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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • smltoyotasmltoyota Posts: 1
    My 2001 did the same the and would not even engage into 4 wheel drive. It was the fuel ratio sensor in the exhaust. Ordered online and it took 5 minutes to install
  • limited3limited3 Posts: 4
    Went to the dealer to discuss the brake hiss inside the car. The dealer said its normal for that type of system. The 2010 4 runner does not have a vacuum break booster like most cars. The noise or pulse in the pedal is the system pumping back up because there is no traditional vacuum booster. It had to be designed this way due to all the other controls in the car such as down hill control, etc.
    Not a very good design if you ask me...........
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Not a very good design indeed... typical toyota..patch something together and get it off the showroom floor.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Thanks for everyone's replies. I was looking for this thread to post an update and ended up posting the update in the maintenance and repair section before I remembered where I did the first post. My apologies for the double posting.

    I've now had my 4Runner back in the shop for the 2nd time and received a 4 wheel balance that fixed the problem for a few weeks, but it came back yesterday and appears to be here to stay again. I'll be bringing it back into the shop again shortly. The tech did mention a road balance if this didn't work, but they thought they got it last time. I'll mention the possibility of replacing the tires; although I doubt they do that before trying the more in-depth road balance. I do not know what the difference is in the types of balancing so if anyone would like to share I'd appreciate it.

    I have Michelin tires on my 2002 3rd Gen and love them. If I have to go in a 4th time, I'll see about insisting on new tires.
  • nets46nets46 Posts: 6
    I may have been lucky; have the Trail edition for 2,600 miles with no driving problems, (except some rust on the front suspension that I noticed upon delivery).

    Went 4WD and systems were functioning as specified.
  • rentschlrentschl Posts: 69
    I was disappointed by the 2010 model as a result of it lacking the following:
    -Wanted a v8 option (without having to pay for the Lexus)
    -Wanted a manual transfer case
    -Wanted it to stay the same weight, around 4400 lbs for a Limited.
    -Didn't like the bug eye style rear turn signals that stick out.

    Yes, I hope the put the 4.6 v8 in for 2011.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    Don't forget the old "pole style" antenna and the non-locking gas cap. The antenna was in the rear side windows before and it has a locking gas door.

    ('07 Sport 4Runner w/V8. Almost 80K and still going strong.....)
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Like other previous 4-runner owners, I too am hoping for the v8 and 6 spd in the limited in 2011. There is actually very little difference in gas milage and smoother and Toyota already had it. I cann't believe toyota waisted their time with a 4cyl, when there are many more buyers out there for the v8, 6 spd, locking gas cap, and led tail lights. Does anyone know when toyota will announce the 2011 4-runner so one can order them?
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    According to another website (lefthandlanenews) for 2011 Toyota is dropping the 4 cylinder 4Runner. THE ONLY MOTOR AVAILABLE WILL BE THE V6.

    I guess those of us with V8s will have to look elsewhere when it comes time to replace our 4Runners.
  • foxyesqfoxyesq Posts: 26
    As a 4Runner loyalist I eagerly awaited the redesigned 2010 4Runner as a replacement for my 2005 V-8 Ltd. I was at my dealer the day the new 4Runner arrived and left with a pit in my stomach. How could Toyota do this to what was my favorite truck? As noted in many of the posts on this forum, it is clear that Toyota cut corners to save cash on the new 4Runner. There have also been a number of questions about Toyota's commitment to quality.

    This past weekend, I looked at the 2011 Grand Cherokee. WOW!!! Looks like Chrysler got it right here - at least from a design perspective. The interior and exterior were what I was hoping to find in the new 4Runner. Elegant and classy yet rugged. No antenna frolicking in the wind, LED tail lights, ventilated seats (in Ltd. and Overlander) and a V-8 option. From a looks, ride, options ,and comfort perspective the new Jeep easily tops the 4Runner.

    I would buy this car in a minute (if it were a Toyota, it would have already been in my garage) if it were not for one thing --- its a Chrysler! Edmunds' test model tanked and had to be towed from the middle of nowhere. Jeep blamed this on the fact that the vehicle was an early production model. Apparently, things at Chrysler haven't changed.

    My debate is this: Are the extra features offered on the Jeep (especially V-8) and what I consider a much nicer vehicle, inside and out, outweighed by 4Runner's reputation for longevity quality? Will this new Jeep hold up any better than their past models, especially since the new model borrows heavily from Mercedes technology? Is it wise to wait a year for Jeep to work the kinks out? And, perhaps most importantly, how does the new JGC compare to the new 4Runner?
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    As an old Chrysler fan who ran 60s cars several hundred thousand miles each, including two Furies into Y2K, I gave up on anything new from the company after an 80s Dodge van that still had "new car problems" at 90K. Out of nostalgia, I have followed Chrysler but, from what I continue to discern, would not yet buy one. Despite my complaints on this site about my third Toyota (2nd 4Runner), I have not seen anything as severe as the Chrysler-related problems I encountered and have read about since. While I agree that the 4Runner has slipped in quality, and the bug eyed tailights and patchwork lower door and rocker panels on the 2010 model are real styling setbacks, so far I have experienced 10K (seven months) of trouble free miles with the vehicle. If this trend continues, it trumps the ratty aspects.
  • rcs5rcs5 Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced a "chattering" noise from the passenger seat? If I look at the passenger seat while driving down the road, it is visibly shaking. I know this is a truck and a fully plush ride is not to be expected, but it is kind of annoying.

    Other than this, the truck is GREAT
  • I don't understand the V8 people. The 6 that the 4Runner has is more than adequate, unless you are towing a huge trailer.... I had a 2007 Tahoe with the Vortec V8 and my 2010 4runner feels just as powerful.

    And the Cherokee comparison? Please. The Cherokee's will be discounted and on car rental lots in 2 years despite the re-design. The only good Cherokee is the top of the line which is 46,000!! The Cherokee feels small on the inside compared to the 4Runner. I have a feeling that their are some Chrysler plants on this blog.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    Here is sharing an unpleasant discovery upon finally getting around to rotating the tires on my 2010 purchased last December. The spare is on a cheap steel wheel that does not even come close to matching the other four aluminum wheels. Worse yet, it omits the pressure sensor and transmitter that keeps the low tire pressure alert system from signalling a problem. With the spare tire effectively unusable on a regular basis, Toyota has shortened the life of my tires by about 20%. This is the type of thing that drove me away from Chrysler, GM and Ford!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    edited October 2010
    Sorry Dude!
    Where is the news here? It's a well known fact that the bean counters were involved in the redesign of the new 4Runner. To name a few - no locking gas cap, no L.E.D. tail lights, old fashion radio antenna, and now your telling us a steel spare tire?

    That's really no surprise.

    BTW-if you really wanted to go through the trouble, you could rotate the spare by dismounting it and putting it on one of your regular rims, and then take that tire and mount it on the spare. It may be cost prohibitive to do it this way.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    You're certainly right about it being cost prohibitive (unless I damage one of the regular tires). Also, you have to add in the cost of doing it at a Toy Dealer to assure that the pressure sensor assy continues to work. I found out the hard way with my '04 that the gadgets are very sensitive and easily rendered inoperative by regular tire shops. Of course, the alternative would be to give up on having the tire sensors work. As you pointed out, the bean counters are wrecking the brand.
  • At, I tried to compare the 2010 LTD with the 2011Ltd. It twice reported that there was an error. Probably there is no change for 2011. There is no V8 option yet. Has anyone heard of any new options or changes/improvements of any kind for 2011?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I just ordered a 2011. The only difference is the sliding cargo rack in the back is now optional instead of standard for the Limited. That is why the MSRP price is slightly less for the 2011 limited verses the 2010. Otherwise there are no color changes or anything else as far as I can tell.
  • After a year of driving and research I selected the 2011 Four Runner SR5 with leather sunroof etc. It has met my expectations, when you reach for something it is in the right place, very quiet comfortable ride on the highway. I see a lot of people carping about what it does not have like padded dash, wood trim, locking gas cap etc. but non of these are important to a good driving choice. Spend some time
    in one, it fits a lot of needs for its price level. Plenty of cargo space, decent miles per gallon of regular gas, enough power, fit and finish is very good. It sits you up high with an old fashion feel of strength with good handling. It is not a sports car that takes curves with abandon but it is quite fun to drive.
    If like me you are here researching what to buy I hope this helps assure you this is a good choice if you like a big strong feel when you drive.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    It may suit you, but this new gen will never be for me. I'm treating my '08 Limited with 24k miles as if it is a classic. With the dollar now trading below 82 yen, mine would sell new for over US$56k. In percentage terms, the resale value of previous gens will be substantially higher than this latest decontented model.
  • um, that's totally bizarre. setting aside the standard Torsen on the 4th gen (which 95% of people know—and care—absolutely zero about), the "decontenting" amounts to what? no LEDs; locking gas cap; tailgate-assist motor; projector headlights? ok stuff, sure, but remember Toyota added things: roomier cabin; Optitron gauges; USB input; better ergonomics and intelligently designed HVAC controls; auto-up/down all windows; LandCruiser trickledowns like KDSS, multi-terrain and crawl mode...

    by all means, continue to enjoy and take care of your '08. but sorry, you're totally deluded if you think the 5th gen will be devalued in comparison to the 4th gen. they're both good vehicles.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    The decontenting is real and necessary. These vehicles are 100% contented and assembled in Japan. Since August 2008 the dollar has plummeted over 36% against the yen. You are dillusional if you think you are getting anywhere near the value in a 5th gen than what was offered by 4th gens.
  • wow! you were so lucky to get the last valuable 4Runner before the dollar dropped! pity all those suckers thinking their newly redesigned LandCruisers are actually worth something. /sarcasm

    yeah, i get that the dollar's dropped; and that the 4Runner (thankfully) has always been built in Japan. but like i said before, both the 4th gen and 5th gen 4Runner are good vehicles.

    and sorry to dispel your illusions, but it's delusional.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    edited October 2010
    This reply is to Post #723. Among your minus points you need to add the difficulty of changing the oil filter (severe enough that many shops may not do it but say they did), lack of matching spare tire with auto pressure sensor warning, disappearance of storage compartment doors in cargo area, reappearance of an external radio antenna, loss of the “nice” running boards (vs. the current narrow dealer-installed versions), bulging, rear vision-distracting tail lights and the chopped up piecemeal body sections interfacing with the rocker panels.

    Of course, even in the face of the foregoing, and the negatives you list, the ultimate measure of value applied by many of us is trouble-free operation for years and miles. Knowledge of how that most important issue works out is, hopefully, a long time in the future.
  • stateofmainestateofmaine Posts: 30
    edited October 2010
    those are all excellent points, but none of those items will make the 2010+ perceived to be any less valuable than the previous generation. a fair number of those are completely subjective, frankly.

    i also forgot to mention the addition of things like the factory rear locker on the Trail, heated wipers, and the addition of the backup camera and/or sonar... not to mention the beefier and reinforced 150 platform frame, stronger rear axle with 8.18" ring gear (4th gen had 7.87"), improved fuel economy and additional power of the dual VVTI V6 across the board, etc, etc...

    i agree with you completely that the proof is in the pudding: how the new model holds up. i just think it's unfounded lunacy for folks to assert that the 4th gen is "more valuable" yadda-yadda. their individual plusses and minuses notwithstanding, they're both excellent vehicles.
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 703
    state - I agree with you 100%.

    Tired of the "clinger oners" going on and on about how they can never look at the new 4 runner...enough all ready! :shades:
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Yes, the correct word I was looking for was "delusional." Thanks!
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293 4runner-cr.htm

    “The Grand Cherokee is a big improvement over the previous model, with refinement on par with models that cost a lot more,” said David Champion, senior director of the auto test centre. “The 4Runner, which still uses a body-on-frame design, is disappointing on the road. The 4Runner doesn’t let you forget you’re driving a truck.”

    They rated the redesigned (and decontented)">link title 4Runner at the bottom of its class.
  • however, this little chestnut says it all: "Although the Grand Cherokee scored so well in testing, CR can't make it recommended—at least not quite yet—because of the Grand Cherokee's lackluster record for reliability."

    honestly, tsu670, we get it: you don't like the new 4Runner. move on. it's over.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Just curious, where did you get your quote from? Perhaps we are reading different articles. Oh, here, I think I found it: and-cherokee-tops-toyota-4runner

    The link I provided in the previous post has the following statement:
    "The Grand Cherokee is too new for Consumer Reports to have reliability data, and the 4Runner scored too low in the magazine’s testing to recommend it. The magazine only recommends vehicles that have performed well in its tests, have at least average predicted reliability, and performed at least adequately if crash-tested or included in a government rollover test."

    I would imagine CR stopped deciding to recommend the 4Runner after the "vehicles that performed well in its tests" phase of analysis. There's no reason to believe the new 4Runner would not "have at least average predicted reliability, and performed at least adequately if crash-tested or included in a government rollover test." The 4Runner has always had high reliability and safety ratings, and one can reasonably hope Toyota didn't compromise on those factors in its decontenting of the latest version.

    Personally, however, if it were time to replace our '08 4Runner Limited, I would seriously look at the new Jeep. leads-37-chrysler-group-sales-rise-/1

    Not saying I would necessarily buy one, but would certainly give it a fair shake, especially in comparison to the new 4Runner. I, too, would be concerned about Chrysler reliability, especially on a 1st year production run of a new version. Might be worth waiting a year or two. Same goes for the 4Runner. The dollar/yen ratio might someday improve substantially.

    Thank you for the opportunity to rebut.
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