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Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control Problems



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I hope both of you kept the address of your arbitrators so you can mail them a copy of the TSB. Don't forget to cc the arbitration association they work for. :shades:
  • thrthr Posts: 10
    dtown, thanks for #276. Having T-SB-=0015-08 made all the difference yesterday when I visited my Toyota dealer for a 10k service, free oil change, tire rotation, & Oh! by the way what about TSB 0015 08 of 13 Feb 2008.

    On my 45 mi trip to the dealer "bucking & jumping" at will, I wondered what would happen. I got no apologies, no we're sorry for your trouble...Just we will take care of it if you can wait 1.5 hour. I did, and drove home smooth as a RAV4 can travel.

    Again, my thanks to Edmunds car space, me1938, pam14,dtown, our hosts, & all others for sticking to this discussion. thr
  • sumrx4sumrx4 Posts: 40
    Just called my dealer and arrainged service for the TSB.
    For what it's worth I just took the time to call Toyota customer service (where it all started) and just gave them my opinion on the whole process and how it was handled. What disappointed me was that ,like always, the person I talked with acted no more concerned about my opinions than the sun coming up. I don't know, someone tell me, am I asking too much for someone to at least "act" like they care a little about my problem.
    Most importantly it seems that Toyota has finally fixed this problem that never existed!! :shades:

    Thanks to all of you that stuck it out here. After my arbitration was denied I basically gave up. I did continue to check here about once a month to see if anything new had come up and to my suprise it actually did. Again thanks to all who posted here and maybe finally this thread can "RIP"
  • spike5spike5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 RAV4 which has had the same cruise control problems outlined in this forum.

    Does anyone happen to know if this TSB also covers the pre-2006 models?

    I'm going to check with my Toyota service department, but was curious if anyone with a pre-2006 model has already checked it out.

  • ces1938ces1938 Posts: 61
    :P In answer to spike5's remarks about his Rav 4...I have had the same problem for three years with my 2006 Rav 4... I found about the TSB on line here also, I can not remember what the number was now..but I down loaded and printed it off and took to my dealer, when I asked the service manager about it he said there was no such thing, when I showed it to him he said oh well ok, we will fix it..boy was I thrilled after all this time....well they fixed :confuse: it, I drive it home and could not tell a darn bit of difference.....also I keep hearing about other peoples gas mileage and I can not get even close to what they advertise, my next door neighbor has one just like mine only it is a 2007... we both get about the same gas mileage, from 21 to 23 mpg, regardless how or where you drive best advice is just drive it untill you can trade it off for something else and be sure and take the new one for a GOOD test drive.... has anyone else got a better idea or experence that you can tell us about....just don't tell me all the crap about getting 29 to 34 mpg, cause I do not believe it... :sick: :confuse: :P
  • Hi there - I have just joined this super forum.

    I live in Turkey and have a 2006 RAV4 with the same cruise control problems as outlined in your earlier posts - ie constantly up and down shifts when climbing a grade.

    The T-SB-0015-08 February 13, 2008, posted by dtown on 19 Feb 2008, is just what is needed except that I note that it is is only applicable to the 2AZ engine ie the 2.4 litre model.

    Does anyone know if the is a separate T-SB applicable for the 2 litre (gasoline) model?

    Just like the USA the Toyota specialists here have never heard of the problem or fix either, but they seem keen to learn.

    Thanks in anticipation

  • kjtg1kjtg1 Posts: 12
    I had a 2006 and now have a 2010 and have no problems wiht cruse controle. our anytinng else.
  • Hi, I am new here. I see this discussion has been going here on for years but I only discovered it recently when my RAV4 2.4 litre auto started to have the same problem. In fact, I noticed it since new and complained about it at the time of first service at 10,000 km. The dealer told me there was nothing wrong with car or its cruise control. I am an automotive engineer and now, six months later, really took interest in finding out the cause of the problem. Here are my findings:

    Apparently, the cruise control is functional only in the 3rd and top gear. When auto gearbox selects 2nd gear the cruise control does not work and this causes the gearbox to hunt endlessly between the 2nd and 3rd gear when driving uphill when cruise control is switched on.

    The typical scenario I encounter nearly every day is as follows: I drive the car up a moderate hill with the cruise control set at 80 km and gearbox selector in the “drive”. Typical engine speed at the bottom of the hill is about 2,000 RPM. As the engine struggles to pull the 4th gear up the hill, firstly the 4th gear lock up clutch disengages and engine speed rises to about 2,500 RPM to maintain the road speed. Soon the gearbox selects the 3rd gear and engine speed rises to about 2,900 RPM. Then the road speed starts to drop below 80 km per hour, as the engine is not able to pull the car up the hill at the selected speed. Then the gearbox changes to 2nd gear and the engine speed rises above 4000 RPM.

    When the second gear gets selected, one would expect the engine speed decrease dramatically when no throttle is applied because the cruise control is not operational in the second gear. However, in reality quite the opposite is true and this is clearly attributable to a “design feature” unfortunately present in nearly all modern petrol driven motorcars. Toyotas and particularly RAV4 are no exceptions. Under normal driving conditions when engine throttle is closed suddenly, the engine ECU commands the throttle (butterfly valve and EFI injection pulse) to reduce engine speed to idle at a slower rate in order to control engine exhaust emissions. This is a deliberate feature but rather unpleasant characteristic of petrol engines, reducing the engine braking available immediately after closing the throttle.

    More importantly, when RAV4 travels under cruise control uphill, this artificial delay in closing engine throttle manifest itself as follows:

    When the car travels uphill in the third gear and its road speed decreases below the preset limit, say 80 km per hour, the ECU commands the wide open throttle (WOT) engine operational regime in order to maintain the set road speed. In colloquial terms, the throttle pedal is pulled right to the floor. When the car is still not able to maintain the set speed, the ECU attempts to close the throttle first and then directs the gearbox to change to 2nd gear. Unfortunately, due to the inbuilt delay in returning the engine to idle speed at once, the engine speed raises uncontrollably when second gear is engaged. In my RAV4 the engine speed reaches over 4,000 RPM at that moment and when it finally drops to idle, the gearbox control unit immediately selects the third gear because load on the engine is reduced at idle. When this happens, the cruise control kicks in again, throttle is floored gain and the car is not able to maintain 80 km per hour in the 3rd gear and the gearbox changes to 2nd gear again. This sequence leads to the auto gearbox hunting between the second and third gear incessantly, until the top of the hill is reached, the driver deselects the two top gears by moving the gear selector to the 2nd gear slot, or manually switches off the cruise control.

    I also noticed that the problem was less pronounced when the air-conditioning was switched off when going uphill with the cruise control on. This was indicative of the extra engine load from the a/c compressor being the cause of the gearbox changing to the second gear and gearbox “hunting”.

    When I read here about T-SB-0015-08 issued in the USA on 13 February 2008 to rectify the exactly same problem I contacted Toyota Australia. At first they did not admit to anything but later advised there was a computer fix available at their dealerships. I am now booked to have the computer software updated next week and will report later.
  • I had the Catalytic converter on my Rav4 replaced under the 80K miles/8yr warranty.
    Now only 2 years later, it's failed again.
    I just called the dealership, and was told that there is no warranty on the parts that were replaced now that i'm beyond the 80k/8yr period!
    This sounds like a total rip off .. it means that if you had the parts replaced at 80K miles, if they failed at 8001 miles, toyota takes no responsibility for them?
    Has anyone else encountered this?
  • Further to my post No.290 of 2 February I had my engine computer memory re-flashed with the latest software by Toyota Australia today. I understand this software update is available specifically to correct the "gearbox hunting" when using cruise control.
    After the s/w update I traveled several kilometers only but took the opportunity to drive uphill in the location where I experienced the gearbox hunting so often in the past. My initial impression is that the s/w update has solved the problem. The engine feels stronger and seems to deliver more power. When going uphill the engine speed does not drop below 3000 RPM in the 3rd gear and road speed of 80 km per hour is maintained even with the air-conditioning on. Hence, there is no need for the gearbox to change to 2nd gear and the "gearbox hunting" is avoided.
    I tried in vain to find out the new software version number or any Toyota identification number of this modification. Toyota is tight-lipped about this and there is no modification label on my vehicle and no entry in my service book, even if I specially requested it at the dealership.
    My educated guess is that the software update probably involved selection of engine power mode and this may lead to slightly increased fuel consumption, of course depending on usage. I can live with that. I am hopeful the "gearbox hunting" is gone for good but this can only be checked by driving the car for several weeks/months.
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