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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,294
    First it can be fixed, but its going to take testing while the problem is occurring to figure it out. Did the shop attempt to pull codes from all of the modules on the car, or just the PCM? It appears based on what you wrote that there are no codes setting. Codes would help, but their absence actually helps too. If there are no codes at all setting that suggests that the engine stalling could be system power related and with a full function scan tool that is data that can be monitored during an extended test drive. What the shop (technician) is going to need to know is the conditions that need to be reached that get the symptom to occur. Things like, how long (or far) was the vehicle driven when the problem occurred? Did it happen on deceleration, or cruising, or does it not seem to be related to an engine load?

    The one thing that doesn't work is for someone to just try and guess what is going on and start tossing parts.
  • Ok I left a comment this morning about my 04 Explorer XLT shutting down I just found out after the my mechanics took the truck for a drive themselves and it shut down on them it is my Fuel pump!
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