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Toyota 4Runner Warning Lights and Gauges



  • I have a 07 4Runner with 37,000 miles on it. I just purchased it 2 weeks ago and it didn't come with a owners manual. I just noticed a yellow light with a exclamation point that came on on the RPM Guage cluster and it won't go off. Since I don't have a manual I can't tell what that guage means. Does anybody know?
  • I think I have the exact same thing happen to me. 2002 4-Runner, cold start, VSC OFF, VSC TRAC, and check engine lights all came on. Pulled the code and it was P1135 (O2 sensor heater). I was trying to think how these were related, but short circuit makes sense.
  • Does the "MAINT" light start to flash as a warining at a certain mileage amount prior to the mileage setting for the next scheduled maintenance? What is that certain mileage amount.
  • jcanojcano Posts: 2
    After driving about 10 miles when I come to the first light/stop my truck engine seems to start to vibrate/stall but doesn't shut down, I put it in neutral and give it some gas to raise the rpms so it won't die at the stop. The check engine light does not come on. Could it be a clogged fuel filter or anything related to the spark plugs/ignition coil? Any advice will be appreciated! V/r, Jerry
  • 95runner95runner Posts: 9
    this light would be for the tire pressure monitoring system. this light is the biggest pain in the world. i have an 06 tacoma and was ready to rip it out. just make sure that whoever does tires on the vehicle to put them at 35 and the spare at 40 since it does not get used much. this will help illuminate that problem
  • jcanojcano Posts: 2
    I troubleshot the problem; 1st I connected the hand held diagbostic devise at an auto hobby shop, code 306 came out-which meat cylinder #6 was misfireing.
    I started by removing the plugs and discovered that spark plug wire #6 was broke, so I replaced the wires on the right side of the engine, which connect directly to the coil packs on the left side of the engine. I've never seen a system like that but it was pretty simple to do. And while I was at it I had bought and replaced the fuel filter just in case. Vr. Jerry
  • I have a 2000 4Runner SR5 with just over 200k - BEST Vehicle I've ever owned.

    Last evening I got in and started it up ... and my gauges were dead. All the dash lights work just fine but the SPEEDO, TACH, FUEL, and ODO are all dead. By 'dead' I mean they just sit there as if the car is off. SPEEDO, TACH, and FUEL don't move at all, and the ODO is just a blank solid gray LCD screen. Strangely, the TEMP gauge appears to work just fine. All the exterior lights appear to work correctly. There has been no work done on the vehicle recently to have disturbed anything.

    I haven't had an opportunity to check the GAUGE FUSE yet (I hope it's that simple) but I was wondering if anyone had any previous experience with this problem?

    Thanks !
  • Have you gotten any results? I am having the exact same problem.
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