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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • oops, my bad. instead of clicking your link i googled it (for some inexplicable reason) and hit upon that Car Connection article first. glad you found it, though.

    "The 4Runner doesn't let you forget you're driving a truck." sure sounds like CR penalized the new 4Runner for its "back to its [truck] roots" credo with the 5th generation design. my read on that is that CR placed a premium on a car-like ride and handling; the unibody, IFS/IRS Grand Cherokee delivers on that, of course. but for those of us who want, well, a truck, it just won't suit. different strokes, as they say.

    Chrysler is really betting the farm on the new GC (they have to, after all!) and early anecdotal reports indicate the creature comforts are evident, but one can't ignore the company's storied history of crap reliability. the fact that 90 days ago Edmunds' 2011 Grand Cherokee test vehicle blew its power steering pump and threw its serpentine belt—requiring it to be towed home—is likely a strong indication that nothing has changed but the window dressing, i'm afraid.

    but, like you said, time will tell. cheers.
  • want to add to my previous post that there is a big difference in how reasonable the "wait and see" approach is in buyers' consideration of these two vehicles. namely:

    the Grand Cherokee (Jeep itself, more broadly) has a well-founded/deserved reputation for poor quality stretching back many, many years. every mention of Jeep on this sub-forum has come with that caveat and commensurate hesitation, and the professional auto reviewers never fail to make note of it in their critiques either. the new JGC is an attempted "reboot" by a company that in the past decade has been bought and sold, filed for bankruptcy, and is now at the start of a new partnership (with Fiat of all companies... don't get me started). given the state of the american auto industry, of course there's a certain allure to the notion of a homegrown brand making good again, rising from the ashes, and winning out the day. it makes for an awesome story; i'm not immune to its appeal. however, the fact is that the JGC comes burdened by a family history—quality improvements must be deep to be substantive and lasting. and quite honestly, the fact that Chrysler has now grafted its already questionable DNA with Fiat... well, it just doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies, let's say.

    the 4Runner, on the other hand is the 5th generation of a venerable brand, manufactured—as from the start—in Toyota's renowned Tahara plant with LandCruiser and Lexus models whose build quality exudes, well, quality. the 4Runner's new Prado 150 platform is an evolution of a trusted foundation that's proven its mettle and earned a rock-solid reputation for more than 25 years. despite the public drubbing it took last year, (and odd how the NHTSA's recent findings were nowhere near as widely publicized by the press) Toyota's quality system is still considered the gold standard and emulated worldwide.

    buyers looking at a new 4Runner aren't asking themselves, "it's nice, but is it going to last?" because they don't have to. it's a stark contrast with the same inner monologue played out at a Jeep dealer, because that's the way it is. people will compare feature-by-feature, but when it comes to Toyota, the question of quality is simply off the table.

    yes, yes, yen -v- USD, decontenting, blah, blah... those are real things, sure, but if you think that Toyota hit the "sloppy switch" on the 2010 4Runner assembly line because of the currency exchange—and that if the USD/yen ratio improves they'll return it to the "quality setting"—well, that's just bananas. yes, bananas.

    your attitude about the 4th gen being the last "valuable" 4Runner is like a high school student chanting "Class of 2010 sucks! Class of 2008 ROCKS!!" they're both great vehicles borne of a storied history of great vehicles. and you do them both a disservice by presenting the 2011 JGC and 2010 4Runner as a parity choice.
  • Hmm, I play with the seat constantly trying to get comfortable in this new '11 4Runner SR5. I just can't see to find any setting that's good. Why? If the steering wheel dropped a little more, maybe it would be doable. So it's not me then, and I'm in Sales on the road. Looks like I'll trade it in for the new Durango or Ford Explorer which I was waiting for but just couldn't wait any longer. My last Toyota was a '90 4x4 reg cab p/u I bought new back then and need I say any more about horrible seating. My last vehicle was an '01 MDX of which there is no seating comparison! It was super! I went back and forth coparing Highlander to 4Runner and decided on this since I tow but why can't they get it right! I just can't tolerate horrible seating.
  • I am in sales too. I own an '05 Sport -V8-2WD. It's a great vehicle but I couldn't Imaging driving it every day in sales. We tow a 5,000 pound travel trailer. The 4Runner is on a truck frame, there is no getting around this.

    I suspect there are more than just lousy seats causing your problems.

    The MDX is a great vehicle with a uni body chassis and front (or all wheel?) drive.

    It is NOTHING LIKE the 4Runner.

    You would have been better off with the Highlander for every day driving, but it would not have met your towing requirements.

    You can't have very thing. That Durango will ride like a truck as well.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    I never once said Toyota hit "the sloppy switch" regarding quality of the latest gen 4Runner. I actually said I believed quality would not change.

    First you misrepresent a statement of an article I linked that you admitted turned out to be from another article entirely, then you misrepresented my direct words. What appeared to be a potentially intelligent conversation instead turned disappointing. Perhaps for others reading this thread it isn't difficult to see where the "bla, bla, bla" is really coming from.
  • stateofmainestateofmaine Posts: 30
    edited December 2010
    it goes without saying that "sloppy switch" was a colorful euphemism to describe your previously stated opinion that the 5th gen 4runner is a lesser vehicle than the 4th gen. i'm sorry if i misinterpreted statements like the following to mean that you were calling its quality into question:

    "The 4Runner has always had high reliability and safety ratings, and one can reasonably hope Toyota didn't compromise on those factors in its decontenting of the latest version.
    I, too, would be concerned about Chrysler reliability, especially on a 1st year production run of a new version. Might be worth waiting a year or two. Same goes for the 4Runner. The dollar/yen ratio might someday improve substantially."

    honestly, when i read your words again, it's difficult for me to arrive at a different conclusion, but in any case, i did not "misrepresent [your] direct words". based on your saying above that you believe "quality would not change" it would seem that i misinterpreted them, though i would be surprised to learn that i was alone in that interpretation. 

    secondly, yes, i admitted that i mistakenly quoted a different article reporting the exact same Consumer Reports story (CR is behind a paywall; can't link to the story directly). again, there was no misrepresentation; i explained the error. having said that, the quote from the article i sourced was that CR could not recommend the new JGC due to its "lackluster reliability" — which is a fact no matter which article you happened to read. moreover, the spirit of the article i quoted was precisely the same as the one you originally linked to because, obviously, they were reporting the exact same CR test results. the differences are trivial and ultimately immaterial. further, the quote "The 4Runner doesn’t let you forget you’re driving a truck” is indeed from the article you linked to in your post. 

    please illuminate me as to how any of that amounts to "misrepresentation"? ... "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." - Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride.

    i regret that you feel a "potentially intelligent conversation turned disappointing." i feel i've made some exceedingly cogent (if impassioned) points and, like anyone on the Internet, leave it to readers to separate the wheat from the chaff for themselves.
  • I sold my 2004 4Runner Sport Edition (which I drove for 80K miles) and purchased a 2010 Limited - loaded w/ nav, premium sound, etc. I feel that the 2010 is a huge improvememt over the predecessor. The interior is roomier, instrumentation is laid out much better, is more driver friendly, and is much more comfortable..period!. It has plenty of power but is a bit more sluggish than the 04 (maybe from added weight?) but then again, it's an SUV not a sports car. The ride is extremely smooth and I do not hear any strange noises. I have read earlier complaints about the brake pedal, but my 04 did that too (as well as other vehicles that I've owned) & its barely noticeable. I love the exterior is much more aggressive looking. The only 2 complaints that I have are that the slide out cargo table is pretty much useless & just takes up space and I wish that the antenna was built in like on earlier models. Otherwise, I love it! 12,000 miles driven so far.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    Good continued luck with your 2010. I'm coming up on 15K with mine, after a year; so far, so good.
  • Wow... a great thread of nitpickers...

    1. Someone comparing a $40k vehicle's comfort to a $80k+ vehicles comfort. Well, at least he did acknowledge that the $80k vehicle was perhaps not very reliable.

    2. Someone keeps on harping about the greatness of a Jeep.

    3. Little annoyances like the lack of locking for the gas cap, bug's eye like protrusion of the side lights etc... btw, it is amazing that my wife picked at all those little nits after just walking around the vehicle at the dealer's and the test ride.

    There are some serious complaints like the hissing brake which deserves careful attention. Otherwise, I think I just read a bunch of pages with nit pickers trying to portray inconvenience as a problem. I think they knew that going in and should not have purchased the vehicle as those were pretty obvious at the first glance.

    Now that you have the vehicle, why not just try to enjoy it and have fun :)
  • Well here is my take on this conversation. I had a 95 Jeep GC with the V8 (318 cid) and it hauled balls, but it went through brakes like crazy and it had electrical gremlins up the [non-permissible content removed].
    I then bought a 97 T4R SR5 and still own it to this day with it now having 154,000 miles. Truck is totally undestructable.
    Yes it has no locking gas cap, and it has the poll antenna with no longer works, no LED's, no heated mirrors, etc, etc. But the truck is depenable as hell.
    I never buy the first year production of a new MY and I will probably keep mt Runner or give it to my daugher who wants it bad, but I am just soooo nervous about buying a new Runner because they just don't make them like they used to. But if and when I need to buy a new truck the 4Runner will be number one on my list.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Please don't shoot the messenger:

    4th Gen Better Than 5th
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    Well - it looks like those of us who are 4th Generation owners and who have said on this board that the "bean counters" were too involved in the 5th Generation design have finally been vindicated.

    Let's review - mast antenna, no locking gas cap, no V8, no LED tail lights, etc.

    Toyota has turned the 4Runner in to a low-volume niche seller.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    And the biggies: torsion differential and running boards also gone. Is it true Toyo also decontented the projector headlights? Note: today the dollar traded at ¥78.86. Two and a half years ago the dollar fetched ¥130, a 40% difference. It is somewhat amazing that Toyota is still producing 4Runners for the U.S. market.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    They are still producing the Sequoia, another low volume seller. The Landcruiser too, but I believe the LC is sold elsewhere.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    edited March 2011
    "The (new redesigned) 4Runner doesn't handle very well. It basically bobs down the road. We'd also like a nicer interior for over $37,000. Plus, when you're driving, it's pretty loud inside," said the Consumer Reports' Tom Mutchler.

    Consumer reports stated in this article stating that the new "redesigned" models inc. the Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota 4Runner and others were actually inferior to the models they replaced.

    Maybe they did hit the "sloppy switch".
  • jcatan3jcatan3 Posts: 4
    The 4Runner is a true off road vehicle & built for that purpoose. Maybe Tom Muchier needs to stick with a crossover or a car. Most people who buy SUV's don't even see off road & they should just stick to cars or minivans if the ride & road noise is their main concern. In addition, I was an owner of an '04 4Runner and now a '10 4Runner & the interior is a HUGE improvement.

    So, if you're looking for a true off road SUV the buy the 4Runner since that is what it was engineered for. If you're looking for a smooth quiet ride then buy a crossover. :mad:
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Just curious. Do the new 5th generation 4Runners come with software that deactivates the Electronic Throttle Control System when the brake pedal is applied?
  • mt2000mt2000 Posts: 5
    I just saw the 2011 4Runner on the street. Wow, this thing is ugly!

    Very disappointing, since I am kind of looking at a new SUV and the 4Runner was on top of my list.

    Until the Prius and the first Scion, I always though of Toyota as having rather poor design, kind of being the Japanese Oldsmobile.

    But the Prius and the Scion, as well as the rather over-designed FJ Cruiser made me think Toyota is getting a bit younger and more stylish.

    Well, the new 4Runner is just garish :( It's like a GM truck without the gold logo.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Don't know. I just read an article in the June 2011 Car and Driver magazine that goes to great lengths to explain how the gov't has COMPLETELY EXPLAINED that Toyota is not at fault with SUA.

    I am a subscriber, so it's probably not on the newstands yet, but check it out when it comes.
  • blackdog4blackdog4 Posts: 67
    I didn't buy my 2011 Ltd for its looks but for its off road handling. However in the 5 months that I have owned it, I have had numerous compliments on its appearance. "Beauty is in the eye ........".
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    I also get compliments on my '08 4th gen, primarily at the boat ramp. Folks like the LED taillights, projector headlights and the lights on the running boards.
  • jcatan3jcatan3 Posts: 4
    If you want a "pretty" SUV, then go ahead & buy yourself a cute little pink Ford Explorer or Jeep Cherokee & see what happens when you go off road. They will be nice & pretty and ride like a car on the road (which everyone seems to be looking for here) but will bottom out & lose alignment, get stuck & need to get towed back onto the road by a 4Runner. I have gotten many complements on my 5th Gen 4Runner, but didn't buy it for its looks.
  • mellot67mellot67 Posts: 1
    I've have my 2011 4 Runner since December 2010. I have had many compliments on it. But I didn't buy mine for looks either. It drives great in the snow, after a record 7 snows in my area this past winter, I never slid in the snow, not even once. Also with the flooding rain this year, it handles great. It is sort of a big beast of a ride, but it makes me feel like queen of the road and there is no where I cannot go. And yes, Toyota only recommends changing the oil every 10,000. But you still have to bring it in every 5,000 for a check up and tire rotation. I call my 4 runner my 10 year plus ride. And I love the fact that it drives like a truck, if I wanted something that drove like car, I would have gotten the highlander.
  • edmorpfh1edmorpfh1 Posts: 1
    does anybody have any idea of which mp3 players are compatible with audio system???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Have you held off on a car purchase because you're waiting for a better deal? Or did you go ahead and buy because you assume car prices could just rise even further this summer? An Associated Press reporter would like to talk with you. Please send your contact information to Aaron Lewis at"
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    For everything audio
  • turboiiiturboiii Posts: 1
    my 2011 ltd with 13000km have the same hissing when step on the brake pedal and the floor vibrates when accelerate.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Hey all, just got a 2011 SR5 4WD. Love it. I don't mind the hissing brakes but it does make a sound like a camera shutter after I start it up, shift into gear and start driving away. Anybody have a clue as to what this is?
  • I been driving back and fourth to maryland to houston texas and my gas highway mileage per gallon is 31 to 33 miles truck now is almost maybe 65 thousand miles never been at the shop only regular oil change every 3,500 miles with synthetic mobil 5w30.
    I am very amazed with my 4runner 2007 4 wheel drive ...
    if you wanna save gas and emission free contact me because,I did some modification of my engine with regular OEM hardware..
  • my 4runner 2007 4 wheel drive highway mileage is 31 to 33 miles a gallon and its proven 3 times already while,I am driving back and fourth to Maryland and houston texas...
    city mileage runs around 18.8 to 21 so far....
    I have almost 65thousand miles but never been at the shop yet only oil changes at approximate every 3,500 miles with synthetic mobil 1 brake never been change until I bought the truck and coolant still full also at the same time my brake fluid.....this truck is the best toy,I ever had in my it so much....
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