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Chrysler Concorde Electrical Issues



  • Yes I ran across this also, I found the electrical connection at the ignition switch was loose. All I did was tighten each connector & problem fixed. Very easy.
  • palhal1palhal1 Posts: 2
    My goodness. If this turns out to fix my problem, you will be designated as a bona-fide saint. I will take this to the dealer first thing Monday morning. I was ready to start car shopping for another car (not my first choise to do).
    Thank you for your input.
  • darnetta1darnetta1 Posts: 2
    Hal, did what Ken said work?
    I have a 98 Concorde, my ABS light came on Monday, with that my windows became stuck in the up position, turn signals won't work and my AC/heat won't come on. It's well in the 90's here and this is my only vehicle. It takes me 7 minutes to get to work and I feel like I'm going to pass out everyday while on my way in since the internal temp is so high. I've been walking everywhere else. I've heard it could also be the fuse board, whatever that is. Please answer, thanks
  • the problem, for a few weeks I was having my car not turn over when I would turn the ignition but when that would happen I would just turn the key over and over and after a few turns it would start but this was intermittent.
    Recently I was driving and had the ABS light TRAK OFF light and sortly after the battery light came on also and I noticed that when to much power was being drawn it was having an affect on the other electrical stuff. the dash lights flicked and the radio would turn off and on the computer display by the rear view mirror would light up like at car starts and then turn to its display and this would happen about the same time as the radio would I later just turned off the radio.
    I removed the alternator and had it checked and was told it was good, battery tested out good also.
    was told that the problem could be my alternator relay because it is not located on my alternator or maybe my ECU
    jumped car to move car then jumped car again and drive to town, no change same as before. but also had car try and have power cut out on me twice, then a few miles later power cut out. battery acted dead anuff that it didn't want to charge or I just did not give it time anuff for it to charge. car now has all lights in dash light up and flicker then go normal after after a few seconds, when key is turned lights flicker off will not start also.
    would appreciate any help anyone can give,
  • I'm having the same problem and just starting to look in to it. I was wondering if you had it fixed or did you get a new car, But it looks like I will be spending the day...week...or year looking for the issue wish me luck.
  • cgreenficgreenfi Posts: 1
    I recently started having the same issue with my '01 Concorde, but it only happens when the car's sitting out in the heat for a very long time (6-9 hrs). Airbag light goes on, directionals won't work, windows won't roll up or down, and the AC blower won't run! Impossible to drive when it's 95 outside and about 120 in the car! Normally, I can drive about 15 feet, turn key to off, restart and it will then work. Some days it takes a few tries, but today, after about 15 minutes of driving in the parking lot, I gave up. Luckily I left each window down about an inch, so I survived. Drove about 10 miles, when I came to a red light, I turned the car off and back on, and it worked! Wasn't happening when I got oil change, so mechanic couldn't check it out! Hoping to replace this car soon (157k miles), but not today! Any ideas other than waiting for a cool front?
  • darnetta1darnetta1 Posts: 2
    What the problem for me ended up being was the ignition switch. Initially my brother went to the junk yard and found a car like mine and changed the part where the key goes in to start the car. (making me need a key for my doors, another to start) It seemed to work but only for a short time. I finally took it to Midas and it was the actual switch, which had that been done first I wouldn't have needed the extra key. Weird, something like that would disable windows and ac. That car caught fire, (diff issue) and I now have a new one
  • tonya9tonya9 Posts: 2
    We are having the same problem with our 98'concorde. Anything and everything that could be replaced on this car, has been replaced. Now recently.. The battery light came on, then went off, and now is back on. As my husband was driving down the hi-way, the darn thing dropped down 3 gears and shut off on him.I know this dumb car has electrical problems, but we are really hoping it is just the alternator. We have a extra battery inside for back up. been having starting problems for a while now. It would run great, then you stop and turn off car and then nothing. wont start. so sick of this car.. :mad: never again will I buy a chrysler!!! So many problems all the time, and this is just to name one of the MANY problems we have had with this car since day one.. husband got so fed up, he went out and bought a new car that day... :)
  • tonya9tonya9 Posts: 2
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: 98' CHRYSLER CONCORDE 2.7 L engine
  • jsigjsig Posts: 1
    1999 Chrysler Concorde draw on the battery from fuse 7 and 19. what can i do to fix this. the fuses are for (fuse#7) illum lamps/part lamps.and (fuse#19) lnterior lamps. i have gone thru everthing in side for the car and unhooked all for lights but its still there
  • I am having the same problem with my concorde. I have replaced the battery and almost shelled out for an alternator, but didn't. I am wondering if you repaired or replaced your concorde? i have had it with this car. I like it a lot but I just want it to run like it did on October 5, 2011 when I bought it. I am not able to return it and have already replaced the tie-rod ends (inner and outer), alignment, battery, and almost the alternator. Please help...
  • unfortunately i think the problems most are experiencing with their concordes is due to faulty or incompetent chrysler service personnel. if you can find a local mechanic to diagnose problems, sometimes you're much better off. i've always been spooked by the chrysler dealerships in my city as grossly incompetent and interested only in getting you to pay the highest bill possible.
    i am having similar problems and have been for a couple of years now. key locking in ignition, engine not turning over when key is turned, ALL dash lights staying lit with gauges dead, AC on but blowing out hot air, has gotten so bad I am finally taking the car to my mechanic for several days while he finds the electrical short (which he thinks it is, (not the BCM).
  • I have a 94 concorde abs,and airbag lights on, ac does not work and power windows, Im getting power to the window harness they just dont go down and power to the climate control switch also, any sugestions
  • my 2000 concord xl had a little short in the steering column, i saw a puff of smoke, smelled burned wiring for a few seconds, now no tail lights, dash lights, radio, no power to the windows. they will all work when leaving the high low beam arm on the column engaged except the windows. can anyone tell me if its a relay or a fuse? where its located? if thats the issue?
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