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Lincoln Navigator Power Running Boards



  • Can anyone tell me which year of the navigator has the power running boards that are controllable? I know the new models have the running boards come out automatically when you open the door but I know there were models where you can control when they came in and out. Thanks.
  • IDK about the others but both my 2004 and my 2006 have automatic running boards. However both models are equiped near the dash with a systems/reset button that allows you to scroll through such various items on your navigator that can be reset including the boards. I mean who would want them if you couldnt turn them off right?
    using that systems button find the catagory for running boards in/ out and set it how you want. I use it often at the car wash to leave the boards out so the guys can spray them or when my mother rides with me otherwise she stumbles over the things.
  • I have had both of these issues. the running board on both sides of my Navigator are sticking going in and out. And my LS had the sway bar issue. I ended up trading in the LS
  • irvtxirvtx Posts: 2
    Did you ever findout what the exact problem is with the running borard control module?
  • Never did, but i have now had my window regualtor/motor and then the switches replaced since my last post ... underwarranty as all my windows were opening and sometimes closing at a snails pace if at all. At first they told me they needed lubed.
    Duh think not.
    Running boards seem okay now tha weather is good but i dont trust them.
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    My driver side running boards still constantly comes out while I am driving. I decided to let it do that until the motor breaks. Unfortunatelly the motor is still going. It has been over a year. I have replaced my front passenger window for not clossing and now my rear driver side windows takes for ever to come up.
  • irvtxirvtx Posts: 2
    Have you considered the smart module attached to the door latched? It connects to the VSM.
  • I think that you should watch as they come out and see if they are rubbing as they are coming out.Over a period of time the running boards get warped and seem to swell upward. I noticed on the rear of my driver's side running board there is a little plastic piece of trim that is rubbing as they are coming out. I believe that if you tried somehow and sanded it a little or trimmed it off using a rotozip or something like that it would fix the problem. Other than that you would likely only need the actual step pad and not the entire running board. I can't seem to find them anywhere though for an 03 or 04. Dealer only, and you know what that means.

    Also in reference to using the dash to control them from coming out at all. I read in the book that even if you turn them to stay out that after you go faster than 7 miles an hour they will still attempt to retract. So although you can set them to stay out, it's only if you are going slower than 7 miles an hour. Go figure.

    Also if anyone finds out where to get the step pads cheap please post. Lincoln is killing us all on this one it appears.
  • navrobnavrob Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Does anyone think for will cover rusted out boards under my ford premium esp. Just noticed this two weeks after corrosion warranty is up!
  • fc1086fc1086 Posts: 1
    we have an 06 Navigator with the same problem excepts its on the passengers side, Lincoln should be fixing these things, this is total [non-permissible content removed] . what can we do ?
  • jrmyljrmyl Posts: 1
    We also have an '06 Navigator with problems on the running boards. However, on ours the rear mounting bracket on the drivers side has broken in half. When put up on the lift we can see that the passenger side already has a crack in the same spot where the drivers side broke. We have the ESP Premium plan and Ford is refusing to replace the brackets. They claim that it isn't covered. I have looked through the contract and I can't find anything that says they are not covered. We can't afford to replace two boards as that would be nearly $4000. Has anyone else had any luck in getting ford to replace the boards under the ESP Premium plan?
  • schnibbyschnibby Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Navigator that has a severe running board issue. It doesn't come out when it should and doesn't go back in when it does. This doesn't always happen so it has been hard to diagnose. The dealer cleaned them and performed whatever maintenance was required but this has not corrected the problem. Just today I asked the Dealer to either fix or replace them....only on the drivers side.
  • I have a 2005 Navigator. Both rear mounts, passenger side first and then driver broke with in 5 days of each other. The mounts broke due to corrosion which is caused by dissimilar metals being bolted together. The deal had 5 running boards in a storage room all with the same problem. So far my bill is $3000. This was reduced because the driver side broke while at the dealership to fix the passenger side. I would love to know what Lincoln is doing about this. I believe that it is a design flaw.
  • The running boards on my 2005 Navigator were both rusted on the bottom. The rear mounting bracket on both boards cracked and broke due to corrosion. Both boards had to be replaced. $3000 which was discounted from $4400.
  • pjdrinkspjdrinks Posts: 3
    My running board closed as my child was stepping out of the car, board was fully extended and door was open. Sever injury to ankle. Has anyone had this problem?
  • pjdrinkspjdrinks Posts: 3
    power running board closes on foot while car do is open, has this happened to anyone?
  • My running boards closed with both passenger hasdoors open and crushed my dogs foot. He has a broken ankle and possible knee damage. How does this happen. Ford says running board has a object detection system.
  • mistybudmistybud Posts: 1
    I have had an ongoing problem with these running boards, which started at 74K. It was still under warranty, but the dealer just lubricated the hinges and never offered replacing them.
    I called Ford customer service and we are now 20k over the warranty, so no one will do anything. They are just passing the buck back and forth. We met a guy with a 2008 that said he had the motors replaced free before the warranty ran out, so make sure you get them checked and replaced if they are not working properly. We also had to replace the window mechagnism on the passenger side and the air compressor for the suspension.
    The running boards have been a huge problem.
  • pjdrinkspjdrinks Posts: 3
    The running board closed on my daughters feet, she ended up in a cast and is still in physical therapy. Ford says they cannot do anything about it because it does not show up as happening and they cannot duplicate the issue. What are they saying to you?
  • I have the exact sam issue with my 2006 Navigator Lincoln will not stand behind the repair and want me to purchase 2 units, $4000.00 plus labor. This seems to be a design defect as the bracket bushing material is a metalic cast attached to a steel bracket.
    I would like to know of other owners that have had similar issues in an effort to have Lincoln repair / correct this issue. The more data collected there may be a chance to have Lincoln correct the issue.
  • brutillbrutill Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    We too have an '06 Navigator with the rear driver's side running board bracket having broken and the passenger side about to go also. As with all other posts, our dealership basically said tough luck. The $4,400+ price tag to replace both at a dealership seems universal. We don't have an extended warranty (although it doesn't sound from other posts that it would matter anyway) and certainly can't afford the cost of repairs. Our vehicle only has 35K miles on it and I now feel like it's an expensive piece of junk. I agree with others that it's a design flaw and Lincoln should do something about it, but I'm sure that will happen when pigs fly. As I told the dealer, if we're ever in the market for a luxury vehicle again, we won't even go near a Lincoln dealership.
  • The service manager at Sam Galloway Ford is very concerned but has never heard of this being an issue. I have taken to posting on Ford and Lincoln Facebook and Craigslist' we are not the only people who have had this problem I am sure. I wish your daughter luck with recovery my dog has a floating knee cap and fracture in ankle and thigh. His leg will never be 100%.Please let me know if you get anywhere with Ford and I will do the same.
  • My running board on passenger side is now closing every time door opens. This started yesterday and we took to dealer righ away. When service rep opened and closed door several times it started closing almost as soon as door opened. We have left it there he is getting manager to look at and I am calling Lincoln corperate again to let them know it is in for service and doing this everytime door opens. I will let you know what happerns. I hope your daughter is doing better.
  • Sam Galloway Ford has ordered a new motor assembly for my 06 navigator. They are saying this is the problem and drivers side motor is good. Good for how long. I am scared to get into my own vehicle!!! Hope you check this post and get yours fixed prior to warranty expiring, they are covering mine under extended warranty.
  • I also have a 2006 navigator which I always kept the running boards in the "in position" never using them for the last 5 years. Yesterday a women stepped on the drivers side running board getting into the back seat and the bracket broke completely in half! Wow, must be a defect for that to happen especially if it's happening to more then just me.
  • I have a Lincoln nav 2008year model, the running board on the passenger side is not functioning properly. At first it was slow, had to help it start moving, as if it was to heavy or running parts giving to much friction. I cleaned it and oiled it, this worked for a while. No it looks in out or in position. Seems like it "lives its own life", I wonder if the step is hollow inside so water can gather there and thereby making it heavier. My repair in Stockholm have "computer checked" it and it seems like the overload security stops the motor from working.
  • 2006 Navigator 150k miles.

    I too have had this issues with my Running boards. At first it was slow, and it sometimes open when door are open or not. I was driving to my local Super market, and once i got out I noticed my runnig board was dangling from the rear hinges. Once done shopping I took it home and crawled under to see what exactly was wrong. Upon further inspection, I noticed my Aluminum brackets that pivots the Running board was detiorated into a "salt and pepper" like condition. It flaked off with a touch of the fingers, and could be pick out with a pencil. Ive recently heard that 2004 - 2008 Ford brand cars/Trucks/SUV are known to have these issues with other alumium parts detiorating. Under investigation, I found that the Aluminum detiorates due to metal "unsimilarity" contacting and mounting on each other. It causes a chemical/atomic reactions that possibly causes fatigue in our running boards.

    Called the stealerships for an estimate, and pricing. I got a starting price of $700 parts and labor for one hinge, and one week to order and install. Called Ford/Lincoln Customer care services, and asked if this was covered under warranty, and they stated that it did not, and they have never recorded or heard of this situation before. Who knew they would deny hearing such a problem?

    So with the choice of forking out $1400 for one side of my running board or just tear it out. Ive decided to fix it myself. It ended up costing me $10 to fix. I did this with running boards still dangling underneath the Lincoln.
    1. Cleaned out the mounting area with wire brush, and air hose. Cleaned up the detiorated bracket.
    2. JB/Epoxy any exposed aluminum area that would be touching the steel mounting frame. Sprayed it with a coat of rubber sealant paint.
    3. I Bought a 2 5/16"( I think it was that size) U-bolt anout 5" inches long at my local Lowes/HomeD. Ran the U-bolt into the existing holes where the original mounting brackets was bolted. Put a fender washer and Nylock on the threads. Sinch it up. Did about 20 ope/closed door tests. Jumped/bounce on the running board with my 200 Lbs weight.

    Sorry for the vague descriptions, but if you crawl under neath, look at the pivot hinges, and just think about it. Its an easy fix.

    As for detiorated dis-similar metals. I had an issue with my Lincoln shutting off. I was making a left hand turn with on coming traffic. Luckily i coasted out of the way before I got T-boned. But anyways, found out it was the Fuel pump driver module sending unit (FPDM for short). Took it out, and it deterioated like salt and peppers shaking out. It had a couple holes that moistures would get into them module. The module would fault and possibly ruinning your sending unit, or fuel pump, or blow your #12 fuse (located inside the front passanger kick panel). Search for Dorman 590001 590-001, and read on it, and it will also make sense on why some of your cars/truck/SUV gas hesitiations might be resolved.

    I believe the FPDM issues should be recalled, because it causes safety issues when your Lincoln/Ford just shut off for no appearant reasone. Luckily my family and I didnt get hurt because of this.
  • v1rxv1rx Posts: 1
    2006 nav 98000 miles I am having a very similar problem ,and experience. My wife stepped on the board coming out of the vehicle it gave way and she when down ,luckily she did not get seriously hurt . the rear board was sticking out ,but instead of the support bracket ,it is the female bracket that the extending arm goes into. I tried to get the part from ford and you must purchase the entire running board and mechanism at a hefty cost of 2300.00 so i tried getting part from salvage yards and they are all telling me that they cant keep that part in because it flies out as soon as they get a navigator comes in . so it seems that this is major defect in this vehicle and a potentially dangerous one. I really just want to repair it but cant find the part. any suggestions
  • 2008 Navigator with similar problems. Fords running boards are junk and just short of 98k I have running boards, three window motors, seat belt retractor, rear window defroster, drivers seat trim, drivers seat heater and cheap trim all with problems. I have no issues with routine maintenance and have done tires, breaks etc. but there is no excuse for all the other failures which appear to all run a few hundred dollars or more. I left Chevy and Dodge due to poor quality and it appear Lincoln is no better especially considering what you pay for their premium line. My machine shop also noted an issue with dissimilar metals between the running board hinge and bushings causing issues. We are going to see if we can rebuild them rather than spend a few thousand to replace.

  • 03 with severely rusted running boards, one works the other not. I would like some suggestions. 1. get boards in closed position and disconnect power? 2. Remove entirely and look at fixed replacement running boards for that 03 year? 3. Who makes them? 4. Leave off and don't worry about replacing. Thanks

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