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Dodge Durango Electrical System Problems



  • 2005 Durango SLT - I turn off the vehicle, and all lights. The interior lights go off, for about a minute or two, then go on again, then go off again, then go on again...kills the battery eventually! Any ideas what the heck is going on?? THANKS for any responses!
  • shawn694umeshawn694ume gloversville NYPosts: 2
    sarek68 said:

    2005 durango SLT. when it is warm outside- no problems.when temp drops, and truck is started every idiot light comes on. i have no headlights, no wipers, no turn signals, no rear wiper or defrost, no radio- --fan motor works- when heater warms the truck up inside (about 10 minutes) all the electrical stuff comes on and works fine. the check engine light does not go out most of the time.
    Any body else have this problem??? my mechanic can find nothing anywhere other than starting to throw parts (and my dollars at it)

  • shawn694umeshawn694ume gloversville NYPosts: 2
    2006 dodge durango everytime it rains all my dash lights come on things turn on or off like wipers heater stereo tach speedometer they will go on and off working and dashlights do same so i have been researching everwhere online to find an anwser dealer says computer but its only in rain so im not throwing that kind of cash so i tried this AND IT WORKED!!! the rubber seal that meets the windshield run tape over to make a tight no leak seal also on the corners where the cowl meet the fender tape the little hole where the rubber ends from the windshield then open hood tape the top screen on passenger side closest to windshield off as computer is mounted under that and last take silicon spray and spray all the wires under the hood top of fuse boxes the bcm computer in front of the fuse box i did all this the night prior to it raining and no dashlights going nuts truck runs normal no problems at all hope it helps you guys
  • My 99 Durango caught fire in my driveway on 8/28/17, the Fire dept. says it was electrical. What do I do now? Only had liability ins. The gages were going off & on & it kept trying to start itself and the keys weren't in the ignition.
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