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Kia Sorento Transmission Problems



  • j2hj2h Posts: 1
    To bent4 and garettm
    Same problem. And me too it happened to my wife at first. I have a 2011 EX V6 AWD. It happened 3 or 4 times so far in 2 weeks. We had that noise and sudden stop when backing up from driveway. Then, when shifted to Drive, the car woudn't move forward on idle (just like it's on neutral), unless we press the gas pedal.

    We took it to the dealer, and, like you, they updated the software. But it did it again (I knew it would, I had read your articles before).

    But the last time it did that, we had a check engine warning. So we took it back to the same garage. They finally identified the Park Range Switch as faulty. That sensor sent wrong signals to the transmission control module.

    I can't tell for sure this will solve the problem, because the car is still at the garage at this time since the part is B.O. Hopefully tomorrow I will have good news.
  • rexpopprexpopp Posts: 2
    I have the exact same issues described in other posts except it's happening with my 2011 Sportage. Dealership is no help because it malfunctions on occasion and everytime I bring it in it is working fine. They say there is nothing they can do. It's like they don't believe me or something.
  • The exact thing has been happening to me. I have pulled into my garage and I cannot get the car into park to turn the engine off.
    I have to put it in neutral ...turn the car off....restart it and place in drive inch it up a bit and then try to place it in park.
    It happened twice today. Once when I parked at work and again when I came home.
    I called Kia service dept and have an appt for next Tues Aug 7th.
    I am worried. This should not happen.
  • bent4bent4 Posts: 3
    I had an earlier post on this forum regarding my 2011 Kia Sorento SX transmission problem. My transmission had been slipping into neutral from reverse and also shifting hard into reverse. When I did put it into drive, it seemed to be in 3rd gear at take-off. The dealership (Classic Kia in Texarkana, Texas) had updated my software after the first dealership visit but ten days later it happened again. Nothing was done on the second visit because it would not act up for them over the four days they had it. After the episodes became more frequent, we arranged to put it into the shop a third time. Classic Kia had been super great about the whole thing. After consulting with Kia Tech and detailing our problem they have replaced the transmission range switch. It is too early to tell if this fixed the problem, but I will post later if it did indeed solve my transmission issue.
  • Hi bent4, I have 33k miles and the vehicle will not go into reverse or park, only neutral and drive. The key cannot be removed with the car in neutral so I carry a wrench set with me to disconnect the battery and then manually lock the car with a second set of keys. This started today without warning and the ESC & DBC lights are on. The ESC & DBC lights go off when I restart the car but come on when I try to put it in park.
    I go back to the dreaded dealer tomorrow.
  • bent4bent4 Posts: 3
    It appears that replacing the transmission range switch has fixed my transmission problems of slipping into neutral, thudding into reverse, and sluggishly taking off in drive. I have had exactly two problem free weeks and it was happening every few days before they replaced the switch. I credit Classic Kia in Texarkana, Texas for having the patience to figure it out. Hopefully, replacing the same switch will fix everyone else's transmission problem. Kia should probably issue a new tsb about this problem and offer a transmission range switch replacement.
  • Hey bolster, had the exact same problem. Couldn't get out of park from a cold star occasionally, and couldn't get back into park ( couldn't get into reverse first) after driving, and when I tried to get into park the downhill and esc brake lights came on. Took it to the dealer, they knew exactly what it was - brake switch. Warranty covered it, but for those out of warranty the switch was $18.79.

    Hope that helps, the dealer was awesome. My only question is if they knew it was a problem why no recall???
  • Hey bent4,

    I did have the same problem once with my kia sorento 2010. When I put my foot on the breaks, started the car, shifted the gear to drive, it went forward straight away with my foot still on the break. I was lucky nobody's in front of the car. Do you have an advise from Kia in regards to this issue.
  • I have an '06 Sorento with over 100,000 miles. A few months ago a transmission line broke while my daughter was driving and all the fluid pumped out. Luck was that she was in town and not going but about 35 mph. When the car started acting odd she pulled over and cut it off, called me, I checked it out and found the fluid puddle, called the service company and they towed it in. For a while it did good then got to the place that when you put it in Drive it would hesitate about 3 or 4 seconds then go into gear. We took it back and had a full $150 transmission service done and now it hesitates for 5 to 10 seconds before it engages. This is my wife's car and this is dangerous. I've contacted the service company and they are looking for a TSB on this model to see if the tranny has been tagged or recalled.
    Has anyone had this problem and if so how was it correctedd?
  • larryyelmwalarryyelmwa Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    The transmission on my 2012 is a piece of crap. They replaced the tranny one time already and now it is doing the same thing again. The first shift in the morning jerks. This time Hanson motors in Olympia, WA claims it isn't doing anything out of the normal. Bullcrap, I knew what it was doing the first time and I know it is doing it again. They are lying to avoid having to invest any more money in it! In it's normal driving position the tranny is a deathtrap waiting to happen. When you accelerate from a stop too fast the power to the wheels cuts out. It's an AWD so that is the power to all wheels. The engine just seems to go dead! If traffic is coming at you fast the car renders you at the mercy of their brakes! I guess they want me to just drive it till it goes out, or kills me! But I am not going to do that willingly. I am going to the Attorney General in my state. I'll keep you posted.
  • I own a 2012 4 cylinder Kia Sorento. I bought it new in Nov 2011 (bought New in order to avoid car repair issues..that's a joke at this point)....had it about 8 months and was driving up a hill in Morgantown with traffic behind me and it just stopped....had to let traffic around me and then let off brake to coast back down hill until I got to a place I could pull in. Had went there to visit my son but didn't even get to visit with him because I had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get back home and was afraid I'd brake down on the I left almost as soon as I got there and prayed all the way home. Took it to local dealership...TRANSMISSION ISSUES-HAD TO GET NEW ONE...they kept it over a week (dealership did give me a rental on the 2nd day)....less than 2 weeks later my husband went back to Morgantown and again same type of problems and surprise I'm in need of ANOTHER's been at dealership 1/2 a week and not sure when I'll get it back. What came of the issues with your Kia? Did you find out any more details to Lemon Laws in WV? Any assistance/advice you can provide would be wonderful! Thanks!
  • tblack1545tblack1545 Posts: 1
    Just bought a new 2014 Kia Sorento about 3 weeks ago and began having problems on the first week of having it. Feels like what jph291 is describing, riding along about 35-40mph, the engine feels sluggish, and WAMM!! When the transmission shifts, it feels like you've been hit from behind. Once it does this, the whole vehicle continues to "shudder" until you restart it.
    The problem doesn't happen every time we drive, but it happens frequent enough.
    The local Kia service department have been a blessing to deal with, doing all they can. Thus far, they have reset the "adaptive shifting" software in the computer, but nothing else. So far, they've had to reset it three(3) times already.
    Had about a week of no problems and it started again today. Taking the vehicle in the morning back to the dealership/service, letting them take a look & do what they want, then I'm leaving with a different vehicle.
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • naldridgenaldridge Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 Kia Sorento, that I purchased new , it now has 7,700 miles and I have been experiencing some of the same things that is mentioned here. Mine happens when I go from reverse to drive. It jerked me so hard it hurt my neck and back. I thought I ran into someone. There is a lemon law in Ohio and I plan on pursuing it. This is way to dangerous for them not to replace my vehicle. I'm pretty sure these vehicles should be recalled or I see lawsuits in their future.
  • plbjrplbjr Posts: 2
    Bent-my sorrento is doing the same exact thing. I am just down the road in shreveport and called the dealership. How can I get in touch with you to find out what the problem was and the dealership can identify your car so they can replicate the repair? Thanks
  • plbjrplbjr Posts: 2

    Did this fix your problem? I am having same exact issue.
  • texaskiatexaskia Posts: 1
    I have had my brand-new 2014 Kia Sorento for 6 weeks. In that time, we've had to replace the alternator (2 weeks in...with a couple hundred miles on it--car just completely shut down like you all are saying), the battery, the AC broke during a trip across four states and now the rear sensor system isn't working. We decided to buy a new car to avoid "issues" -- we have purchased three used Kias previously and never had trouble. I am a loyal consumer but this kind of thing has me thinking, "Honda" all the time. The service department has been great -- we're getting to be good friends! But Kia, you've really disappointed me and my family. I'm not sure what to make of this car debacle, but I'm pretty sure the Kia dealership will have my "new" Sorento sitting on it in a few days.
  • My 2014 Sorento EX has the same issue. I am going in this week to address the problem with the dealer. The first 1-2 gear shift in the morning has a "klunk" and at 35-40 it feels like it is "winding up" and then shifting into the next gear.
  • I have a 2013 Kia Sorento which I purchased new, has about 11,000 miles on it. I purchased it on July 2nd, 2012.

    On 9/18/2013 While getting onto a freeway the vehicle made a strange jerking movement and I appeared to loose power. I let my foot off the gas and noticed the ECO light coming on and off, there were no other lights. I then put my foot back on the gas and it again jerked. I exited the freeway and the drove about 1 mile home with no other issues.. I thought maybe this was a one time thing.

    About an hour later I took the vehicle out and about two blocks from my house the same thing happened. The same jerking movement and loss of power acceleration, almost as if the car was in neutral. Again, the problem quickly corrected itself and I took it straight to the KIA dealership.

    The KIA techs had the car for a few hours, then I came to pick it up. They said the computer needed a program update, which they did. They could find no other error codes.

    I took the vehicle home without issue. On 9/19/2013 my wife is driving the vehicle home from work and stops at a red light before an intersection. When the light turns green she hits the gas and nothing happens. There is no power. She tried shifting from park to drive w/o success. She then puts it in park, turned the engine off and restarts the vehicle. She is able to drive the vehicle home without any further problems. It was already 5PM so she couldn't take it to the dealership. We plan on taking it in again tomorrow, 9/20/2013. Some of the people here are having similar issues, has anyone determined the cause? I will keep you updated should I learn it.
  • They replaced the battery which was one yr old. Been driving it since and it still has not fixed the issue although it seems to happen less.
  • eosman889eosman889 Posts: 3
    edited October 2013
    My 2013 Sorento has about 23000 clicks and the problem i am having is the gear shifter , whenever i shift to REVERSE it makes a noticable thump, but its fine on other gears. Weirdest thing is i can only hear this thump after i have driven the car , first thing in the morning makes no thump. The only way for me to induce or replicate the sound is for me to shift the gear from Neutral to Reverse a numerous times to make the thump sound louder and louder , the first few shift is almost not noticable. When i shift from N to R about 5-7 times the noise becomes louder and i can hear a snapping sound with my doors open whenever i shift. Took it to the dealer and all they did was change the Solenoid and the sound is still there ..... the dealer had no answer to this. all they said was to drive it and see if there are any recall! What do you guys think is this or anyone of you have this gear shift noise .
  • That's exactly what my 2011 sportage did. The dealership kept saying nothing was wrong with it. I traded it in before the problem was resolved.
  • kiaman5kiaman5 Posts: 1

    I own a 2013 Sorento V6 AWD with 13,450 miles on it. Mine started with a little jolt, now and then between 1st and 2nd gear on the 6-speed automatic. Now it happens almost all the time, but have not figured out why yet.

  • jbunton09jbunton09 Posts: 1
    I own a 2011 Kia Sorento 4 cylinder. It now has 51000 miles on it and will not shift into park at random times. When this happen, my parking assist and vehicle stabilization lights will come on. Luckily I have been able to put it into neutral and back up. I will then drive around a bit and it will go back into park. It goes into the shop this Friday to see what is wrong.
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