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Suzuki SX4 Oil and Fluids



  • The manual for my 2009 SX-4 Crossover AWD, manual shift, says that the range remaining readout on the fuel calculator display is range until the GAGE reads empty, NOT until the TANK is empty. The tank still has fuel in it when the gage reads empty, so that range remaing readout is really sort of worthless.

    On my car, at least, topping off the tank when the gage reads exactly empty says I still have about a gallon (or maybe a little bit more) left in the tank, based on the published fuel capacity. I usually get in the high twenties or low thirties of miles per gallon, so I figure I have a safe 25 miles when the needle touches the empty mark on the gage. I might even have 35 or 40 miles, but why press it?

    Since the low fuel light seems to come on when the range remaining readout (to empty on the gage, remember) says about 20 to 30, and since I figure you have about 25 or miles left when the needle touches the empty mark, I guess the answer for the person who asked how far they can go after the fuel light comes on should figure a safe 40 miles, maybe a little more, but again, why press it?
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    Not for nothing but doing an "oil analysis" is overkill. Just change it 3-4,'ll be fine trust me....
    I used valvoline 5w30 in winter and 10w 30 in summer in my 87 dodge shadow 2.2....had a valve cover gasket replaced at 75, mechanic showed me the motor with the valve cover of...couldnt see a whole lot, but he was amazed at how "shiny" and minimal wear on the motor....he said to just keep doing what I was doing....I kept that engine alive well over 100,000 thousand....gave it to my brother at 140,000. the car was junk, the engine was good...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is just overkill too.

    I follow the recommendations in my owner's manual (although I do stretch it out sometimes). Currently that's 5,000 and 7,500 miles.

    My van is on the 7,500 mile interval and it's over 150,000 miles now. The engine probably nice and shiny on the inside too. :)

    Both my cars are over a decade old and will more likely die from running into a snowy ditch or hitting a deer than having the engine sludge up or throw a rod.

    Stop Changing Your Oil
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    I agree with you on all counts!
  • frojoe47frojoe47 Posts: 1
    I own a 2008 Sx4. I have the same package that tells u how many miles are left in the tank. That is set as a precautionary measure of course so that people don't run out of gas. When my gas light comes on the touring gauge will say I have approximately 20 or so miles left in the tank. However, I have let it run to 0 miles numerous times and have pushed my tank to the limit. I would say that once that occurs there should be at least 1.5 gallons left. Giving you anywhere from 20-50 more miles depending on where and how you are driving. I have gotten at least 45 more miles in my SX4 after both gauges said empty/zero.
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