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Jaguar S-Type Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I love my 2002 S type. I bought it almost 4 years ago and now it has 103,000 miles. Previously I drove 4X4 SUVs so I drive my Jag hard. I had owned Jags in the early 90's and they were horrible. Ford did a nice job and the best deal is that most of the parts are Ford parts and cheaper to buy. I've had a few minor problems like a couple cracked vaccum lines (easy fix). I needed my first tune up at 100,000 (normal) and replaced 1 bad coil pack. Make sure a Jag mechanic performs the tune-up. It's pricey, about $1100.
    By mistake my mechanic did the tune up and reversed the vaccum and air lines and blew a rod in the block. I bought a used Le Sabre block for $400 and swapped the heads. All the engine blocks are Ford, but the head are Jaguar. A complete "Jaguar" engine would have been over $3000.
    The S type body style is a classic. I still get so many compliments what a beautiful car my S Type is after being on the road for 5 years.
  • Thanks for your honest comments..I'm looking and still can't see the difference of a regular SType vs the SType R...I'm looking for low mileage and can't believe your first tuneup was at 100,'s the AC working for you? What year would you get (used) if you decided to move up from the 2003??? Thanks for any imput...
  • hygarhygar Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2006 S type. It is black, but I don't know if it is ebony or midnight. The dealer said to look under the hood and it would say, but I can't find anything there. I need the name for the correct touch up pen from Jaguar. Had it 2 months and love the car in every way! Fell in love with the classic style in the 60's and the current s type form 2000 on. It will be a permanent member of our family. Thank you if anyone knows where I can find the color name. Just not sure if it is ebony or midnight.
  • 208208 Posts: 3
    Any Jaguar dealership can look up the color in the warranty database based on the last 6 digits of your vin.
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