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Freelander problems are infinite



  • ybkiteybkite Posts: 1
    Are the newer diesel Freelanders,( new engine? ),specifically 2012 models, better for reliability than the old, which seem to have had many problems?
  • lrischlrisch Posts: 1
    I am in desperate need of help trying to resovle a 2002 Landrover Freelander issue. I purchased this car used from Peddy's Auto Center in Roseville, Ca in March 2012. It has 92,000 miles on it. The warranty has been used up. I can't seem to get it fixed---the service engine soon light will not turn off. I paid 6,996.00 for the car and upwards of 2200 to get it fixed, and it is still not fixed. Do you think you can help me settle something with LandRover? I need a reliable car. I am high school teacher, don't have tons of money, and I need some help; mechanics and LandRover has not been helpful at all.
  • buyamerican7buyamerican7 Posts: 4
    edited October 2012
    I baught a 2003 Freelander and owned it for one night. At first I thought I baught it for a song (Only 68,000 miles and very very clean), and felt as if I was a part of some elite club of range rover owners, and pictured long road trips in the back country in the expanse of the great north west. Then I got home showed my wife my prize, and she instantly went to the computer and started looking at reviews. I thought there would be nothing but glowing reviews with all the comfort and warmth of reading a wonderful bed time story to my children about kittens, puppies sunshine and rainbows. Rather it was like reading the scariest Steven King novel that keeps you up all night and staring at the closed closet door expecting the boogy man. I rushed my booby prize back to the dealer the next day, and came up with some heart breaking tale about how my wife hated it so much, and I would take a more expensive Jeep off the lot so he would get a bit extra. Well when it was said and done the bit extra cost me around 310.00 dollars. By the accounts of these reviews a small sum when I see the price of repairs of the Free Lander (SUV from Hell). Well the reviews on a Jeep Liberty one year older are much more glowing, there are the few unhappy reports but they get lost amoung all the glowing ones. I feel very lucky to be out and free of this nightmare of wondering not if but when the Free Lander was going to break down, since it was just at the 68,000 mile mark, and the problems are too countless to sum up when the mileage is that high. I feel so bad for all your situations , but thank you for posting and I feel saving me from a head ache that I could definately not afford. If you have to buy a car buy American, If you cant find an American car find another way to get an American car if you cant find a good American car Buy a Toyota. Thank you all so much again.
  • "so it is a bit fiddly to own a freelander and just like any britsh car there rubbish but off road you are hard pressed to find something that can do the same job as this truck." So I ask you with all these problems which is better breaking down on the highway, or miles and miles back on some wilderness road on a very cold late fall day? Unrealiable on a city road or highway is unacceptable, unrealiable in the wilderness could be deadly.
  • Congratulations on getting rid of your freelander so quickly. You probably saved yourself a small fortune and a lot of heartbreak. LandRover won't give you more than 3500.00 for your freelander regardless of how new it is.

    The freelander is a lemon. My LandRover shop even admitted that when I started having problems with my vehicle.

    My only satisfaction is that I can share my story and have actually stopped a few people from purchasing a LandRover .

    Good luck with your new vehicle.
  • I am truly sorry to hear about your situation. Thank you so much for speaking up, and saving others the time and money and heart ache on one of these lemons. I feel there should be some kind of support group for you all. I can see it now a bunch of Land Rover Freelander owners sitting on a circle of folding chairs in some old church. Where old coffee is served, and doughnuts in a box passed around, while story after story of how this peice of metal has ruined so many lives, shattered so many dreams, and emptied so many bank accounts, only to be intrupted by the occasional cough or hushed cry. Its so sad to see a company not take accountability for their products. My wife just got here dream car a 2012 Chevy Travrese LT, she did a lot of research before purchase. The customer service from Chevy is the best I have experienced. Free oil changes, tire rotations, and realignment for the life of the car. The salsman gave us his phone number and we only had to dail it once to let him know our new car had no floor mats. He told us that that model did not come with floor mats, but to come in and he would have them for us anyway. My fun car the Corvette I just got it used 2001 from the Chevey dealer (different dealer) it had an issue with the air conditioning, and they set up an appointment to get it fixed at their cost, they call twice a week to make sure everything is ok as well. The Jeep I got in return for the Land Rover FREELOADER as it has been called, well the jury is still out on that one because I just got it today but by the looks of these posts I feel a lot more secure with the Jeep. I would say see the Chevy dealer in your area tell him or her your story and see what they will do. They got us out of the worst car my wife and I owned the Nissian Versa. We still owed 6700.00 on that crappy car and they gave us 10,000 in trade for it. I could go on about the Versa and how parts just seem to fall off that new car but talking to a FREELOADER owner my story will be pale in comparison. I really wish you the best of luck, and I hope things get better for you. Take care and God Bless.
  • just convert your freelander to rear wheel drive use a 4.1 chevy engine and transmission with a custom made drive shaft from a trailblazer or gmc jimmy and do all the necessary adaptations and get rid of the problem will be cheaper but you need a good mechanic not just a parts changer
  • I wish I could get rid of mine so quickly I've be trying to sell it no luck, and trade it the price they offering me is less than what I spent on the tires. I bought it in 2008 with 60,000 miles and a month after I spent a $1000 to fix it. From then to now every 2 to 3 weeks I am fixing something on the engine. I lost count of the amount of money I've spent, but I can tell you it’s way more than the price. Please don't buy any land rover products anymore and the world will be a safe place.
  • jeebojeebo Posts: 1
    I purchased one of these gems in 2010 with 60k miles on it. At 93,000 the temp gauge was pegging at max and I could not keep antifreeze levels up. Took it into my mechanic and he gave me the grave news. I now have the dreaded driveway blocker that I cannot trust to drive, and cannot afford to fix (or replace the engine). Does anyone know of any relief from the LR people for this lemon?
  • Did you ever get an answer from landrover. Ours has been sitting in the garage for three years!
  • Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have had dozens of mechanics tell me this is a horrible vehicle....and expensive to fix. Can you imagine why anyone would want to own another?
  • Any suggestions on some Chinese engines, those might work better than this kv6 junk.
  • The brake lights sometimes work and sometimes do not work (cited in 2 incidents by the Police). All parts are fine (by check-up of a repair workshop), and no repair can be possibly done. Probably, the height of the brake lights above the ground is too low, so that it is sometimes too damp or wet (after snow or rain) for the brake lights to work properly. When they dry up, they work again.

    Next, the 2 brake lights are on the 2 corners of the bumper, and the central brake light is high on the tailgate. Theoretically, the 3 brake lights give warning enough when the car stops. However, there are 2 tail lights are high on the fenders (the 2 sides of the car's tailgate), relatively far away from the 2 brake lights on the bumper. The 2 tail lights give a wrong impression to any drivers behind this car, and let those drivers misunderstand the tail lights to be the brake lights (even the 2 police officers misunderstood in the 2 incidents). This will cause collision in reality.

  • deezy2deezy2 Posts: 2
    edited August 2015
    pjohnesq please help me, I feel like you are the best thing going to solve this issue, you can also feel free to email me at [Email removed], I really need your help
  • fractalfootfractalfoot MontrealPosts: 1
    So I made it to 135,227 miles before my Rover followed the rest of yours into oblivion. Exactly the same sequence. Poured money in ($12,000 since 2008) to maintain this vehicle to last years into the future... keep it safe, so I can load my kids and dogs in and drive in remote places, as it was supposed to be designed to do. Then, it turns out that three months before I bought this vehicle new in August 2002, LandRover knew about this head gasket catastrophe sequence. But not once did a dealer give me the option of upgrading to the newly designed head gasket and stronger parts they put in the LR2 so I would have a reasonable chance of getting home from those remote places. Luckily, for me, the dreaded moment when the engine froze came the day after I drove back on a dirt road in the middle of Quebec's Laurentians with my children in their carseats in the back. I picked up my son from kindergarten, and parked at my daughter's preschool to pick her up. Got back in, buckled in my kids, turned the key, and heard the sickening sound of metal on metal. RIPROVER.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    At least your timing was "good". :'( The Laurentians - aren't there a lot of amazing river gorges there? (it was '99 since I last drove NE out of Quebec City.

    So what's next? X5 or ?
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