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2008 Honda Civic



  • ken2116ken2116 Posts: 2
    We have a 2006 LX (same car) that was helpless in the slightest snow, absolutely no traction when cornering or accelerating. None. In our case the problem was solved by replacing the tires with Michelin Pilot Exalto AS (chosen after reviewing Consumers Reports tire test results) made a great improvement in both snow/ice on our last trip to the Sierra. Good snow tires should be even better, but there's lots of variation between brands and models. The Pilot Exaltos also are good in rain - on roads with a small amount of standing water the car stops almost as fast as on dry pavement, much better than the OEM Bridgestones.
  • ken2116ken2116 Posts: 2
    As a point of reference, I just checked my 2006 Civic LX pads at 31,000mi and they have about 1/3inch of lining remaining and almost no wear on the discs. I do drive very smoothly and mostly on level roads and have a manual transmission, so the brakes lead an easy life. Sometimes a cylinder problem will cause brakes to drag and wear pads, but with this one would expect wear to be different at each wheel.

    The high carbon content OEM pads on our 1994 Volvo wear out in ~ 10,000 mi - we've replaced them with Raybestos pads and do much better.
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    Just a quick follow up to having the dealer replace the upper handling bars on the rear tires to slolve the handling problem on slippery pavement...............PROBLEM SOLVED !!!
    I had the parts replaced about 2 months ago and we've had lots of snow since then and the car handles perfectly every time now. (same tires, they did an all wheel alignment but the alignment wasn't far off at all either).
    I highly recommend the procedure and Honda pays for it if the service department determines excessive tire wear due to the original parts that were tilting the wheels inard.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    We had a lot of snow for this neck of the woods (Seattle) this winter. I had a build up in the wheel wells and the car vibrated really bad. After the build up cleared, I noticed a slight vibration. Also didn't like the handling in wet grooves at hiway speeds, so at 24,000 miles bought new tires. Expensive tires, Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge. For handling, and hoped to get a little less road noise. Probably a lot more tire than the car will ever need, but what the heck. Helped, but still felt a vibration. Finally today went back and got the tires re-balanced. Helped some, but no miracle fix. Went to the delaer where I bought it and got a 4 wheel alignment. It was out. Funny thing is the Right Rear was the one out-of-spec. The others were just tweaked to a finer adjustment when finished. Feels better.
  • stupid question here, but my wife ran over a nail I think and I am wondering if that is covered under warranty? I think they are goodyear tires, so i imagine the warranty is through them. do you know how i would go about getting this fixed under warranty, if thats even covered? also, she had the flat on the highway, she pulled over immediately and noticed some smoke coming from the flat, is that normal or no good? thanks
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The tire manufacturer isn't at fault that you ran over a nail, so no, the warranty wouldn't cover it. Just like the bumper-to-bumper warranty from Honda won't cover you in a hailstorm.
  • I also have had spoiler issues. i have an 07 civic coupe with 40,000 miles. The dealer has replaced 4 spoilers and the ends keep getting loose. The 5th time they decided to take it to a local body shop who placed extra double sided tape on the sides, and again it started coming loose after ~2000 miles. This is so annoying. It doesn't look as streamlined as the car should look while decent sized gaps being noticed

    What ever happened to your civic, was your dealer ever able to resolve the issue or did you just let it be and deal with it. I wish they could put some heavy duty cement on the edges to hold it down :) The manager at my dealership said if this didn't work then he would get me in-touch with the regional service manager which im thinking they might try to offer me a cash settlement, but honestly I just want if fixed. Any luck with yours??

    thanks, Bobby
  • bim29bim29 Posts: 1
    I had some problems with my front bumper such as it wasn't stable and falls off on the right side of the bumper. I tried to stick it in somehow but it happens again sometime. Then earlier today I accidentally crushed my front bumper on the left side. Does Honda Guarantee program going to cover that for me or not??
  • I am wondering if anyone else has this problem and if there is a solution.
    The position of the wiper blades when shut off is below the area on the windshield that heats up from the defroster blowing. When there has been ice and/or snow and the car has been shut off. The only way to get the wiper blades free is to "chisel" them loose. There I am chopping at the delicate rubber with a giant, hard ice scrapper. There is no way for the car to heat them up so they just come loose by themselves without suffering any damage.
    I cannot believe that someone who has been designing and manufacturing cars for as many years as Honda has would create such a huge problem and be o.k. with it.
    These are basics people. As they say, "not rocket science".
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    They sit where they do so as to be below the air-stream over the vehicle, increasing fuel economy due to lower aerodynamic drag. I've always heard of people up north (I live in Birmingham, AL) leaving their wipers up after you arrive at home as if you were cleaning the windshield to prevent this from happening. Simply put them down when you're done scraping the next morning.

    It's not rocket science. :) Hope this solution works for you.
  • rocket science. what would answering me have to include sarcasm?
    Mr. Alabama, obviously you don't have a clue what I"m talking about.
    You cannot leave the wipers in the up position. If you do, when you start the car to warm the windshield up the wipers will try to go thier resting position and you wiill ruin the wiper blades and maybe even the motor because they will not move.
    So you see, one can either bust them free in the resting place or up further on the windshield.
    You have to run the engine to warm the windshild to free the wipers.
    And I didn't know about the aerodynamic thing. Thanks for the info.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Mr. Alabama, obviously you don't have a clue what I"m talking about.

    You're the one without a clue. Maybe when someone is giving you advice you could actually listen to what they're saying instead of acting like you're a know it all.

    thegraduate said:

    leaving their wipers up after you arrive at home as if you were cleaning the windshield to prevent this from happening.

    Have you ever cleaned your windshield? If not, you may not know that the wiper blades, have a pivot joint that permit the blade to be lifted off of the windshield. The advice is, with the wipers off and in the resting position, you grip the wiper and raise it on the pivot joint.

    When you start the car in the morning, it will not try to get the blades into the resting position as you claim because as far as the car knows, the blades ARE in the resting position. It has no sensor to know that the blades have been bent upwards on the pivot joint. If you don't believe me, put the blades in the cleaning position and start the car. You'll see no movement.

    Anyway, you warm up your windshield, clean off your glass, and then lower the blades back into position.

    It's simple, it's not rocket science---at least to most people.
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