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Buying a Used A4



  • It's funny to hear the words Audi A4 and Nissan Sentra in the same sentence. LOL

    How reliable is the A4? I have only owned Hondas and Toyota recently, and am afriad to buy a German car because of repair cost. Should I be worried?
  • ccc16ccc16 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a Silver 2012 Audi A4 Premium Plus with 18500 miles from a dealer. It is NOT Audi certified pre-owned, but carries it's original 50000 mile factory warranty and has a clean car fax. They are asking $31677. I'm looking for an opinion on the asking price versus what it may really be worth or what I should realistically be able to get it for? Side Note: It's coming from a KIA dealer and the salesman didn't know much of anything about the car or Audi's in general when I met with him to look at the car. Thanks in advance!
  • ccc16ccc16 Posts: 2
    Can you purchase an Audi Care Plan on a 2012 A4 with 18000+ miles? If so, how do the costs look compared to buying it on a new car which I believe is around $800? Also, to what point (mileage) will the care plan cover? Thanks in advance!
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