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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds



  • Hey saw your post and had to respond. '04 pilot w/ now 146k I get that noise at48 mph seems like left front in mine, though. Tried using higher octane...but not sure if my music was louder or it
  • Thx for your post and please keep us all posted. That's still the best description - a snort or a puff/blast of air hitting the front-end. And yes, it's also most noticeable between 35-45 MPH. I don't think I hear anything at higher speeds. I'm now @ 90K so will be taking my '03 Pilot into dealership by end of CY and will ask my techs @ dealership. If any results, I will be sure to report. I do hope your mechanic is correct in terms of no mechanical issues...some type of air baffle issue I think but it's very odd. And worse, my tach will move as well. Let me know if yours does as well when you hear those puffs of air. Thx again. - TNpilot
  • caugncaugn Posts: 30
    Same issue here, '03 Pilot with 140k miles. It's been going on for a couple of years now. I've fully dismantled the under side of the vehicle with the exception of pulling the transmission and found NOTHING wrong. Told my wife to turn up the stereo so she couldn't hear it. If you find anything with the dealer, please let us know.
  • Last friday had my mechanic do a trans flush and replace the fluid. changed the diff fluid, rotated the tires and replace all the plastic clips of the undercarriage. he believed it was the trans kicking in and out of overdrive at about 45 mph. good for the weekend, we'll see.
  • Interesting, esp. with respect to plastic clips. Granted, the transmission will shift into overdrive around 45-47 MPH but I'm not yet convinced that that's the issue. Something seems to just loose enough under the vehicle that at certain speeds/conditions it vibrates thus resulting in both noise (puffs/snorts) as well as enough vibration (at least in my case) to cause the tach needle to move slightly. I should be back to Honda dlrship in late Dec/early Jan to describe symptoms.

    Thx again for your response and let us know if this work has reduced/eliminated your noises. TNpilot
  • Just wondering if you have identified the problem with the car, 'cause mine has the same problem and there is nothing loose in the car, the effect is as if there is a ball hanging on a rope and swinging, the moment the car comes to an halt the ball just hits the body! Please do let me know.
  • I have a 2003 Honda Pilot. When accelerating a whining noise can be heard. When you let off the throttle the noise goes away so the noise is only heard under a load. I have made sure it is not a bad ground connection on the radio and I have also checked for diconnected vacuum lines and have found none. Not sure what to check next? Have not had the "D" light flash, the check engine light come on or any transmission slippage. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I finally took in my 03 Pilot for 90K svc at which time dealer replaced VTM-4 fluid. As of now, about 1 week since, no snorting noise. They also replaced the transmission fluid but prior to the svc I mentioned this snorting/puffing of air and they (Honda dealer in Mem) claimed they had not rec'd a similar complaint -- but thought that it was possible that the replacing the rear differential fluid could resolve. Don't know any more than that but I'll advise the group if the snorting noise returns...but for far so good. TN Pilot
  • Thanks. Will change fluids, soon.
  • My mechanic was trying to diagnose the snorting issue and discovered the Front and R Front engine mounts were failing. During replacement, He noticed the engine had shifted toward the drivers side. Parts Desk told me the life of these mounts is about 80k. (mine 77k). Ironically, the snorting isn't as loud, but it still there when changing gears, 35-45mph. Will replace Trans fluid next.
    But my advice to all is check your engine mounts. He said the torque was lifting my motor over 3".
  • i created an account on here because of this blog. I have an 03 pilot with 151k on it and i love it, ive had all of the talked about problems and a whole lot more but i have the keys to the local mechanics shop so i go there after hours and tinker with my pilot. im in college so i dont have the cash to be paying diagnostic test being run on my vehicle everytime something comes up. i have the shuttering problem...happens when the vehicle is trying to decide to come out of overdrive back down a gear...its like its confusing itself and not sending the right fluid pressure to let it shift properly or maintain overdrive. (this is a torque converter problem). my mother had an 04 with 118k on it and my buddy worked at honda and told me that it was a torque converter and not the entire transmission....i also have the tac needle movement and havent diagnosed it. i have a hunch that it is electrical. a surge in power by the alternator can cause this...or so im told by my home town mech. i havent heard any puffs of air or anything like that, just the normal slight sound of the engine going from 1400 rmps to 1600...other than that nothing. so far my vehicle has had all routine maintainance done by the book bc ive only owned it about 10 months....but i was a mech in the navy so im gonna try from here. other things to look out for noise wise is almost a bed spring sort of noise when coming off of an uneven surface. this is just a spring shifting usually happens when the last tire is joining the other three on the even surface. only happens at very slow speeds usually under 5 mph. i will keep you posted on these problems and let you know if i figure them out. right now im experiencing very loud rumbling on the road. my tires could be just really worn but it almost sounds like wheel barings. i changed all 4 three months ago so id like to think its not. im gonna drain and change the differential fluid and see what that does....
  • Well, @ 101.5K miles I had my '03 Pilot in for her new timing belt, water pump, and tensioner at the end of Sep. Per these threads, I also asked them to check the engine mounts. The engine mounts were all fine and I didn't detect any snorting noise/tach movement for the first few weeks. But now for the last few weeks I'll still hear an occasional snort @ ~ 45-48 MPH. Doesn't happen quite as often or as loud as in prior 6 mos but still there. Not sure what to do...will replace plugs, etc. at the next oil change but have already changed out transmission fluid, rear differential fluid, and now the timing belt, etc. but still there yet less noticeable. Will continue to monitor but still no firm resolution thus far...
  • I have about 5,000 miles on my Pilot and when I hit about 50 mph and increase speed or hit 50 mph and take my foot off the gas and let car decelerate I haer an moanining type of sound from the fron of the car, seems to come from the tires. Does this sound like a problem with the bearings?

    Has anyone else had this issue?
  • omg! its the idle valve EAC control unit. common problem on odysseys and pilots. causes fantom revvings and intake gusts at random occasions and rpms.
  • I'm not familiar with EAC control it an expensive part and labor to replace? What happens if you ignore it - will it get worse damage anything else? This is the 1st I've heard a potential root cause on this issue...and how did you learn this? Thx for any insights you can share with us Pilot owners...
  • hoss33hoss33 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Honda Pilot EXL w/ 137,000 miles. Around 45 mph, it sounds as thought I am driving over rumble strips/ speed bumps (?). I am not sure if it is from the front or rear. I have replaced left front wheel bearing and tie rod ends, flushed the differential and the transmission fluid. When a TECH rides with me-there is no sound that we cn hear. But it is still there and I wonder what it might be.
  • So it has been a year, what happened?

    I have the exact same issue. Thanks.
  • Does anyone out there own a 2012 Honda Pilot that moans and vibrates under the floorboard when the car is idling and the A/C is on and the issue goes away when the A/C is turned off? What are your findings and results?
  • We have a 2012 Honda Pilot EXL 4WD with about 10,500 miles on it. We brought the truck to the dealer for an oil and filter change and also told them to checkout a noise and vibration from the passanger floor. It only happens when the AC cycles on. The dealer first replaced the compressor on Tueasday then replaced the serpentine belt tensioner on Wednesday. Still no luck. they have placed a call into Honda's tech line and Honda is aware of the problem but they do not as of yet have a solution. Someone from corporate is comming next week to take a look at the truck. If you have this same noise make sure the dealer just doesn't start replacing parts at random. Honda doesn't even know how to fix it yet.
  • Please feel free to read my post I submitted this week. I was at the dealer and they just started to replace parts, atarting with the AC compressor and the tensioner pully. After the noise did not go away they called HONDA. Honda is aware of the problem but do not have a TSB for the issue as of yet. You and I are going to have to live with the problem until they come up with a solution. They noise in our car started at about 10,000 miles.
  • Keep me updated. Iam picking up mine Tom. From the dealership. Same issue. They replaced the power steering pump. But no luck and same explanation about callingmthe tech line. Should I - ask the representative in thisnare to look at it. Help. I
    This mynfirst time buying a car.
  • Just got a call from the Honda dealer today. They have been great! Honda is aware of the problem and it is only on the 2012 Pilots. R&D are working on the problem and have yet to come up with a solution. They are taking lists of customers names and once a solution ie: bracket or retrofit is made they will issue a TSB and get the trucks into service and fix the affe3cted trucks.
  • I am going through the same issue as we speak. I opened a case with Honda as well and they are stating it is under investigation. I heard it will be sometime before getting a fix if any.
  • toiletducktoiletduck Posts: 6
    edited September 2012
    I have 2012 pilot touring 4wd. in Illinois purchased 6 months ago. i started complaining few weeks after we used the ac for the first time in april 2012 . same issues as you have. opened up a case number from america honda but its been several months. i keep following up every month, but still no fix. i guess we just have to live with it. i am really disappointed .
  • Same here i got it in November, (2012 EX-L) I started to hear the noise and vibration at around 5k miles, dealer replace AC compressor but not help they call HOnda but no solutions yet its been 9 months without solutions im not sure if Honda even care??? yet i do check with them once every week to see if they come up with anything but as of today OCT, 11 NO LUCK !!!
  • Do we really have to live with it? where is the law?
  • I believed all 2012 Honda Pilot having this issues, so if you planing to buy think twice, Honda aware of the problem but let see how long until they found a solution
  • i guess i will ok without AC for now here in ILLINOIS . i am hoping by April 2013 that there will be a fix cause by then we will be needing AC again and hear that annoying sound. Lemon Law ???? i dont know anymore. no more HONDA for now
  • rglockrglock Posts: 6
    This noise will still bother you all winter long. Your defroster works with the AC on and not the AC off. So at start up while you are waiting for the windows to defrost the moise will still be there. It may also be magnified due to the lower outside temperature. I am still waiting for a fix for this problem as well. I do not want to go through arbitration with Honda but it may come to that.
  • here is a copy of the letter I faxed to Honda's executive office.
    : I have recently purchased a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring, that is producing a loud humming noise and vibration when the A/C unit is running.
    My case # is N012012-10-2301318
    For over nine months now, based on the research I have conducted Honda has been aware of the problem of a annoyingly loud humming noise accompanied by a vibration in the gas pedal and brake pedal when running the A/C unit. I have addressed this issue with the dealership where I purchased the vehicle and was told the problem was due to the bracket holding the power steering reservoir. However, Honda has not come up with a fix for this issue. Today, I contacted your 800 # to get a case # even though my dealership has put my name on their list as well. My concern is very simple. I purchased this vehicle in good faith, that I was dealing with a leader in the automotive industry. One that would not under any circumstance allow any issue to go uncorrected, yet I cannot get anybody to even tell me if Honda is working on the problem, will fix the problem, how much longer it will take to correct the problem or will do nothing about the problem. I find the lack of information to your consumers to be of the utmost concern. If you are not aware of the problem, then you are not listening and or reading about the many complaints about this issue.
    I would sincerely appreciate if somebody who is responsible for insuring that issues of this type are addressed, would contact me with an update as to how much longer I will have to deal with this issue.


    A.Michael Scavone
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