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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am considering a warranty later or a MBI depending what it covers. You mention gold but you didn't provide the specifics such as years of coverage, miles, and deductible. Without that it's hard to tell you if it's a good price or not.
  • Top,
    Can you let me know what dealership you got the 5K below MSRP? I assume this included the rebate?
  • Sorry, the gold plan offered at $1,100 was for 60 months/75,000 miles, Schedule 2-level = every 6 months or 7,500 miles.
  • The dealership is Elk Grove Nissan.
    The salesperson said they were having a sale and all NAH were $5,000 off MSRP which included all the rebates.
    If you also have a clunker, which I did, then you get an additional $3,500 or $4,500 off.
  • chunglauchunglau Posts: 48
    I bought ours, a base model with floor-mats only, for $1286 below invoice in late July, in the South Bay. We had the clunkers deal also, but we negotiated the price before the program went live on July 24. Our price before the $3250 Nissan rebate was $24495.

    Note that the Nissan rebate is taxable. You pay the tax on the amount before the Nissan rebate, and then they give you the rebate as a credit. The C4C rebate, however, is subtracted from the sales price before tax is computed, so that is a great deal.
  • The link is for the Service + Plus program which covers problems with the car.
    I was offered the Maintenance+Plus program which covers scheduled oil changes, minor and major inspections, cabin filter changes and tires failure etc.
    I was thinking these need to be done anyway in the future to maintain factory warranty so why not prepay and buy at a discount?
  • I confused service plan with service contract. I don't know if that's a good deal or not.
  • We received the check a couple of days ago. I am not sure if my visit to the dealership made a difference or not. I did send a certified letter to him and his GM covering our conversation. And I included the paper trail to the GM in my letter. The day after I did that I received a lot of attention. They might have been waiting until the last day to maximize the cash flow. I guess I'll never know.
  • Here's what the gold preferred plan covers. The gold preferred covers something every 3750 miles. With the gold preferred tires are only covered for the first three years. You can buy the gold preferred up until you have 7,500 miles on the odometer. - osCsid=18152d151f32b5efc4b7158095ceb15e

    Cost is $1505 right now. 8152d151f32b5efc4b7158095ceb15e
  • Paid $20,500 OTD for a 2009 base model (no options) NAH using the CARS program. Good deal or not?
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    That dumb program "cash for clunkers" has finally ended. More likely than anything September and October sales are going to be an absolute disaster.

    I would definitely recommend to anyone willing to buy the NAH to wait end of September or October and offer $9,000 below MSRP. Buying right now would be a terrible mistake as all dealers have already met their goals for the month.
  • Just bought a new 09 NAH for $23,805 out the door. It has a conv pkg, and moonroof (after market included). This included registration and license until 2013. My next move is to apply for the state tax credit of $1500, and the fed. tax credit of $3250. This was near Portland, OR. No sales tax and cheap car registrations. I was looking for a regular Altima before cash for clunkers, but my trade in was a '97 Corolla and there didn't seem like any deals out there at that time. After clunkers ran out a few weeks ago I saw an ad for the Altima Hybrid plus the tax credits. Something I couldn't pass up.

    Are the maintenance contracts worth it? I do most all my work on my cars as far as oil change, and tire rotation. The sales guys says they charge over $100 just for an oil change, is that true?
  • You might have transposed the Federal Tax credit because it's $2350 not $3250.00.

    I paid less than $20 for an oil change at Firestone. I didn't get full synthetic oil but 5-30 which is acceptable. This was it's first oil change and I haven't seen a decrease in gas mileage. The next oil change will likely be at the dealer because they have some things that need to be checked unless I take it to a garage that specializes in hybrids.
  • kalekale Posts: 15
    Firestone, Monroe, Jiffy Lube theya re all fine as long as you get the oil change done at a REGULAR interval of 3000 miles or LESS. They use inferior filters and these filter either hold too much oil back or let too much go thru including the impurities. Nissan Filters are the best (any OEM for that matter). I ahve been using Monroe/ Midas on my 05 Pathfinder and had no issues. I took the maintenance program thru nissan as it came with Free oil changes for life from teh Dealer, who is not too far out of the way for me. :surprise: :shades:
  • I'm sorry, but the 3,000 miles or less, opps I mean LESS, is just not true. The manufacturer doesn't even recommend that frequency anymore. Check your maintenance schedule and follow that. Don't go by what a dealer's service center or mass marketing from oil change centers (Jiffy Lube) recommend.

    kale - Since you paid for it up front with the maintenance program, you might as well take it in as often as they'll allow.

    For everyone else, follow the maintenance schedule that came with the car. On my 2008, it's 3,750 miles for schedule one (more short trips, less highway) and 7,500 miles for schedule 2 (more highway, less short trips). There are some other guidelines so... check your maintenance schedule.

    My advice to the average driver is to go with Mobile One 0W-20 synthetic and Schedule 2, the 7,500 mile interval.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    3,750 miles....but I don't get my oil changed even that frequently. I do about 7,000 miles (using synthetic though).
  • "For those of you who purchased extended service/maintenance plans, what did you pay and any experience in using the them? "

    I bought a 7 year 100k mile Gold preferred plan from No deductible for $1935 My 09 altima hybrid had 1250 miles on it when I bought it. I called in to get a discount from their posted rates. Very friendly people.

    Haven't had to use it yet. Hope I never do. I hate driving some vehicle that is not mine.

    "Are the Security Plus plan and Maintenance Plus plan different plans or same?"

    Different. According to

    Nissan Maintenance+Plus Coverage

    Nissan Maintenance+Plus is an easy and affordable solution to maintain your Nissan. Nissan recommends a regular scheduled maintenance be performed to prevent excessive wear and tear. We have a product that can deliver excellent service and long-term peace of mind. Maintenance+Plus provides four different service plans with five time and mileage options designed to fit a variety of personal driving habits.

    Nissan Security+Plus Gold Warranty Coverage

    Nissan Security+Plus Gold coverage extends to 1,816 components of your Nissan vehicle's mechanical performance. Choose Gold Preferred and this coverage increases to 1,954 components.
  • I am still on the fence re; extended service contract and the maintenance+plus contract but need to decide soon as the mileage is approaching 3600k.

    It seeems like a decent deal w/ maintenance+plus contract since the oil changes and minor/major inspections need to be done anyway, at least if they were done at a Nissan dealership, it would be a savings over the long run.

    But then again I do most of the maintenance on my other cars (purchased used) and the only issue would be keeping the new car factory warranty valid if I do all the maintenance at home.

    As far as the extended service warranty, I guesss it's an insurance against something going wrong after the factory warranty runs out. If this car was not a hybrid I would definitely not get the extended wrnty, but don't know a thing about the hybrid system.

    Sorry for rambling...
  • "Eligibility for a Nissan Maintenance+Plus plan depends on the vehicle you own. You are eligible for the New vehicle maintenance plans Gold Preferred, Gold and Silver only if your New Nissan has less than 7,500 miles on the odometer or you purchased your Nissan vehicle New within the last 6 months." taken from

    Looks like I am not eligible for much on the Nissan maintenance plus side of the fence. Now that you chimed in, you got me thinkin about the cost savings over time. I can however get the Bronze plan which covers my essentials - oil change, oil filter and tire rotations. Just no inspections like that in Silver. Guess I snoozed and lost on that deal.

    I think I may call them back and see what I can get 5 years worth of coverage for. May make sense since I do my oil changes at the Nissan dealer anyhow.
  • Hey All,

    I bought a fully loaded '09 Altima Hybrid on 10/9/09 which stickered for $34,900; I paid $28,725 before taxes, licenses and fees. I am in union county NJ. That was the Edmunds TMV and what I shot for. However, when the sales manager wrote up the contract I saw that he included $4500 in rebates instead of the $3500 Edmunds had in the TMV.

    Ever since I walked out of the dealership I have been feeling like I got taken for a little ride. At a minimum, I paid $70 more in taxes (since rebates are taxable). But, I am also feeling like there was $1000 more wiggle room that I did not take advantage of. Out the door from the dealiership I eneded up paying $31,637.15. with the Tax incentive I am solidly under 30k.

    what do you guys think? Should I return the car (I have until tomorrow) or be happy with the deal I got?

    BTW - Valuable lessons learned;

    1. ask friends and family what dealerships they like for buying whatever make you decide on. after i closed my deal i found out that a nissan dealership not to far away offered free oil changes and loaner cars for life on cars purchased from them.

    2. take back control. ask the dealer what the rebates and incentives are available when you sit down. then you right down your numbers and present your numbers to them. i can not tolerate the "let me go ask" process. I need to buy another car in about a month. I am actually contemplating showing up with a cashiers check for the exact amount i am willing to pay out the door so that i can cut down on the BS.

    3. check the dealer's website before going to see if they have any special incentives. the dealership i bought from was offering a $250 gas card but i needed to present the coupon upon walking into the dealership. a scam i am sure, but i feel like i still missed out.
  • I just bought a fully loaded 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid for $27,320 in the SF/Bay Area.

    I used the internet (edmunds) for my purchase and am satisfied w/ the process. I negotiated remotely with several dealers in my area and nailed it down to a 1 dealer w/ the best price.

    After we finalized the price, I asked for the "out the door" (OTD) price and prepared my own spreadsheet. When I got to the dealer I had my spreadsheets, my e-mails confirming the negotiated price and stating the out the door price. I made it very clear that "any" deviation from the purchase price and OTD amount will NOT close the deal.

    Here are the final numbers:

    Dealer Price: $32,075.00 (Invoice)
    Less Rebates: $4,500
    Less Dealer Incentive: $255
    Purchase Price: $27,320
    Add: Taxes + Reg: $3,625
    Out the Door Price: $30,945.00
    Financed w/ Nissan @ 4.34% (60 mo. term)

    Color: Dark Slate
    Packages: Convenience, Connection, Technology, Kick Plate, Moon Roof (fully loaded)

  • vicenzavicenza Posts: 44
    Looking at a 2009 loaded Altima Hybrid which I want to lease for 24 months with 18k miles per year (will Nissan allow that?) in California. What's the current money factor rate using a Tier 0 or Tier 1 and what's the residual value for that car for that many miles and term. :confuse:
  • FYI, if you lease the car you won't be eligible for the Federal Tax Credit(assuming that you were eligible).
  • vicenzavicenza Posts: 44
    How do you know if you are eligible for the tax credit?
  • "The credit is available only to the original purchaser of a new qualifying vehicle. If the qualifying vehicle is leased the credit is available only to the leasing company.",,id=107766,00.html

    You should talk to an accountant to see if you are eligible for the tax credit. I believe those subjected to ATM will lose some if not all of the credit.
  • vicenzavicenza Posts: 44
    Car Man I'm looking at a 2009 loaded Altima Hybrid which I want to lease for 24 months with 18k miles per year (will Nissan allow that?) in California. What's the current money factor rate using a Tier 0 or Tier 1 and what's the residual value for that car for that many miles and term.

    Also, do you have any of the same info available for a 2010 loaded with an MSRP of $35k? :)
  • Owner of 09 precision Grey NHA, fully loaded! Deal of the century!
    MSRP: $34,975

    Final sold price: $31,380 - $800.00 below invoice.
    CA Sales Tax $ 2356 - Tax deduction
    Official fees $ 456.
    $ 34192
    Cars CFC $ -4500
    Nissan Rebates $ -3250
    Hybrid tax credit$ -2350
    CA Sales Tax $ -2356 approx deduction
    $ 21,736

    Thank you President Obama! I finally got rid of my Dodge Caravan for the full Cash for clunkers credit.
  • Okay, Read this POST with a caution. the writer has double dipped on the tax credit part. One is a federal credit and the other one is sales tax on the state return. NOT the same credit. Although Overall a Good Proce Paid, not an unusual situation I must say :surprise:
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    One more thing. I'm pretty sure the $4,500 CFC is considered income and you'll have to pay tax on that.

    Yes, it's still a good price but please direct your thanks toward your fellow tax payers for the CFC, Hybrid and State Sales Tax Rebates.
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