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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    To drain the oil it is necessary to remove a small access plate held by two hex bolts. The drain plug is then easily accessible.

    However, to change the filter, the front skid plate should be removed. (Note that the front attachment of the plate is such that it is possible to get at the filter assembly by just "droping the back part down." However, most of the skid plate would still be in the way and be awkward, especially if the vehicle is not on a lift.) To remove the skid plate, my vehicle needs to be on ramps that raise the front wheels about 18" off the ground. The filter assembly is one piece plus two "O" ring seals that Toyota recommends be replaced at filter change. Also, the new filter includes an insert spout that can be helpful for pre draining the oil in the cartridge prior to unscrewing it.

    Because of the hassle involved in changing the filter, I would urge anyone who has this performed in a shop to be real paranoid about assuring the work is actually done.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    See my message 673. If you want to just look at the oil filter assembly, you can remove the four hex bolts holding the front skid plate in place and it will swing down. The filter is at the very front of the engine, just left of the center line, as close to the radiator as it can be. Alternatively, you can peak around the skid plate (from the left) and see it using a trouble light and a mirror.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Thanks warreb, your post on the oil filter change was most helpful. Also a great warning, since most folks who change oil in dealers and repair shops are rookies and often could care less.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    After seeing the 2010 and reading what so many have had to say about the new generation 4Runner, I've come to really appreciate our 2008 4Runner V-6. Oil filter? It's right on top. Running boards, roof rack cross braces, locking gas cap, window antenna, LED taillights, etc... all standard. Given the devaluation of the dollar to the yen since we purchased it, it's no wonder Toyo had to make big cuts. I'm almost surprised they didn't discontinue the model.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    The complaints you cited are minimal costs of less than $500, most likely less than $200, which most people would be willing to pay. I think Toyota is writting off the older customers attemting to attrack the young with the tailgate speakers, sliding cargo rack etc. The slide cargo and tailgate speaker are costing customers already almost $500, many of whom simply don't want them.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    edited May 2010
    I would like to know where you arrive at those costs figures? They are awfully low.

    The things mentioned are left out because the bean counters were involved. Who would not want a locking gas cap, easier to change oil filter, and standard cross brackets on the roof, not to mention BRIGHTER, SAFER LED tail lights? And a radio antenna that can't be ripped off and broken easy?

    Yea, you don't use the roof rack everyday, but when you need it, you really NEED it.

    I believe the death march of the 4Runner is starting. Toyota cannot keep manufacturing low number niche vehicles.

    BTW- I am an owner, not a hater.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Substract our the prices of the sliding cargo. Then add the cost of the parts at a toyota dealer for the led tail light, locking gas cap parts, etc. This is only any estimate, but usually buying parts is the most expensive fully priced item. They can sell low numbers with high profit margins, which I think is the case. 4-Runners are higher priced than almost all comparible vehicles. They limit shipments to keep the supply down and the price up.
  • banco2010banco2010 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my 2010 and I absolutely HATE IT! I took it back to the dealership for the braking noise and they told me to turn up the radio they all do it. So then proceeded it to take it to a second dealership who had the Field Service Tech come out and also told me it is normal. I have opened a case with the 1-800 # hoping I can get some resolution to this noise it absolutely drives me CRAZY!!!

    Anyone had any luck getting this resolved?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Any rumours on the 2011. Anyone heard if the 6 spd trans, v8, locking gas cap, or led tail lights are in the near future? When do the 2011 usually appear? I am a diehard 4-runner fan but heard alot of folks complaining about power and gas milage in the 2010. The 6 spd should help that.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I've had my 2010 4X4 SR5 for a couple of months now. Overall I like it. We still have our 2002 3rd generation, which we love, but for a general hauler (not towing) the new 2010 is doing great, except for one thing. When I first got it, I had it back in the shop the next week for a wheel vibration that started at about 60-mph. By vibration, I mean that the steering wheel kind of shimmies back and forth about a 1/2 of an inch in each direction (as if it were turning). It can do this shimmy almost violently, however it does not effect the driving line of the truck - in fact, I can even take my hands off of the wheel and it still goes straight. The shimmy is visually noticeable to driver and passenger. When I took it into the shop they balanced two wheels and at first I thought it was fixed, but it still does it from time to time - but not all of the time. The worst two times were in the morning after sitting all night (if that makes any difference). I also noticed this morning that when it does this shimmy, the passenger seat visibly vibrates as well. The shaking actually reduces as you get above 65mph. Other times, there isn't any shaking at all. This tells me it probably isn't a tire balance thing; the first time in the shop was probably just a coincidence as I wasn't doing hardly any highway driving at the time so I didn't get to the shake. But every time it does shake, it is right around 60mph.

    Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions?

  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    edited June 2010
    That is exactly one of the main reasons I decided to sell (traded-in) my ex 2010 4Runner LTD V6 4WD with NAV (after a couple of attempts to balance the wheels, the steering vibration at 60-65MPH would not go away...), it reminded me the days that I had the 1999 4Runner multiple times in the dealership to fix the steering vibration with no success... that is it for me, no more 4Runners and now I enjoy my 54+MPG on 2010 Prius, wow what an amazing vehicle the 2010 Prius is... good luck with your vibration...
  • embryoembryo Posts: 22
    same issue exactly. got rid of the crappy dunlop tires and smooth sailing for the last 4 months.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There were other "issues" at hand if you went from a 4Runner to a Prius. As for the wheel vibration, do a google search for a Hunter road balancing machine, that's is the RIGHT WAY to balance the wheels. Of course, it's possible you had a bad wheel or tire. But chances are that one of the tires/wheels on the front was causing the problem, but not both. If the front end was "bad" the dealer were have caught it on the alignment machine, assuming of course the dealer knew what they were doing.

    Enjoy your 54mpg. How well does the Prius handle off road?
  • blackdog4blackdog4 Posts: 67
    edited June 2010
    I have an aging Sequoia Ltd and would like to down size my next 4WD. When the 2011 Ltd 4Runner comes out I am thinking about a purchase. We are on the beaches about five months of the year and encounter deep wet sand at times. The Sequoia handles this very well. Have any of you 4Runner Limited owners had experiences that you can pass on to me. I understand that only the Ltd has a 4WD system like the Sequoias.

    I also wonder if any of you have previously driven Sequoias. Apart from less space and towing capacity, will I be disappointed in the ride and handling of the 4Runner on the road? (Shorter wheel base, lighter vehicle, etc.)
  • I had a 2010 Limited for most of a day, and the steering wheel would begin shaking at 60mph. The one I drove also had cabin squeaks, and road noise at freeway speed was bothersome. I did not buy it. Hoping for an improved 2011 4runner, and some decent color choices. Green, brown and blue have looked great on past models, and they'll need to use them again, along with better technology, to get me to close a deal.
  • sgc58sgc58 Posts: 5
    After test driving the 2010 4 Runner a number of times, I decided to buyout my lease on my 2007 4 Runner which has a V8 engine. I have been a loyal 4 Runner owner. The 2007 is my 4th. I was very disappointed in the lack of torque in the upper range of the 2010. I get 17 mpg in the city in my 2007 and I believe the 2010 V6 is listed at 18 in the city, so the increased mileage is all about perception. I'm still hoping that Toyota offers a V8 as an option in 2011. They clearly have the engine, which is offered in the Lexus.
  • sarfbubsarfbub Posts: 4
    I am at just over 11,000 miles on my 2010 SR5 and recently noticed a faint but annoying sound on the passenger side of my vehicle. The sound is comparable to a playing card in the spokes of a moving bicycle wheel. I have taken it to the dealer twice and they have not been able to pinpoint the sound. I can ignore it when the radio is playing but when taking a call via Bluetooth even the caller on the other end can hear it.
    A few things to happens when I accelerate on an incline and also when I accelerate (incline or not) over 20mph. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Is sounds like you are describing a "harmonic sound". Something caused by the air moving over the vehicle. It could be mirrors, or some other part of the body.

    This was a big issue on the previous generation Highlanders for those who wanted to cruise with a window down. The noise was so bad it would sound like it would blast your eardrums out.

    You have to try to isolate it to fix it, assuming it can be fixed.
  • limited3limited3 Posts: 4
    I have a 2010 4 Runner Limited. Anyone hear a hiss when pushing the brake pedal?? How about a vibration in the break pedal once in a while when at a stop?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I currently own a 1999 and 2004 Sport 4-runner. Have owned a 1987, 1991, and 1996. I came to the same conclusion. Test drove 2010 numerous times and dicided to stay with my older 4-runners at 169,000 miles. They made great improvements inside, but missed the boat on the drive train (engine and transmission) for those who drive higher speed freeway miles plus offroad. Like the 2003 fender flair debacle, I hope Toyota recognizes the desires of their existing customer base in 2011. Their business models appears to be changing to limiting supply, so our wishes for the best in technology they have to offer (lexus drive train)doesn't appear promising.
  • roodog2roodog2 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2001 4 runner the TRAC OFF, VSC & Check engine lights have come on, any ideas?
  • limited3limited3 Posts: 4
    I plan to take it to the dealer this week to complain out the hiss. How about a small pulse in the pedal once in a while at a stop?
  • limited3limited3 Posts: 4
    Let you know how I make out plan to take mine to the dealership this week.
  • banco2010banco2010 Posts: 3
    I opened a case w 800# Toyota a couple weeks ago service mgr and technical drove it again apparently it's "normal" and all on lot make noise. Let me kno what they say I am in Dallas Area been to 2 dealership and can't get it resolved. it's supposed to be a safety feature but it's so annoying! Thanks :mad:
  • banco2010banco2010 Posts: 3
    Auto zone checks for free w machine. My 01 did that it was a catalytic converter problem w exhaust.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    edited June 2010 traded in your "beast" for a prius? Weren't you the one who lauded the 4runner "beast" as the best vehicle you had ever you traded it in after less than a year?
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    edited June 2010
    yes I have the hiss..sounds like a bad valve or plunger...annoying..
    I also find that I have to "stand" on the brake pedal at stoplights or the truck creeps forward a bit. horrbile brakes no doubt...

    toys are toys afterall...
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    edited June 2010
    The reality for me to trade in the 2010 4Runner for the 2010 Prius are the below facts:

    1. Will not support Gulf Of Mexico oil spill disaster (I hope others do their part as well in this catastrophe...)
    2. 4Runner is a great vehicle to drive it for the right reason...
    3. used to own a 2007 Camry Hybrid averaging 38MPG but trunk space was limited...
    3. over 60MPG with 2010 Prius vs. low 20's MPG with 2010 4Runner
    4. repeated attempts to fix the Steering Wheel Shake (reminded same issue I had with 1999 4Runner which was never fixed...)
    5. other minor issues that others have already expressed in this forum (i.e. braking noise, etc.)
    6. 2010 Prius 3rd Gen is way cute to ignore :) ...

    Anyhow, I guess it took another 4Runner (3rd one) to find out the correct vehicle for my daily need is just a Prius which after about 1000 miles of driving it (averaging 68.1MPG computer calculated) my only regret is I did not purchase it before the 4Runner...
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    edited June 2010
    Got it. Call me slow but how does driving a 4Runner support a tragic accident in the Gulf Of Mexico? If you want to boycott "fossil fuel" good on ya, but even a prius uses gas...
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    It looks like you traded it in for fuel economy, not because it was a bad vehicle.
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