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Kia Sedona LX 2006 issues and advice request

I got a Kia Sedona LX 2006 with 22K miles on it, It was a good deal mainly because it was my first purchase from a huge authorized kia dealer, I've been in the country for less than 5 years and just have a credit history of 10 months. Paid believe it or not $30K(total) with a $16.9K price tag. you know 16.9 APR,($388)in a long 72 months term, plus a $2K deposit,plus car insurance,etc.
My car is just 4 days old, and issues started since day 1, there is a noise I can hear inside, just inside, it's becoming more frequently now, The noise shows up when I just turn on the car, 50% of the times, sounds like a noticeable buzz really annoying. When I'm still in Park mode,If I press the brake pedal, seems like it's going to go away(noise), then when I start driving the noise just go away(after 2-3 seconds).
I've noticed a hose noise (on front) when I was waiting the light the other day and had the brake pedal hold down.
Also last night after work my battery run out and couldn't get the car on. Had to got from somebody a battery charge. I'll take my car on the kia dealer this saturday, I know I have a 30 days/1000 miles return policy written on paper.
Is there something I need to know, before I claim for a return and try to get a brand new 2007 lx kia sedona. I know I can afford to pay up to $488 a month, so it technically put me in the 2007 LX sedona brand new price.
Is it worth it?, Is it feasible to claim a return after 4 days and less than 80 miles since I bought it. and try to get a brand new kia van?? Or it's better to try to fix issues before the 30 days return policy, I only got a 38K miles/4 years warranty and those people put on paper, they will only cover 50% of the cost on defective parts (I will pay the other half) obviously before I get 60K miles on it.
please advice.
Other than that I really love this car, performance is excellent and driving experience has been amazing. I used to have a honda civic dx 2001(bought it new with somebody else help)
All the opinions are welcome regarding my case. thanks.


  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I think the noise could be an ABS brake test, which is normal.

    You screwed yourself if you agreed to cover 50% of cost on defective parts. Kia's warranty covers 100%.
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    I did a Blue Book valuation on my 2006 LX. I've had it for 7 months and it has 7700 miles on it. Imagine my surprise when I found the value to be only $14,000. Ugghhh!!! What have I done??
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Calm down-you'll be fine. The BB is lower because Kia doesn't have the established reputation of the other Japanese manufacturors. I think Kia has progressed extremely well recent (3-5) years and it shows in their product but most consumers are conditioned to go with the other vehicles (Toyota, Honda) who fully deserve the recognition.

    Bottom line: you've got a good vehicle that will last a long time with common sense maintenance. Pay attention to your manual & maintenance schedule and I'm sure your Sedona will still be humming along in 10 years easily...
  • Well, I have some bad news and good news,
    let's go with the bad news first:
    I got an kia specialist technician (11 years working on kia's dealer, the guy knew it was he was talking about). I got a well trained piano ears, so they didn't betrayed me. I was right with the noises, however they were related to major failures in my kia lx 2006:
    It got a bad pump(fuel)gas, a bad compressor, causing noises in the power steering and when the AC is on and a bad belt in the engine, hope it's not the timing belt.
    They ordered the parts and will be replaced at no cost(kia warranty) in a few days.
    Now I start getting another disgusting sound in the back, or I should say "sounds", my ear tells me, its a rear suspension going to hell and the ABS brakes not working as it should, sounds like a ford van from the 80's(or a bed in action from a cheap hotel) seriously!. we'll see what is going on!.
    the good news, I have to ask for a day off taken from my vacation days because of them(sarcastic)

    I do not want to blame kia or the previous owner, but so far this looks overall like a piece of metal junk(no offense kia owners, I'm just trying to get rid of my anger), specially if I compare it with my 2001 honda civic, the kia lx 2006 looks immaculate and never had a crash before.
    I have to wait a couple of months to rate it properly.
    But I have to admit it, I'm scare now, it's been just 8 days since I purchased and thrust on me on that: I'm the most careful person in the world regarding cars.
    So far it has been my worst experience ever since I move to the states, almost 6 years ago.
    I'm sure they will fix all my issues, before I get 60K miles on it, but a what cost? Do I have to spend all my vacation days in a kia shop?
    How would you feel after spending 30K in 72 month term for a pre owned kia van, I still have to give them a $2000 down payment this friday 22th. They gave 15 days to get the cash for them, maybe I'll keep the cash and let them pickup the van from home. Maybe I should go an visit the BBB, general attorney and fight this in a court, at this point I don't really care... who knows...
  • fishbreathfishbreath Posts: 58
    Let them pick it up!!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I agree with fishbreath. I'd drop that van like a bad habit.
  • iscazziscazz Posts: 5
    If you can get out of it, RUN. Several months and several $$$k, I'm still working with an attorney to get out of my 2006 Sedona LX -- noisy, malfunctioning LEMON! :lemon: Best of luck to you.
  • fishbreathfishbreath Posts: 58
    Sometimes I get a static shock when I touch the van and it seems to attract dust like static cling. Now this freeked me out Monday morning. I went fishing before it got light out. I hooked up the trailer and pluged in the wiring turned out the garage lights and my trailer lights were dimly light and I didn't have the van light on. I gave the coupling a kick and the lights went out. Any bodyslse get a charge from the van.
  • I have had consistent tailgate rattles in my 2006 Sedona with only 17K miles. The noises are heard over road bumps and vehicle turns. The vehicle has been in for warranty service several times at several dealerships. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any suggestions?
  • stiller12stiller12 Posts: 13
    Did you ever get anything done about it>>>I am in the middle of crapville with this Sedona van. Its a rattling squeaking miserable piece of junk.
  • stiller12stiller12 Posts: 13
    did you ever get out of this car???
  • No I did not, same issues regarding this piece of crap, now getting 28K miles, not noticeable when I'm drive slow, still can hear the noises most of the time, worse yet, I bought this 2006 van twice. To make this story more sad, will comment that still owe $17800 and 4 more years in debt to go.
  • stiller12stiller12 Posts: 13
    I traded in two Explorers to get our 2006 and now regret every single cent of it. My wife and I are expecting and she is stressed out to the max. This van has caused pain and anguish. And after only one year I am now in negative equity at least 8-9K. At first we were not until the market viewed the Sedona as the single worst selling used van in the nation. What a lovely pickle I am in. I am now back on the phone with a Kia rep again today trying to get this rear hatch squeal crap done. It will not go away!!!
  • stiller12stiller12 Posts: 13
    Got the final straw from Kia rep today. Our hatch noise can no longer be treated as a warranty item because it is outside the 12000 mile service warranty. They basically told me to go away, and that it is MY OPINION only that the noise is a problem and that it causes any aggravation or pain. This coming on the heels of having the 06 Sedona in the dealership 7 times for the same problem. I am done. I am happy for those who do not have these problems. The next step? I am not sure. Earphones for me and the kids while driving this noise box for the next two years.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Did you try spraying the lock with a silicon based lubricant. I used to get a rattle from the rear gate lock and all I did was spray the hell out of the the lock itself. WD-40 works but does not last as long. Try it and see if it solves your rattle problem. Again, go to home depot and ask them or find a silicon based metal lubricant. Use the attached "straw" to spray INSIDE the rear lock on both sides. This should eliminate the rattle.
  • Oh mygod I thought I was the only one having this problem.. I've brought it in to the dealership 5 times I was told it was the " rear latch/striker. which they've torqured to spec.. I'm good for 4-6 months then it starts up again..
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