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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems



  • ranger61ranger61 Posts: 1
    Hi Trooper lovers or not :( -My daughter is considering buying a 2001 Trooper today -The kind Ol' gentleman right off the bat told her " This is my 3rd Trooper " " I enjoy them BUT at around ( 100k ) on everyone of them Ive had to replace the tranny .Just passing on some info for those who cant find the solution to those slipping tranny problems. ;)
  • Anyone ever experience their trooper going into what seems like 3rd gear or just losing power out of nowhere. I am having this problem on a daily basis, when i restart it works fine again. Ive been told that it could be an alternator, a regulator, valve body, computer, and the list goes on. I guess for this model I am unable to get a code on it so Id like to get a good solid answer before I go out and start buying parts for it. Any advice is much appreciated.
  • saul2001saul2001 Posts: 1
    I am having some Issues with the transmission, You can only use R and L all the other, could not having oil in the transmission be the problem?
  • I have a 2000 Troop S - automatic transmission with 4WD. Recently the transmission has been a source of frustration to me.

    About 2 months ago, the engine would flare between 2nd and 3rd gear while shifting, like it didn't catch immediately. I figured something was starting to wear out but in this economy I didn't have much choice but to drive it until it failed. Which it did, about 2 weeks later. I was on my way to pick up my wife from work and it was shifting into 4th and didn't catch a gear at all and then even as I slowed down it caught nothing. Not fun. I pulled over on the highway and after a minute found that if I would turn the car off and back on immediately I could get first gear...for a minute or two and would even shift into second gear. But after a few minutes of operating in that manner or if I had to stop at a light it was done. So I drove it the 15 miles back home half driving, half coasting (when I hit 10mph I would shift into neutral, shut off the vehicle, restart it and throw into L which would engage with a rather hard jerk. I know that was double-plus ungood, but at that point I figured the thing was toast and it was that or pay $100 I didn't have for a wrecker to tow me home.

    I got it to the transmission shop and they took a look at it. Said the filter was clogged with clutch material, they managed to get it operational back to the point I had a couple weeks before (flaring between 2nd and 3rd) for a minimal cost but it needed a full rebuild at $2500. So I started calling around to the other transmission shops and found one that would rebuild the transmission and replace the pump for significantly less ($1400). I took that route.

    So the rebuilt transmission is running just fine, except it is still in "limp mode" where in addition to the "Check Transmission" light flashing constantly, it will start very slowly into first and work it's way up to running normally. It's a PITA annoyance more than anything else, and if I'm at an intersection or other spot where I need to start moving quickly I have to manual shift from L to 2 to 3 to D and it works fine.

    The shop where I had the work done doesn't have an interface for Isuzu computers so they couldn't reset the thing out of limp mode. And let's face it, that's an expensive piece of equipment to own for a product line that no longer exists except for large commercial vehicles. He told me the computer should figure it out on its own eventually ("couple of days"). I've been driving this thing for about a week now, several hundred miles, and no dice.

    I had to put a new cat-back exhaust on this week as well, and my regular mechanic tried to reset it and couldn't do it either. I called around to the other shops and they don't seem to have the right computer interface either. And there are no Isuzu dealerships anymore anywhere near here. Should have thought about this 5 years ago when I bought an Isuzu I suppose.

    Anyway, is there a way that I can manually "reset" the computer to clear out this limp mode stuff and get my vehicle operating normally?
  • I am now working on my having 3rd rebuilt transmission on my 2002 Trooper. It slips and/or shudders when I first take off. I'm thankful its doing just that. When I purchased it used from a dealer, it came with a warranty. Unfortunately the warranty company insisted I take it to one of their "reputable" service centers when the transmission started acting up the first time, which turned out to be Tiedt's Radiator Shop (yes... you heard correctly, a radiator shop) in Nashville. As far as I'm concerned, they were not the place to take it, and I had to take it back a second time just a few weeks after I got it back. Now less than 50,000 miles later after the 2nd rebuild I'm having the same issues with the transmission again. To compound matters, there is no Isuzu dealership within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, so I'm hosed. If you're thinking about getting a Trooper, run the other way as fast as you can!
  • bdrushbdrush Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2001 Isuzu Trooper that has a wet floor on the driver's side. I was told that the seal around the window had to be resealed and the leakage happened before this was done. Unfortunately, the floor has not dried and seems wetter. From what I can tell, nothing is running down any sides, only the floor well. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? Thanks in advance!
  • I had the same problem, mine went out for the third time Friday night. Of course I had to be an hour from home...ough! I am a single mom and it's going to be hell to get it fixed again. Good luck all you Trooper owners out there. Too, sad! :(
  • glenn66glenn66 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Sounds like my problem is related to some others I have read here, It has been over 100 degrees everyday for weeks now (dont know if that has anything to do with it) but all of a sudden the Air Conditioning will go off, and it has a major loss of power. I can turn it off and then back on and its back to normal. Any Ideas??

  • I have a 2001 Trooper with the Diag Speed Sensors going bad. Can I replace them with one from the Junkyard or where can I buy them? Can the repair be don't by me?
  • Did you ever get your 2001 Trooper Transmission Fix. I have the same problem. Please reply
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    i just bought a 99 trooper auto 4x4 that wont move in any forward gears, works good in reverse. never rebuilt a transmission. is it worth trying?
  • Did you ever get any information on this? I'm having the same problem with my 2000 Trooper.

  • I had the transmission checked by comnputer. It was a speed sensor on the front drive shaft. This help the Torque On Demand system function. The Check light still blink but the trooper works fine. To replace the sensor it costs $699.00 Just don't use the TOD system. If you want 4 wheel drive just use the shifter. By the way the rear shaft has a speed sensor too. I think that if it goes bad, the transmission may not work. Finally make sure you battery and alternater is working. This transmission shifts electrically so if you don't have power it will not shift. 166,000 miles and still pulling a trailer. I hope this helps
  • I bought a 2001 isuzu trooper limited edition after 6 month transmission started slipping took it to garage they but another transmission in drove it 3 months did the same thing was under warranty so they but another in since oct they have had my car but the 4 th one in yesterday called me this morning said he got it towed to get the computer reset I loved the car but now I am beginning to hate it he is not charging me any extra this time he but remanafactured in has any ever had this problem before help
  • Firstly, the Torque-Converter on these things is essentially made of cardboard. When replacing select the $100 upgrade to a Carbon-Fiber-Mesh Converter, saves alot of BS.

    Secondly, your transmission (other than the T-C) is not going to cause the shudders necessarily, in fact the odds are 1:5000. But...let's move on.

    Lastly, those same symptoms are associated with a dirty EGR Valve, Aged-out spark plugs and a cracked intake manifold gasket. The primary culprit is a cracked gasket. These Troopers have aluminum blocks which heat up & cool down fast. So the gasket is the first to go under these conditions. Todays gaskets are all of superior quality and will permanently fix the problem. However, most shops will NOT clean the Intake manifold or Plenum (Joining apparatus) thoroughly and , hence, the symptoms will eventually return. So be sure to clean the parts thoroughly!

    In general, not only must you replace the gaskets, clean the manifold and surround internal components but you also must clean the EGR valve assembly along with the pathway components near to it. Incidentally, you should replace the fuel injector O-rings and the Thermostat since you or the technician will be right there anyway.

    It's true that the spark plug brand, type and other specs are critical to keeping this Trooper running smooth. The system actually uses the plugs to read the combustion factor. The surrounding sensors behave as a single unit so the plugs are very important. The EGR Valve is simply a tiny recirculating motor for the exhaust. It is of poor design and effects the idle, mileage and mostly low-end performance of the engine. Replacing, rather than cleaning is highly recommended. In doing so be sure to clean inside the seat before installing the new one with a fresh gasket as well as gasket adhesive for this and the manifold gaskets.
  • Hi Trooper experts, I have a 2000 Trooper 3.5L 4x4 automatic tranny that seems to have a loud clicking sound when I put it in Drive mode. The tranny doesn't slip and drive okay, but what could be the problem. Is this something an average joe can fix or should I take it to the mechanic. Any feedback would be very helpful. THANKS... :)
  • If it's a TOD, or even if it's not the clicking is a clear sign of DAMAGE. Sounds like it's not the torque converter, it's the transmission itself (obviously). These GM transmissions are actually undersized for the Trooper. An overhaul is in your future my friend.
  • lemon19lemon19 Posts: 8
    edited January 2012
    hey boys and girls, have a 2000 Trooper 4x4 3.5L w/ TOD thats making a loud clicking noise when gears are engage. Where would i find the transmission pump or the filter on the tranny.?. Also what are those two hose line that runs to the radiator.?. Is that for cooling the tranny fluid. How can i check if fluid is circulating.
  • What do you mean by the torque converter? Now i'm starting to hear that clicking noise when the engine is engage to the tranny. I recently did a engine swamp, was there something i have to do with the torque converter before installing?. Also i forgot to mention that one of the hose that runs to the raditor had a small leak so i was leaking fluid. Which is now fix and added more fluid. drive it for about a month and now this clicking sound.
  • First trooper in 1996 and now drive a drive a 2002 trooper. Have had to replace tran. on each vehicle. There is guy in denver co. that makes special torque converters for that engine. You should put an aftermarket tran. cooler on it to keep it it cooler, as they run hot and burn up easily. Best western transmissions on north side of colorado springs, co knows how to get one.
  • A torque converter is a virtual clutch for automatic transmissions. Aside from the transmission itself it's the only component that will make noise other than the engine. A clicking sounds like it's low on oil and that the valves are without oil. I say that because you just got a new engine and sometimes, for whatever reason initial oil level seems to be an issue with new engines.
    Clicking in Drive only is practically a mandatory trip to the mechanic. I know..
  • I thought I would share this. After pulling the fuel tank on my 2002 Trooper to check the fuel pump, I noticed almost 2" of silt. Apparently 4-wheeling in relatively deep water will penetrate the top of the tank and allow large amount of water/silt to enter. The silt had made it past the fuel pump, filter and was headed down the fuel line. After solvent flushing the lines, replacing the fuel rail, pump, filter and all 6 injectors...Problem solved. Somebody Please...learn from this disaster. Luckily I got 6 rebuilt fuel injectors for $150 delivered!!! at
  • You guys been very helpful. So do i need a new tranny or could i just replace the torqoue converter only. because it drives fine just, doesnt slip gears or anything. also would it be better to rebuild or should i take the used route. dont want to invest anymore money.
  • Go to Cottman transmissions. They are a franchise nationwide and more reputable than most. They also do complex repairs. In any event rebuilds are less expensive generally. In both cases the new components will be superior and will offer some sort of warranty which sounds better than what it really is. Good luck!
  • If the torque convertor is bad, can i just change it out. Would the tranny need to be rebuild as well, even if it runs good and doesnt slip any gears. (Trooper 4x4 3.5L 2000). Any suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks...
  • My heater fan stopped blowing,alt dial went wide open,dash panel lights lite up. Than the transmission would change straight out in drive. Now the transmission shifts straight out low drive to high drive. Disconnected battery over night to resit computer. Shortly all display lights came on, alternate dial went to full charge,battery light came on. Trans continues to shift straight from low drive to high drive. Really have to ramp up the engine RPM to operate.????Tks
  • It sounds as though your Trooper's computer is shot. This happens if you accidentally switch the battery cables---it fries the system. All the symptoms point to this problem.
  • I purchased a new battery 2 years ago. the battery cables have not been off until i removed the postive cable last week to reset the system. Tks for the reply.
  • glen1002glen1002 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 trooper that has a 4wd light blinking.. when in 4hi the car has little pull going up a hill until it kicks into second gear and shifts well afterwards but in 4wd low car will pull but loud popping noises from the front axle areas.. please help.. please help.....
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