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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,631
    A) No.. the $4500 rebate isn't taxable as income (it may have been subject to sales tax, before being deducted from the price).

    B) A $2356 federal income deduction for the sales tax is worth about $600 to most buyers...

    Still... a good deal..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Just bought a new 2009 NAH in New Hampshire, even though NH is not officially one of the 8 states. Current Nissan rebate (Oct. & Nov. 2009) for the '09 NAH is $3,500, and there may be an additional $500 Black Friday incentive. With some negotiating, dealer took an additional $3,000 off the $27,500 base sticker price (not even including their dealer-added transportation, pin-stripping and clear-cote fluff). OTD price (w/o TTL): $21,000. Deduct the $2,350 tax credit and NET = $18,650. That's a lot cheaper than a Prius or even a Civic hybrid!
    Yeah depreciation is a killer when buying a '09 model in November '09, but I plan to hold on to this car for a while. Standard 100,000 mile battery/EV warranty is reassuring.
    Although I didn't buy it there because of the distance, I recommend Marc Motors in Sanford, ME to anybody in New Hampshire, Maine or NE Massachusetts. They would have sold me an '09 NAH at an even more competitive price, and they are getting in 2010 NAHs.
  • Nissan Security+Plus Gold Preferred did not cover the electronical parts of the Hybrid.. it's in the contract. :cry:
  • I bought a 2010 NAH, and negotiated an 8 year, 150,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for $2100. Thats' what sold me on the's bumper to bumper...I looked at the fine print very carefully. Excellent deal. I just have to keep records of my maintenance. E-mail me with any questions ucla54 @ yahoo .com
  • I am being offered the 2010 NAH with the following:

    2010 Altima Hybrid + convenience package + premium package + aluminum kick plates + wind deflector + floor mats

    I am also offered lifetime power train warranty free + towing within 25 miles ... whatever that means.

    26320 (after 2000 NAH rebate) + CA [email protected]% + doc fees (55.00) + tire fees (9.00)

    Is this a good price? I tried but couldnt better price from other dealers? Not sure whether i am not trying hard enough...?
  • A $3750 cash rebate is being offered on the 2009 NAH, expire in 1/04/10. Will I qualify for the rebate if the dealership is not financing the car? I am paying cash. Is it a good idea to purchase thru Costco? TIA
  • xavxav Posts: 23
    Yes, it should qualify.

    I didn't get any price that I liked with Costco. One of the problem that I had with Costco is that it wasn't used by many dealerships.

    This is the end of the month/year and some dealership may have to meet some quotas. Best advice is call the dealerships in your area, and throw out some very low offer. They will probably refuse but some may call you back.

    Doing this, I ended getting my NAH with Convenience package for 22 percent below invoice in June 30 (and the cash rebate was $500 lower). Ended paying $20,600 + taxes and registration.
  • Dorschel is selling most of their remaining 2009 hybrids for about $10,000 off. some of them are a little less depending on what they are equipped with.

    I just got home after the best car buying experience I have EVER had. I spoke on the phone earlier in the morning with the sales rep to have them set one aside, came in drove it, loved it. They offered to prep it so I could leave with it today, and it was ready in a few hours.

    No hassles, no headaches, no annoying upsells etc. They said here is a website with more warranty info if you want it, here are some other things you can do later on if you like.

    Picked up a loaded one with more options than I can list - msrp 34,900 I set out looking for a base model one and decided that the back up camera, leather, etc was worth the extra (that and no one has any base models left around here).

    so the price works out as follows

    $34,900 msrp
    -$5750 discounts
    +Sales tax
    -$4250 rebate ($3750 in lieu of apr and $500 holiday cash)
    $24900 + sales tax
    -2350 tax credit (collected later)
    -sales tax deduction if you are eligible and the amount you save will vary.

    Over all about $22550 + sales tax and dmv fees for a fully loaded one.

    I also pre-purchased the 3 year / 45k maintence package (oil change + tire rotation) for $386, I would have spent that much anyway on the oil changes, so looked like a nice little bargain.
  • I bought a 2010 fully loaded NAH

    MSRP 34,920 (Tech package, etc etc) for $31,100

    $500 bonus cash back
    $2350 Tax Credit from Uncle Sam
    0.9% for 60 months

    I think I would have been better off taking a higher interest rate and $3,000 cash back, I could have saved roughly $500 more throughout
    the financing. But I decided to buy my car in November instead of December...oh well.

    The best best best deal nissan offers is an 8 year 150,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. No joke. That is the only reason I went with a Nissan Altima vs. a prius or fusion hybrid. I drive a lot. That piece of mind is good to have. I bargained and bought it for $2100. You can't get that anywhere else.

    I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • I picked up my Nissan Murano SL 2010 AWD tonight in NJ. It's the Merlot with black leather interior - looks really sharp and really like how it drives.

    WORDS OF CAUTION: You really have to be careful when you are closing the deal. They will try and rip you off on the Gold Preferred Security+Plus extended warranty, if you haven't done your homework.

    I told the service manager when we finalized the 60 mo/%2.9 financing at the end of his pitch that I was going to hold off on the extended warranty for now. The first offers were outrageous. $2500-3000 for the 60 mo/60k mi and they try to get you to roll it right into your monthly finance pymts.

    Anyway, found out the cost for the 7yr/100k mi (the max) Gold Preferred Security+Plus is $1397. 6yr/75k mi was $1122. Got him to show me the Nissan factory warranty book. He said he never shows the book to anyone, lol, but he knew I would get the best price online, so why play games. I threw him a c-note on top for his efforts and it was rolled into the finance agreement.

    I told the dude, "hey, you are doing your best to make some extra bucks, ain't going to hate on you for that", but I wonder how many people just blindly roll that 2-3k into their deals?

    Anyway, the basic warranty should be 5 yr/50k mi, minimum, in my opinion, on all new cars.
  • I just purchased a 2010 Altima and after finalizing the deal it was off to the finance guy. He did his best to sell me everything including the kitchen sink but I declined and said I'd get back to him.

    Came home, jumped online and ending up purchasing a 6 year 100,000 mile Gold Preferred plan from a dealership online. $765 w/$50 deductible plus they financed it for 17 months with 0% interest.

    I had talked to a couple different online stores but these guys were by far the best: Nissan Warranty Store it's a dealer in CA

    I'm not sure about the Maintenance Plus though, anyone have any experience with it?
  • we finalized a deal for 2009 NAH for 25190 + tax and title which includes navigation with tech package, rear view camrea, connection plus pakcage and monoroof and leather interiors MSRP was 34900. Almost all available packages. LIA Nissan out side Albany, NY.
  • Excellent Price. Congratulations
  • Hi all -
    i'm buying my new 2010 NAH at stevens creek nissan in san jose, ca, and this is the deal i'm getting. i put a $500 deposit down tonight, and will pick up the car tomorrow and pay the balance (they had to bring it in from another dealership about two hours away).
    MSRP 29,080 hybrid with convenience package
    minus 3500 from the dealership
    = 25580
    minus 3000 Nissan incentive for February 2010
    base price= 22580 + tax + DMV fees

    is this a good deal? i've just started reading these forums and am concerned with some of the reported engine problems. i am buying the car for the gas mileage and solid reviews in consumer reports.

    any help? i have waffled between this car and a very comparably priced subaru legacy. i'm the first one i know of to purchase a hybrid, and just might need some reassurance on the wisdom (or not) of the decision. thanks!
  • mhuimhui Posts: 3
    Yeah -- I paid 25,400 OTD for my 2009 Hybrid with the convenience package and I love the car.

    I had a defective battery in the beginning, but once the dealership replaced it, it has been fine ever since. You'll love the car!
  • casaigecasaige Posts: 6
    Looks like we are getting a NAH fully loaded with Tech (Navi), Convenience & Premium pkg. for $27,420 before taxes, tags, dest., etc. Dealer is offering $7,500 in rebates (including grad, toyota, $3000 off, etc.)

    We are in Northern California. Sound like a good deal???

  • mhuimhui Posts: 3
    I guess it depends on what the price is with all of it. I think people pay around 29-30k w/ the packs you're saying. Actually maybe not the premium. I think if you pay under 30 it's looking good.
  • casaigecasaige Posts: 6
    The price is $27,420. Hybrid with Navi - the three big packages. Great to know under $30 is good. I was hoping somebody would tell me that's the bargain of the century. ;)
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    Just picked up a 09 Brick Red NHA, loaded ("left-over").

    MSRP: $34,730

    Sell price: $31,470 ($600.00 below invoice).
    Nissan Rebate -$3750
    Tax Credit -$2350
    Trade -$13000

    The trade value of my trade (2005 Ford Explorer) was what made me pull the trigger, this was at or above KBB trade-in. (I find that dealers often offer well below KBB trade-in value). I am guessing gas will be going up for the summer, so it was a good time to unload my SUV that was getting 16mpg this winter :surprise:

    So far I'm averaging around 35mpg according to the DIC, haven't had to fill up yet (nor will I for a while) :)
  • casaigecasaige Posts: 6
    We got it!! NAH in Ocean Gray exterior/Charcoal interior - base price ($26,780) with Convenience pkg. ($1300), Premium pkg. ($4230), and Tech pkg.($1780), destination charge ($720), floor mats ($110), dealer mark-up ($3995! HA! Yeah, right!), for a dealer asking price of $38,915.

    We got it for $27,420 (not including taxes, tags, title, etc.) and bought the extended warranty and maintenance packages for $1 over invoice. Didn't do much research on the warranty, so hope we didn't get taken for a ride there.

    What a sweet ride. Hope the info. helps somebody else in the area!
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    Can you let me know which dealer you got this deal at? Thanks.
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    I got my NAH at Serafini Nissan, Vestal NY
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    I live in WA state and was checking out the price for a 2010 NAH. One of the salesman from CA was telling me that they can not sell the NAH with CA emission standard to out of state customers. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  • javablvdjavablvd Posts: 2
    Just bought a basic model of 2010 NAH (MSRP $27,610) from a dealer in San Jose for $20,260 before tax and DMV fees.
  • mathakidmathakid Posts: 4
    That's a good price, about $500 less than the lowest price advertised in the paper. Can you share what dealership you bought it from?
  • javablvdjavablvd Posts: 2
    The one mentioned in message#456.
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    Bought a 2010 NAH from a dealer in OR for 21,533 + Tax/Doc/DMV fee with Convenience Package, Floor Mat and aluminum kick plate.
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    Firstly, congrats on your purchase, seems like a good price.

    Secondly, may I ask you (and everyone else) to state the sticker price, and any applicable rebates you got? (But not the tax credit). This will help people have a better idea how the pricing breaks down, both now and in the future :)
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    Sticker price was 29,080. Rebate was 3,000. Tax credit was not included in the final price.
  • aqanaqan Posts: 5
    Any prices from recent purchases in CT/NYC?
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