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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    Haven't driven a TCH, but I get around 35 mpg overall (about 37 summer, 31 winter). I think you sacrafice a little bit of fuel economy with the Altima but I think the seats of the NAH is much more comfortable then a TCH. You should just go test drive one and see how you like it, see if your are comfy in the seats, etc. goodluck
  • kiraadckiraadc Posts: 3
    I am the former owner of a Toyota Camry (not a hybrid) that was a good but, well yes, boring car. I bought my 2008 NAH last July and have loved everything about it ever since.

    I would say my gas mileage was in the 36-40 mpg range in the summer, depending on AC, city vs. highway driving etc. When just highway, I got around 42, which was sweet. Winter range: 32-35 mpg. I live in DC.

    I didn't consider the TCH because (a) I didn't want another boring car and (b) there was no Federal tax credit available.

    The NAH car is fun to drive, has pickup when you need it, and is so stylish that a colleague even left a note on the car, not knowing it belonged to me, admiring it parked in front of the building and wondering where she could get one too. (NAH is not available in my area, so it requires a serious commitment to go to NJ, NY, or New England to get it from here as well as research on who will service it.)

    My 11-year-old daughter thinks the back seat is roomier than than Camry. I don't know that's true, but she thinks the Altima is "way cool."

    The only drawback is that smaller trunk, but I have found it adequate, even for beach vacations with all the attendant accountrements.

    I loved not only my Federal tax rebate but also the fact that I was exempted from state sales tax (tied to the Federal status) and got a reduced registration fee as well. Rebates and reduced rates for hybrids are different in different states, but that's easy to check on the web. Those economics helped make my decision.

    Also, I wanted to write in after owning the car 8 months just to say thanks to those who have posted in this forum for their honest and helpful observations and hints. The posts gave me the confidence to research a vehicle I couldn't drive until I committed to checking one out far away from home. It has proven to be a great decision so far.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    Thank you for your advice and mileage report. I appreciate it. One more question that I must ask about the Nissan Altima Hybrid. How quiet is it?

    We agree that the Camry is a boring car but one thing that I did love about it is that it was whisper quiet. I really did not realize how much I enjoyed that quiet until I drove other cars (including a non-hybrid Altima as a rental). Nothing compared to the quiet of my Toyota Camry Hybrid. However else the Camry is boring -- and we agree that it is boring -- the Toyota Camry Hybrid is quiet. Very quiet. And sometimes after a long, stressful day, that quiet is absolutely GREAT!

    So I need to know, is the Nissan Altima Hybrid quiet?
  • kiraadckiraadc Posts: 3
    Ah, glad to help. On the question of noise of the NAH. Compared with my old Camry or any non-hybrid car, the Nissan Altima Hybrid is unbelievably quiet. It is wonderful to start the car without a noise, to sit in traffic quietly, to cruise along today on flat or mild stretches of the road noiselessly. Hands down winner over non-hybrids. I agree the quiet is a great benefit of driving a hybrid.

    But, I could not tell you if it is more or less quiet than other hybrids ON AVERAGE in your driving conditions. That I don't know. What I suspect is, if comparing Altima to Camry ONLY when the gasoline engine kicks in, I bet the Camry would be a little quieter. I think that may be best answered in a road test.

    Hope this helps!
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    my volume is usually at 2 or 3 while in the city, 3-5 at highway speeds. the engine is quiet, wind noise isn't too bad. I think it's comparable to my mom's 2004 camry for noise
  • themousethemouse Posts: 17
    Anyone know whether Nissan is close to hitting the 60,000 mark for the Tax Credit?
  • themousethemouse Posts: 17
    impressive... thanks!
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    no problem. I knew I've seen those numbers somewhere
  • mags49mags49 Posts: 9
    Thanks, Redwood2 and everyone else who posted this last year.
    I'm a slow one, but like the writer above, when the NAH isn't sold in your own state, you are more cautious. I still haven't flown to CA to pick up car (due to trip to Nepal) but will check mileage when I do. Glad to know maintenence should be minimal even at another dealer. I have to commend my Prius dealer 5 years ago that gave free service for 3 years which spoiled me.
    Sounds like less miles/gal in warmer weather which may be why writers last year noted hopefully it isn't your driving. I didn't notice the weather difference in the Prius.
    AMT is alternative minimum tax on your 1040 IRS return.
    Did you pay an ungodly amount for a lifetime ownership warranty?
    I'll post again after my inaugural trip home.
  • todaotodao Posts: 7
    Don't know if you went ahead. I'm after a fully loaded (conv, comm, tech, moonroof) with $800 down and $475/month for 39 months at 15K miles per year. Don't know how good that is. Supposedly based on a $31,100 OTD price.
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 37
    Dirito Bros in Concord, CA.

    Too bad I'm in NY!

    As of this morning, 6 in stock at this price.
  • We just purchased a 2009 NAH fitted with the technology package at Tonkin Nissan in Wilsonville, Oregon. The price was just over $28,000 after the $3500 Nissan rebate available through June of this year. Moreover, there is also a very nice $2,350 federal tax credit coming, along with another $1,500 state tax credit here in Oregon. Therefore, the final price for the vehicle was just over $24,000.


    The dealership experience was very good. The staff was friendly, professional and well informed. The only issue is simply availability; there was only one NAH in stock when we arrived for a test drive.

    The car is very comfortable inside, fully appointed, handles well on the road, very low emissions and good mileage, and it performs well for a hybrid. We test drove the Toyota, Honda and Ford hybrids as well, but the NAH was the clear choice for us.
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    It sounds like you got a nice deal. However, the federal tax credit is only $2,350.
  • Thanks for pointing that out-- I edited my post to fix the math...
  • Here are some photos of the "Blackbird" recently purchased:






  • xavxav Posts: 23
    Any idea on how low I can get the base hybrid?

    I saw it advertised for $20k. My local dealer said he would match that price.. is this good or can I go any lower?

    Also, what insurance company would you recommend for this car? We have Progressive and their quote for this car is rather high in my opinion.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    $20k is pretty good. I think I've seen someone get $19499 though. Not sure if it's worth it to try and pry every penny from the salesman though
  • $20K is good. I know there are big Nissan rebates that expire at the end of this month, up to $3,500. There is also 0% financing.

    The cheapest insurance I could find was through American National.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    Lowest price I got so far is 19.8k + tax/reg from 1 dealer that is a little remote

    Does that quote seem serious to you? My local dealers are pretending that it isn't.. (of course :))
  • For the base NAH it's likely a serious quote. Last week, we purchased ours for $19,999 after deducting the rebate .

    However, the first dealer we actually went to did not believe the quote and would not even counter offer us. We left and bought it the next day at the advertised price. Today, my wife's niece's husband went to the dealer that did not sell us the car and he dropped my name. They were willing to sell it to him for the $19,999. The car probably has more miles on it now(saw it on their online inventory list and it was the only one in that color on their lot). We saw it last Saturday and it had 50 miles on it. The one we bought had eight miles on it. We did have to travel an extra 15 miles to buy it but we saved $1500.00 in the process.
  • carguru2carguru2 Posts: 3

    Was thinking of getting a Atima hybrid - along with the Convinience + Connection + Technology package. or just with the Convinience package. Just wondering what folks paid?

    Also does anyone know if NJ has any tax credits on hybrids in addition to the federal tax credit
  • hippie8hippie8 Posts: 2
    I just purchaed my NAH about 2 weeks ago here in NY. I ended buying the a fully loaded one as the dealer IAdvantage Nissan) wouldn't let me leave as the say. I paid 30,000 which was 3704 off list along with the 3250 rebate. I still get the federal tax credit. I purchased an extended warranty (7 yars 100,000 miles) which I can cancel within 60 days and I still thinking about it. The only advantage to this one is that if I don't use it I can get my money back. The only problem I have had is my regular car battery had died twice in 8 days and I am finally getting a new one. Anyone here about this?
  • I also had a dead battery on my 2008 Altima. I stopped to run an errand on the way home from work and when I got back into the car, it would not start. All I could get was a clicking sound when I pressed the start button. Road side service casme and boosted the car and it started. The dsame thing happened again the next morning so I boosted it and took it to the dealership.

    The dealership said the battery was low but not defective. I complained and they replaced the batte, but found nothing else in their analysis.

    No problems since then with the main battery. The dealership told me that they haven't heard of anyone else having any problems. Abviosly I am not alone.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    there should be a TSB on replacing the panasonic batteries with optima ones. which one do you have?
  • themousethemouse Posts: 17
    What you guys think of this?

    NAH w/ Connection Package and sunroof for $25,300 after rebate incentive. After Hybrid tax credit, it will come down to $22,950

    4 year registration in NJ - $206
    Doc fee - $139
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    We bought our NAH with convenience package yesterday for $23,100 OTD in Orange County CA.

    I believe the price before taxes and registration (but after fees) is around $20,700.

    I also got 5.99 % financing, which was pretty good considering credit unions would not even lend me anything given my limited credit history.
  • The last day of the month was a good time to buy. I received two calls from a dealer that did not want to deal two weeks ago on June 29th and 30th.

    Nissan announced sales for June being down 20 something percent which was much better than May's sales figures. If the economy is showing some bottoming the incentives could be reduced in the near future.
  • quantifirequantifire Posts: 21
    Rebate of 3250 extended to 7/31, and bonus cash of 500 till 7/8. Confirmed with dealer that you DO NOT have to finance with NMAC to get the rebate, contrary to Edmunds information.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    missed the $500 rebate since I bought last month.

    One of the dealers wanted to sell me the base hybrid for $22,295 OTD in Socal, without even negociating.

    That was from Nissan El Monte (if anyone is interested). I guess with the new $500 rebate it may be possible to target $21,700 - $21,800. Minus $2,350 tax rebate that's around $19.3k.

    What a deal when you compare to other cars in this price range.
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