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Saturn VUE Steering and Suspension Problems



  • I have a 2008 xr. Someone posted fix. After spending Near $700 on replacing the front struts,strut mounts (twice) once I just payed the labor. I read on line and am searching to thank them that the problem was solved by replacing the AC (MCPHERSON STRUTS) with Monroe. The problem is GONE. Now if anyone knows about the rubber rubbing sound in the front , please let me know. Also I have read that there are recalls that GM has not notified consumers about. I had the transmission rebuilt under warranty at 90,000 miles.
  • After spending near $1000 in replaced struts (TWICE) and mounts. The problem was eleviated by replacing AC (mcpherson)struts with Monroe. I was charged $300.00 labor for new mounts but was not charged for struts. Now dealing with noise from steering column and told it is rack and pinion about $500.00 to replace
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Are you getting this work performed at your dealership or elsewhere? Let us know if we can be of any assistance.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ray169ray169 Posts: 1
    442dude its been a few years is the rattle still gone? Just found this site and i have that same (noise-rattle) Was it repaired or replaced ? cost.. DETAILS please and THANK YOU.
  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    I had the struts and mounts replaced, but now have intermittent clicking sound from right wheel or strut mount when turning. There is also a clunking sound when I go over small bumps mostly drivers side, but occasionally passenger side. I took over to dealership and all they could find was I needed caliper pin kit for both front wheels at a cost of $356.00, but the intermittent clunking sound is still there. Had it checked again by dealership and they could only recommend i have the brackets for calipers replaced, but they don't guarantee it will stop the noise. Now my steering is making noise again and the last time the dealership replaced the rack and pinion, but after 5000 miles the noise is gradually coming back. This 2008 saturn Vue xr is almost impossible to fix. The dealership cannot even fix the problems. It's like a guessing game where replace parts after parts at my expense! If I was made of money there would be no problem. How can anyone fix a vehicle that was improperly designed or engineered? God help me!

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    I had to have all my seat belts replaced due to not latching or retracting. GM did help pay some of the cost, but in my opinion should of paid for everything. The driver seat when sitting on it makes so much noise it's feels like it's falling apart. The dealership tried to fix it, but was unsuccessful with giving me the option of paying for a new one at a cost of $1700.00. Now I only weight 190 lbs and when looking at the seat it looks like new, but feels like riding on a horse drawned wagon. I guess GM made the seat just to look good! Now if I buy a new seat who's to say it will be any better? I've replaced several parts in vehicle and not better, all at my expense! What I don't understand how GM who has been making vehicles for decades make them worse. I've owned 6 GM vehicles in the past and this Saturn Vue XR 2008 is fit for the pit. To many problems, to much money to repair and to little help. GM would go bankrupt if they had to take responsibility for this poorly engineered and manufactured vehicle. I had the carpet cleaned by a detailer and the color literally came out. The detailer of 30+ yrs said he had never seen something like that and attributed it to very poor quality material. It's not enough I have all these other problems, now my car carpet looks like crap!

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    GM can you please take back the Saturn Vue XR 2008 for about $12,000 to 16,000 so I can put it on a more reliable GM vehicle? My doctor told me to get rid of the Saturn, because it's giving me an ulcer, anxiety and draining my bank account. I will not sell the saturn Vue xr 2008 to someone else! Sorry I can't do that to another human being.

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    Sorry, I am new to this forum and posted the above in wrong category, but my Saturn Vue XR 2008 does have problems with steering and suspension. Early 2013 my steering column was making a rubbing sound, especially on initial start up. After taking it twice to dealership the mechanic decided it was the rack and pinion, so it was changed at the cost of $600. Then earlier this year 2014 the noise is gradually coming back. There is also a clunking sound especially front driver wheel or strut area. Last year I had all new struts, mounts and shocks installed. I took vehicle to dealership and it was decided I needed new caliper pin kit in front wheels at a cost of $356. The pin kit did stop rattling , but clunking noise is still present and also occasionally have a creaking clicking sound when turning coming from front strut or wheel area. The mechanic at dealership says he can replace bracket for caliper, but does not know if it will stop clunking sound!

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23
    edited April 2014

    Today I had the front stabilizer bar links and sway bar bushings replaced, also the rotors. Now there is no more clunking sound or rattling and rides like a new vehicle. What a relief! It cost a total of $686. Money talks and [non-permissible content removed] walks!

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 23

    The warning lights for ABS and stability control would intermittently come on and off and finally after two months stayed on. I took it to the dealership and the mechanic found I needed a new steering column position sensor. That cost was about $456 to repair. There had been some previous work on steering to stop the rubbing sound at a cost of $600, but the sound came back. Now with the recent work the rubbing sound is gone. It's been two months with hardly any problems, except warning light for low fuel staying on and foam cover over spare tire making all kinds of noise no matter what I do to it. I pray to God my Vue can give me at least a year of no problems, since I only drive about 4000-5000 miles per year.

  • tuti1tuti1 Posts: 1
    I have an 2009 VUE and driving the car in continues curbs with out even using the brakes the car make lot of vibration the front of the car shakes and inside the gas and brake pedal also shakes. the only think I blame is the Axles. do any body have this problem. I check the Axles to be center with the motor and they are,
  • I have a 2006 Saturn Vue. It makes a lot of rattling noise especially when i am driving on a bumpy road. I took it in to the dealer and head technician told me that it was my steering column. GM had a lot of problems with many of their cars (including the Saturn Vue) during that that time period. He said that it comes loose in one place and rattles. He said it would cost me $1300 to replace the steering column but the replacement part could possibly have the same problem because GM may not corrected the problem even in its replacement parts. Now that is a scary situation. Now how often will you have a technician tell you the truth about something like this? He said i needed to contact GM in their engineering dept and they could give me an answer. I called GM and they would not let me talk to anyone but said i had to take it in and have a tech look at it and the tech would call the engineer. I do not want to get this tech in trouble for telling me the truth. He was the head tech so he must know what he is talking about. He also said that they could go in and tighten it but it would just come loose again. He said that his Chevy pick up has the same problem and he has driven it for over 100,000 miles and had no problem. I do not want to take the chance. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER. IT COULD BE LIFE THREATENING. I really need someones help on this one. I know for a fact that these manufacturers will not correct anything unless the govt tells them too even if people are getting killed from it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    While trying to get through to someone at GM, you may want to file a complaint at
  • xxlt3xxxxlt3xx Posts: 1
    edited September 2017
    I have a 2008 Saturn Vue that makes a growling sound/vibration even when powered off on the drivers side. I finally had to disconnect the battery so it won’t kill my battery. Additionally the vehicles instrument panel lights and locks all flicker I had the BCM replaced at the dealership less than a year ago to fix the flickering but they obviously don’t know what the issue is but they did soak me for $1000 for the BCM. This GM is definitely a lemon. 
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