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Lexus ES 350 Transmission Issues



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you stay off the brakes the transaxle WILL NOT automatically downshift which results in engine compression braking and 3000RPM.
  • My dad had purchased a car about 5 days ago, with approximately <100 miles on the vehicle. on 1/1/11 with approximately 260 miles, my fathers 2011 es350 was speeding and slowing down, and was not functioning properly while on the freeway. It was shaking due to the rapid deceleration and acceleration of the vehicle. He had nearly got into an accident (with my grandmother in the car). But managed to get it into manual electronic shifting (don't know what lexus calls it) and the unpredictable movement of the car was less than it was before.

    He had managed to get it to Cerritos Auto square where he had purchased the vehicle. The salesman was skeptical about there being a problem with the brand new car and suggested that it may have been something my dad had done. A bit annoyed my father gave the salesman the keys to go drive the car around.

    When the salesman turned the car on and put the car into reverse, it would not budge. It would wiggle around in place, but would not move. he then proceeded to put it into drive, and it would not budge. The transmission was shot, and eventually the salesperson said they'll have the service department check it out when they open tomorrow 1/3/2011.

    Don't know if anybody else has been getting early transmissions problem but thought it was important to notify those who are potentially buying this car. Maybe it was just this particular car, but it is something that could have been life threatening if there were heaving traffic. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited January 2011
    Transaxle under-filled or over-filled....
  • recently my 2002 rx300 had both the check engine light and the VSC light come on. I took it to my mechanic and he replaced the sensor in the exhaust system. the area was rusted and one of the mount bolts were broken. he did some welding and replaced the sensor. both lights went off and were off for 2 weeks. yesterday they reappeared. I have had no operating problems with the vehicle, unlike other owners i read about above, in fact it has always run beautifully. never any major problems. what does the check engine sensor have to do with the VSC sensor. what should I do... replace the check engine sensor again ( this may require replacing from the catalytic on back)
  • I own a 1999 RX300 with 189,700 miles and I have never had a mechanical problem with my Lexus. I have enjoyed this vehicle for 11 years and can easily take the vehicle to 200K miles. It still drive great and when idling you can not hear the engine. I recently test driving the new 2011 RX350 and the 2011 ES350. After reading your review on the 2011 ES350 I am concern. In viewing the comments on the ES350 it seem this vehicle has transmission problems. I work in the insurance industry and I know that most manufacture always deny responsibility when their productr may have mechanical problems or the problem caused an accident. I have to do more homework on this vehicle before purchasing. I test drove a 2011 ES350 loaded at Cerritos Lexus.
    I do love the Lexus product.
  • wartywarty Posts: 4
    I have heard of no problems with the newer cars. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a 2010 or 2011. My car was fixed by Lexus and I have not had any problems since.
  • My 1999 Lexus ES300 runs good and the transmission shifts good except the it will not go into overdrive. The problem surfaced recently but only after the car warmed up. Any ideas??
  • Hi,

    Im at 140,000 miles on my es350 and just started experiencing flare/skip of gear around 2nd gear. (30-40mph mark) during morning start up. I have not been able to find any memo online from LEXUS. Can you please provide some assistance? Either if you have a link or file you can email me? dagqprince@ aol . com

    any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Prior to the RX330, DBW use, VSC/Trac engine dethrottling was implemented via EFI fuel starvation, no way to close the throttle plate. Should you have an inadvertent (aren't they all!!) Trac or VSC activation enough "pure" oxygen might reach the sensor to "spoil" it for the next 100-200 miles.

    "..did some welding.."

    Even the slightest crack/opening in the exhaust and atmospheric oxygen might reach the sensor after the engine is off but while its still HOT.

    For some reason that situation seems to "spoil" the sensor output for 100-200 miles, 3-4 drive cycles.
  • lw220lw220 Posts: 1
    I am now among the poor souls with this lemon of a lexus. i have a 2007 ES 350 that has just had the transmission replaced by Lexus. I purchased this car used from a Lexus dealer with 38K on it in 2009 and have had it for two years, 3 months. In that span of time I have taken it in about 5-6 times for various things: transmission surge, brake problems, engine issues. All these items were fixed under the extended warranty that I purchased, though I think the brake issue was a recall. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Lexus. This is my second and LAST Lexus. The quality has really gone down since my first car and the service is atrocious. I find out today that the transmission they put in the car is REBUILT and only warrantied for 1 yr. I called customer service and escalated my concern because I want to know why they do not use a new transmission to replace a bad transmission. I also would like to know how to invoke the lemon law. If anyone on this forum wants to start a class action suit, please keep me in the loop via this forum or by my email address: el doubleu two twenty at hotmail dot com.
  • lmn55378lmn55378 Posts: 1
    My 2008 ES350 has the same ticking noise from the engine, especially louder when the gas pedal is depressed. A Lexus specialist at Maplewood MN said it is normal and would be gone when the engine is warmed up. The ticking noise is still audible after 15 minutes driving. Lexus doesn't want to admit its design flaws. No such a noise could be detected when the vehicle is new.

    BMW fixed the clicking noise (HVAVC) on my '08 BMW 328Xi.

    I would probably let go of the Lexus. It is worth paying a little more for a way better service at BMW (Bloomington Motorwerks, MN).

    Please share if you have any ideas to deal with Lexus' inferior quality.

  • mr_effemr_effe Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    My ES350 has 88k miles and I am replacing the transmission. Really! I thought I purchased a well built car. Please help me understand why I am replacing a transmission-in a Lexus?
  • Hi Effe,

    I am sorry to hear that your transmission failed at 88k miles. Your dealership needs to explain to you why the transmission failed so early. Warranty coverage is expired and I am not sure what else can be done.
    I am just hoping mine last much longer. Good luck.
  • Have you had any problems with ES350 since the transmission has been replaced? I am considering purchasing a certified 2007 es350. A few of my coworkers own this vehicle and havent had any problems, they love it. I understand there was a problem with the first production of the es350.
  • kvmonakvmona Posts: 1
    I purchased new 2011 ES350 and just last week I completed 20,000 miles. Last week I noticed my transmission slipping gradually and car jerked very hard and immediately the &#147;Check Engine&#148; light displayed. Next day I took my car to Dealer &#150; Lexus of Carlsbad (San Diego County) and I was told that transmission needed to be replaced.

    I am very disappointed that company like Lexus who is known for their &#147;Quality and Reliability&#148; is selling &#147;Lemon&#148; cars to consumer or if they have a transmission problem either they or dealership are not communicating it to us.

    Please reply if anyone is having similar problems with ES350. I don't know if there is any kind of Class Action Lawsuit being/been filed against Toyota, but I would definitely want to be a part of it.
  • hng100hng100 Posts: 1
    Recently, both of these lights turn on. Is these related to the transmission or something else?
    How to fix these problems and is this under warranty work as sugguested by my dealer?
  • 2007 ES350 110,000 miles. Faint noise like baseball card in spokes of bicycle only when car is in drive. Noise is not noticable when accelerating in neutral. Mechanic suggests coming from transmission. Transmission shop confirms problem and rebuilt transmission $3600 and replaced a motor mount $300.
    Next day car experiencing exact same issue plus the reverse now making noise. Transmission shop looking into issue again.
    Any thoughts from mebers of Forum?
  • Transmission shop informed me that original repair was because of bearing that failed and metal in gear box thus the rebuild. Now stating they had to replace another bearing which is located deeper in transmission.
    Reverse noise caused from loose support bracket was not tightened enough.
    Car was always very quite hardly could tell it was running. Even when car had the fluttering noise it shifted fine and was quite.
    Now in 'drive' sitting at a light there is a low growl like I'm driving a V8 Mustang, along with pedal and column vibration. Car shifts fine but even while accelerating can still hear the low growl, but no column vibration. Transmission shop says bring back after driving few weeks.
    Something not right.
    Bad feeling I'm going to have dealer repair and fight transmission shop for reimbursement.
    Any advise?
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