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Toyota Seinna break in period

caravan2caravan2 Member Posts: 198
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Are you suppose to do something special on brand new sienna for initial xxx miles, i.e. not drive it over 60mph or not use cruise control etc???

Or there is no such thing in these modern vehicles.

This should be in the owner's manual?


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    axel2axel2 Member Posts: 12

    We were told by our dealer that there was a break-in period, and that for the first 1,000 miles we should not use the cruise control or drive at a constant speed, rather we should vary the speeds at which we were driving.
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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Yep, 1000 miles. I just crossed that point on mine.

    Congrats to both of us. ;)
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    awindramawindram Member Posts: 8
    OMG! I just brought my new Sienna home...120 miles on the freeway! I didn't use the cruise, but I did maintain a fairly constant speed. Have I ruined my new van!!??

    What is the reason for no cruise or constant speed for 1000 miles?
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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    That's not ideal, but I doubt you did much harm.

    They want you to vary RPMs the way you would through normal use throughout it's life.

    Just put a piece of tape over the cruise button for now, so it doesn't happen again, it's easy to forget!
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    caravan2caravan2 Member Posts: 198
    I did not see this in the manual though!

    Even if you use cruise, the engine revs go up and down unless you have straight level road which hardly is the case. Even level roads their are small ups/downs and turns... and with this, revs got to change... Speed will stay the same.... wheels will turn at same rat... you got the point..

    When you're not using cruise, then you rev would also change..

    So, my point... go ahead enjoy it and not to worry about it. Only time you can possibly will constant revs if you parked it in your driveway and let it run idle. :D
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    touaxiongtouaxiong Member Posts: 5
    you guys no why my seinna dose not go in reverse but drive fine...
    im new on here so responed back....in any way that is easy for me to reach
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