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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I didn't finance with Nissan and I received the rebate so I am not sure why Edmunds stated that. Too bad I bought the NAH almost three weeks ago.

    I think the word is out on the NAH discounts because the listings for the discounted 2009 NAH are gone from Craigslist.
  • yorksladyyorkslady Posts: 6
    Hi, Which Nissan in OC?? Thanks ;)
  • marcr92marcr92 Posts: 10
    My father's 1995 J30 qualifies as a clunker and therefore he will be looking for any car getting over 28 mpg to receive the $4500 credit from the government. He tried the new Prius; however, it is almost impossible to get a Prius V with the equipment he wants, and if he were to order it, it could take up to a year to come in. With that being said, the government is only giving a limited number of vouchers for "clunkers" so he needs to act quickly. We looked at the Altima Hybrid which came fully loaded, the Jetta TDI with some upgraded stuff, and the Mini Coopers.
    The Altima Hybrid was fully loaded: tech package, convenience package.. the works. The Jetta TDI had upgraded 17" wheels, sunroof, and the famous automatic DSG tranny. I drove the TDI and it felt underpowered compared to my 328i xDrive coupe, obviously, but for a gas-saving car, it had some pep. However, the Altima has the greatest discounts and most equipment. The guy, over the phone, took 10k off sticker (34k) because of the tax credit, Nissan's credit, and just old fashioned discounts because they can't move the cars.
    I need an opinion on what my dad should get. He is going to be paying cash for the car.
    I obviously think he should go with the MINI Cooper Convertible, but that would never happen unless one of you could help me convince him. I know a lot about cars from being around my dad, who is a car buff, and from reading Motor Trend since I was 7. I'm 17 now and just got my car (328i xDrive coupe), and my dad needs a fuel-efficient car to drive 50 miles a day.
  • yorksladyyorkslady Posts: 6
    which dealership gave him $10K off the altima Hybrid??
  • From reading the post the dealership gave $7650 not 10k off of sticker because that included the tax credit.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    The one that offered that deal was in El Monte, which is kinda far, but they gave me that $22,295 OTD quote instantly and that was in mid June (that was for a white base hybrid with kick plates and floor mats).

    I bought from Surf City Nissan in Huntington Beach. After negotiating I got mine with convenience package for $23,100 OTD. I could also have bought a black base hybrid for $22,200 OTD, but the car wasn't on site (they said they would need to drive it down to HB which would add 80 miles on it). This car is probably still available.

    Surf City Nissan was the most competitive dealer in OC (with me anyway). But I had to negociate hard.

    Again: all this was before the $500 cash rebate.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    Anybody knows if my wife's 2000 v6 sonata will qualify for the cash for clunckers thing?

    Her car is rated 18/25 mpg.
  • themousethemouse Posts: 17
    nope. needs to be combined 18mpg or below
  • I am planning to go there in a day or so do you mind telling me the breakup of final numbers and your sales person?

  • solansolan Posts: 3
    Yeah even I am trying to get a Nissan Altima Hybrid But none of the dealers here in Bay area are offering any prices near to that. They are very rude and wouldnt even budge to any negotiations
    So far the best price that was offered was 21000+ TTL =23000 OTD for the base model .

    Here is their Break UP ::
    Manufacture Suggested Retail Price: (msrp + freight )....$27,455.00
    Nissan Dealer Discount:............-$2,199.00
    NNA Customer Cash:........................................-$3,250.00 (incentive)
    4TH OF JULY CUSTOMER CASH:..........................-$500.00 (grad. in 6mos or grad. in last 2 years)
    Your Price:....$21,506.00 + tax and lic. *

    After the MSRP of 27455 - Nisan Dealer Discount = 27455 -2200 = 25,200 (almost equal to the Invoice price of 25000)

    so finally it comes out to approx 23500 for the base Model which is TOOOO pricey . and the worst thing is that all of them have a rude overtone when told that they were not at all competitive.

    I do see that someone has already bought at 22300 OTD before the 500 $ rebate in Huntington COunty, CA . Can you please help us with the BreakUP cost of each item.???
  • quantifirequantifire Posts: 21
    Hey man, the deal you quote for the Bay Area is pretty standard for what I've been quoted in Sacramento/Davis. Bigger discounts are available on the higher end NAH. A combined discount of $6,000 including $3,750 rebate and discount to invoice of about $2,250 is where everybody's at right now. Don't forget you also get the federal tax credit of 2,350 and a deduction for sales taxes.
  • quantifirequantifire Posts: 21
    If you're including the cash for clunkers rebate, then a total discount of 10K isn't that great. Folks are getting 6,000 combined savings (dealer discount, 3,250 rebate, and 500 rebate), so if you add the cash for clunkers, you'd be at a discount of 10,500. Keep in mind on top of this there is also a tax credit of 2350 and deduction for sales taxes. Everything together you could get 15,000 off of this car when all is said and done. It's a pretty nice car to get at half-off.
  • solansolan Posts: 3
    Hello quanfire ,
    When you mean discount to invoice of 2250 , do you mean ""invoice price - 2250 "" OR the discount on the MSRP so that "MSRP -2250 ~ invoice " where ~ is almost equal to sign . In my case it is the latter one . if it is discount on invoice , it should go much below.
  • quantifirequantifire Posts: 21
    I did mean the latter one, MSRP minus 2,250 equals approx invoice, minus 3750 in rebates for a total of roughly 6K off. Haven't seen anybody really going under invoice, except for loaded up units with MSRP of 34K.
  • We purchased the base NAH in June 09 for 23,749 before the rebate. Is that below invoice? After the rebate it was 19,999 plus tax. OTD price before the extended warranty was 22,541. Another poster was able to buy it for $500 less than we were able to.

    Keep in mind that was in June 09, a month after May 09 sales were down over 40%. With the June sales figures a little higher it seems local dealers have been offering less discounts.
  • yorksladyyorkslady Posts: 6
    XAV, Thank you for your response. During 4th July weekend, I've called Nissan El Monte, the internet dept. They were rude when I told them I want to purchase the base NAH for 20,500 plus TTL. They were offering $6000 off MSRP, buy or take a hike...At the end I just got one base NAH (MSRP: $27,625) at Riverside Honda for $21,191 plus TTL. More than what I want to but they were nice to deal with. I was in and out in 1 1/2 hours, no BS. Anyway, I love the car...:) ;)
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    It may be harder to get a good deal now. They have that cash for clunckers thing that is probably going to boost sales. Dealerships are very hopeful about it. It sucks because except for polluters, nobody is going to get any of it.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    For the numbers, I negociated with OTD price from the start, so the only number I am aware of is $23,100. I can try to look into the papers if you want.

    The model had 14 miles on it, was loaded with the convenience package and floor mats (nothing else).

    I also got good financing (5.99 % from Nissan). Although that may seem high, note that the 2 credit unions where I applied refused to lend me anything.

    My salesperson was Phil Barnes. I used the internet for negociations. I had to push hard though. He definitely used a lot of sales tactics (always trying to get me there now, offering expensive financing).. but that's business. What was great with him though is that he kept his promises and didn't try to up the price when we came in. I definitely appreciated that.

    From what the dealership told me the only reason they agreed on this price is that they had to meet their monthly quota. So, target EOM.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    My car's MSRP is 28,755. My sales tax is 8.75 % and car registration is I believe 1.25 % (Orange County CA).

    I got the Nissan $3,250 rebate. The rest came from the dealer. I paid $23,100 OTD + 5.99 % financing.

    They had another car, which was I believe not loaded with anything but floor mats (same as the vehicle that you are quoting). The deal was $22,2k OTD.

    I believe the cars price before tax and registration (but after fees) was $20,600 for mine and $19,700 for that other model.

    Hope this helps
  • Yesterday contracted with kelly nissan in MA for NAH. MSRP 27,650 with shipping. Will be paying 21,160 before trades and sales tax, registration fees and probably 244 paperwork fee.
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    We are close to the end of the month. If you want the car, you should call/email your local dealers and give them an offer of $19,500 after fees but before taxes and registration. Don't let them fool you with their fees, include them in your price.

    Tell them you have seen other people pay that price and don't see why you should spend 10 % more.

    Most likely they will refuse, but some may call you back at the end of the month. Those are the ones who absolutely need to sell and you will be able to bargain with successfully.

    You have nothing to lose.
  • I paid $28000 on a MSRP of $34,705. take out $3250 Nissan Rebate, most dealers are matching that $3250 plus another $205. This hybrid had EVERYTHING that Altima hybrid comes with including moon roof deflector package. another dealer quoted $28665. Seems like they are not making a lot of money on these cars! both these dealerships are in Hartford area. :)
  • I see new 2008 NAH still available at multiple dealers. Is thee any reason why not to get a 2008? I assume not much difference between 2008 and 2009?
  • themousethemouse Posts: 17
    What you guys think of this?

    NAH w/ Connection Package and sunroof for $25,300 after rebate incentive. After Hybrid tax credit, it will come down to $22,950

    4 year registration in NJ - $206
    Doc fee - $139
  • Will Nissan offer a rebate for the 2008? If so, how much. What about the depreciation? It might be new but it's still a 2008 model.

    The big question is there a reason not to buy a 2009 instead with the price reduction and incentives being offered?
  • If you take a look at you'll see that they have 15 2009s and 11 2008s. I'd imagine they want to sell the 2008s more than the 2009s? What will they do with the 2008s once the 2010s come out?

    If a 2008 bought today will mechanically last as long as a 2009 and it's a few thousand less, it's something I'd consider. I'm the kind of person who keeps a car for 12 years and put 200K miles on them. Then I donate to PBS when it's worth $1000. If the 2008 with leather and navigation can be had for base 2009 pricing, that'll get me to take a look. My understanding from reading the forums is that a 2010 isn't going to be different from a 2007?
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    08? I'd be very careful with a hybrid that hasn't been used for 1+ year. I doubt this is good for the battery
  • We bought our NAH with an extended service contract that can be canceled for a full refund within sixty days. The catch is that the dealer has to cancel it and submit the paperwork to the warranty company. We are having a tough time canceling ours. The dealer is stalling for some reason, intentional or not, and we have not been able to get warranty canceled after repeated letters, e-mails, and phone calls. I have been assured that we will get a full refund even if it's past the sixty day period. Until I see some actions, it's all words from the F&I guy.

    So if you are tempted to buy one and you aren't sure don't because you might run into this problem.
  • Sorry to hear about the hassle they're putting you through meanbou2005.

    We just bought a NAH w/ conv pkg yesterday and was offered the Gold service plan for $1100. Just wanted to know if that's in the ballpark.

    We did not buy the service plan at signing of docs, and when we asked if we can add it later we were told that we can as long as it's before the first oil change service due at 3750 miles.

    The price we paid was $5000 of MSRP. This particular dealership is offering $5000 of MSRP on all NAHs.

    Compared to what SF Bay Area dealers are asking now (MSRP + $1950 markup before discount/rebate,) it was a decent deal.
  • For those of you who purchased extended service/maintenance plans, what did you pay and any experience in using the them?

    Are the Security Plus plan and Maintenance Plus plan different plans or same?
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