posts: 2
    2008 NAH ,
    Tech Package , Moon roof

    $29600 + $300 document fees
    around Boston Area
  • jholu, Does this include the rebates incentives offered by Nissan?
  • Hey the Mouse thanks for responding to my posting. SOrry I did not get back to you alot sooner. Now to answer your questians I am not shore if Nissan will offer up a bigger rebate for November I no they have sum 0 persent finansing from november first till jan first and loo leese rates look on Nissan what ws the price that dealer was quoting you the one with the looest price. and Yes I think what ever dealer you get the car from should instole a wind deflector for free with no problems. what color Nah are you looking to get Hope I was able to help you out thankyou so mutch for reading and have a verry good day Marco.
  • I am planning to buy a fully loaded (except wind deflector) '09 NAH. MSRP is $34,875, Invoice is $32,180. I received a written quote from the Fleet / Internet Dept at $31,180, or $1,000 below invoice.

    From my research, it appears to be a great deal, I'm just taken back that I would be offered this over the phone (written offer emailed) with no haggling. They will also deliver the car and paperwork to my house at no charge and my wife got a $50 gas card for showing up at the dealer just to look at colors!

    Is the car industry hurting that bad, or should I be trying to get a better deal by talking to another dealer???
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    There's a $500 rebate available. I would expect the price to include that so it's like getting the car for $500 under invoice.

    Yes, dealers are hurting right now. You can usually squeeze them a bit more from whatever their initial offer is, even the fleet/internet guys have room to work. My first offer was for over invoice and I got my 08 NAH for less than invoice. Don't know the exact numbers on top of my head.

    Good luck.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    I think that's a great deal. Whenever you get a car for about invoice price (when you add all the rebates), I feel you are getting a good deal. The fact you're getting it for under invoice makes it a great deal
  • Hi Everyone! I've been reading this site and forum for a while now and have found the information to be very useful.

    I have a question about a current buying experience I am having with the Nissan Altima Hybrid 08.

    I have located and negotiated a dealer down to 28500 on a 08 NAH w/ Tech Package, Sunroof, and Mats. This includes the $1000 rebate, but does not include the $149 title fee and tax. The pricing seems good and I have a written quote, but the part that concerns me is this. I saw that it had just above 350 miles on it and when I asked why, the dealer said they had bought the car in from the next state over. This triggered me to run a carfax report. The carfax supports what the dealer mentioned up to the specific town. But I also saw that there was service to the vehicle on October 15...3 months after the car went on sale. I asked the dealer about this and they said that they had to fix up a small scratch that occured on the floor or during a test drive. What do you guys think of this? The car is being sold as new, and has never had a title on it. Thanks!

    07/08/2008 6mi
    Vehicle serviced
    Wheel locks installed
    Pre-delivery inspection completed
    Emissions inspection completed

    07/24/2008 10
    Vehicle offered for sale

    10/15/2008 11
    Vehicle serviced
  • mas9mas9 Posts: 1
    We were offered a price for an '09 NAH of $29,500 including the convenience, connection and moonroof packages. We would pay license plate fees and taxes. We live in the New York area. Is that a good price?
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    "The car is being sold as new, and has never had a title on it."

    that is really the same thing. even if a car is drive 10,000 miles and never had a title, it's still considered "new".

    as for advice, I assume you have test driven the car. the mileage isn't a big deal, but if you are concerned about the service, you can always ask them to write a statement that the car has never been in an accident just to cover you @$$. if you get that written statement, I would have no problems buying that car since you are getting a good price.
  • I test drove another altima hybrid at this dealer, but after I left, I decided that I would like the tech package.... but haven't gone back yet because this particular dealer is 150 miles away... so I haven't test drove this specific car yet, but will do so before I make the buy. If it drives any different than the other one I tested, I know that would be a problem.
  • Hi All,

    I wanted to buy a NAH with the options: Connection, Tech and Convinience pkgs. This I can get through the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program for Nissan Business Associates, which my employer is.

    The price for 2009 NAH with the options I listed above, using the formula that Nissan gives out, comes to about $30,600.00 including destination, without tax and title, including the $500.00 incentive.

    Edmunds show the invoice price for this configuration as $31,222 and the "What others are paying price" as $33,245.

    At the first blush, the price I'm getting through VPP ($30,600) seems pretty good. What do you folks think? I'm in the SF Bay Area.

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    $30,600 is an outstanding price for a NAH with tech package. It would be very hard to do much better than that and you save yourself the headache of negotiating
  • that is a grate price for a nah with the configaration that you are getting I shorely would go for it. Nissan makes grate cars thanks for reading my posting marco.
  • I have a 2008 NAH w/ 6800mi. I live in Maine w/ fair amt of snow. Car has Contis, P215/60 R16 94T, M.S BUT, on Nissans help forum, I can't find one good thing about Contis on Nissans. Any suggestions for snow tires? Thanks.
  • mags49mags49 Posts: 9
    Where is everyone? No posts for nearly 2 months?
    I am back to my car search after many-month hiatus. Have offer from Tracy, CA, for NAH Connection packgage w/ sunroof: "MSRP is $32,875; YOUR PRICE WILL BE $29,045 + FEES AFTER REBATE +TAX LIC AND DOC CA TIRE FEE."
    This sounds "average". Can a better deal be had? Thanks.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    You are right, everyone on this message board seems to have disappeared!

    I have two 08 NAH's. My wifes will be one year old March 7 (has 6000 miles) and mine will be one year March 12 (presently have 34000 miles)

    So far, quite pleased with both of them, gas mpg as advertised, except in cold weather can drop to around 30.

    Not sure what the present rebates are, but I though over $1000 for the hybrid, plus the 09's are already out there. This doesn't seem like a really great deal considering how bad things are at this time, would seem as though you could do0 much better.

    Good luck!!!

  • daninoahdaninoah Posts: 45
    I bet you could squeeze a little more out of them. I was offered 30K for tech, connection, convenience and moonroof package. The sticker was north of 34k. And I could have done better but decided to keep looking. I have now ordered a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I got a better price than for the similarly equipped NAH, plus it seems a superior car in most regards, especially the drive train and navi system.

    Just my .02.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I may still post on occasion, but after one year with two NAH's I got rid of mine and traded for 09 Subaru Forester. I had 34k on my trade and was very pleased with the vehicle. Just wanted something with a little more room, AWD, reasonable gas mileage, etc., etc.

    My wife still has hers with only 6000 miles on it, so we will have it for some time..

    I kept a log of mpg since I purchased the vehicle and when I have some time will ad everything up & come up with actual mpg for the time I had the car, but I estimate it will be between 32 33 mpg. Only issue I had with mine was rubber molding on driver side door had to be replaced (probably because several times I shut the door and the seat belt had not retracted fully & got caught in the door) The car was ver fast and I will miss the get up and go it had. Much faster than the Forester. I am not a real aggressive driver but like to know the power is there when I need it. The NAH certainly had it.
  • mags49mags49 Posts: 9
    Dear Occking (Steve?), I will miss you. I started monitoring this site 14 months ago and so am familiar with you and your great advice.
    I still haven't bought an NAH because I live in a state where they aren't sold, and so to coordinate my schedule with a trip to CA has been a challenge. I passed on the offer above due to neglect. Tonite I found one in a color I like better anyway: the MSRP is $32,975; seems like I should still get it under $2900 minus the Nissan $1500 rebate (on their website), right? i'll post my success (if any).
    Your comment about AWD, however, caught my eye. I've heard about MBenz small suv with as good of gas mileage as a hybrid tho' higher asset cost.
    Hey, you can still borrow your wife's car if you need a speed fix!
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I think there are still great deals out there on the NAH's, particularly as the Federal Tax Credit of $2350 still available, plus cash back of $1500 (although, I was upset to find out from accountant I will not get the full $4700 back for two cars. Apparently the AMT kicked in & I am getting $4050 back between the two vehicles.

    Maybe I was foolish getting rid of the NAH. I got $17,500 trade in, which based on KBB for that vehicle with the mileage I had (34,500) was about 110% of trade in value. I see now that the dealer is asking $22,000 for the vehicle on their website. I don't think they will get that much for it as anyone could buy a new one, identical with all the options (like the one you are looking at) for probably around $29,000, less the rebate, less the tax credit so that would be around $25,000 net. Why would anyone want a vehicle with 34k for 22k when a brand new one for just a few thousand more?

    At any rate, I get "bored" with new cars (have been spoiled with company cars for the past 25 years) and thought it time for a change. Although I did manage with the small storage capacity in the NAH I really wanted to get back to something with more room, AWD, reasonable gas mileage, etc.

    I believe with the Forester will average somewhere between the 20 - 27 mpg advertised for a lot of my running around, hoping for the high twenties for highway driving.

    Nissan will have a lot more competition now with the new Ford Product out there advertising better mpg, plus the new Honda Insight and improved Prius.

    Got to run....
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    Anyone file tax returns for 2008 yet? My tax guy says that the Feds have yet to get around to actually having the paperwork for the hybrid tax credit. Whaaaat? He says we can't file for it yet....... have to wait. Anyone know? thanks. :confuse:
  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    I filed via Quicken Turbo Tax. The form was there and easy to use. Unfortunately, I didn't get the full amount back either due to AMT or something. But, it's there. No worries.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I had the same problem with the specific tax form not being "ready" yet. It was delayed a few times but, finally, on March 13 my accountant called and I now can file. Unfortunately, the AMT kicked in & reduced the amount due me. I should have had two times $2350 ($4700) as I purchased two NAH's last year, but I find I will be getting a credit of approx $4050 instead.

    My regular income tax was not affected by AMT, just the portion for the refund for the hybrids.
  • mags49mags49 Posts: 9
    Yikes! Redwood2 is still around, too? Good! You & Occ are the best. You (R2) advised me to take my time a year ago - and I certainly have. Still no car - but I'm getting serious now (see below).

    I didn't realize the federal rebate would be affected by AMT. Will ask my accountant how that plays for me.

    I haven't done much research on 2009's so I checked out daninoah's comment above about the Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan. I like the idea of supporting American companies but am concerned about supporting their service depots.

    So...I finally got a "firm" offer today from N. Bay Nisan for 2009 connection + sunroof + destination fee @ $28,899. (invoice: $30,516; rebate $1500). It is slightly less that the price I got a month ago (different dealer but with no rebate) that ooc thought was mundane. The prices don't seem to be as good as last year and I don't understand why. Perhaps they are putting all there effort into selling off the multitude of 2008's.

    Last, I was wondering for those of you who have driven NAH's for nearly a year, what has your repair & maintenence been like?
    thanks mucho, M
  • mags49mags49 Posts: 9
    10 days later, so I will answer myself for the reader.

    Yes, I bought the car. What help I gleaned came from Consumer Reports "Car Price Services" as was recommended on the regular Altima chat spot. The report efficiently itemizes costs so that you can quickly determine what is a good buy. 1800.880-4874; $16 worth of confidence.

    The salesperson at North Bay Nissan in Petaluma, CA was terrific. Can barely wait to pick up the car and drive home to Washington state.

    All for now. M
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    Mags49, congratulations! 2009? Price sounds good. Good question about the pricing not going lower...... maybe they figure they've got the market with hybrids. Now if it were SUVs..... What is AMT? too bad that the tax credit dropped from $2350. Must say it was sweet when I filed my taxes a few weeks ago. So far, maintenance has been easy and the dealer in Santa Rosa CA has been excellent, even though I didn't buy it from them. I've got 11,500 miles after 1 year and everything is still perfect. It even still SMELLS new! Mileage has dropped, though -- about 32mpg...... please tell me it's the colder weather and not my driving habits. I was getting 35 mpg regularly before winter. Oh, but, boo -hoo.... on its 1 year birthday, my windshield was hit by a pebble at 60mph and sported a 24" crack. Glass company repaired it in my work parking lot and I've now got a lifetime warranty for the life of my ownership of the car. I', even getting used to the itty bitty trunk. cheers. :shades:
  • mhuimhui Posts: 3
    Hey, I ended up getting a 2009 NAH for $25,400 OTD with the convenience package. I'm not even sure if I got a good deal or not.

    I do have a headache from it though. LOL.

    Someone tell meeee. Thanks!
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    I currently have a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid that I bought in late September 2006, just in time for the full ($2,600) Federal tax credit. It is a great car. In the summer I average about 37-38mpg and in the winter about 32mpg. It is incredibly quiet and roomy although, like all Toyotas, I would not exactly call it sporty. The problem is, after nearly three years and 50,000 miles, I am getting bored with it.

    Since I love the quiet and (relatively) great fuel economy of hybrids, I want to stick with one and with the full, $2,350 Federal tax credit still in effect for the Nissan Altima Hybrid, I think I can still come out ahead buying one. The NAH is a little sportier than the TCH, I like the backup camera available with the NAH and think Nissan generally has better navigation systems than Toyota but the TCH is roomier and quieter. I am tending towards the NAH but would first like to know if its fuel economy is comparable to that of the TCH.

    And also, if anyone here has looked at both the TCH and NAH, why did you choose what you chose?

    Thank to everyone in advance.
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